February 2024

If we look at the name Seedsman, we immediately think that this is the man to get our seeds from. The website als promises a lot of good, as we can see by the logo that this seed bank has been established in 2002. That must mean that there is a lot of experience, expertise and, most importantly, a lot of different strains available at Seedsman. Let’s see if this assumption is correct. 





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  • Established In 2002

Introduction Seedsman

This Spanish based seed bank doesn’t look at borders. Seedsman has played an instrumental part in getting cannabis legalized in Canada and intends to do the same in the US. It won’t come as a surprise that Seedsman’s mission is “to cultivate the spirit of cannabis globally”. And they are well on their way, embracing genetic diversity and selling all kinds of strains that you won’t find in many other seed banks.

Best Sellers Seedsman

Since we already know that Seedsman sells seeds that might come from different strains than the ones you find in other seed banks, we are curious to learn what its top 5 is. Let’s have a look:

  • CBG Relief: This is an original autoflowering strain by Seedsman, that contains almost no THC. It is, on the other hand, very high in CBG. Cannabigerol (CBG) is one of the very first cannabinoids produced by hemp plants. During the seedling phase, enzymes react with plant acids, resulting in CBGA. Later, CBGA changes to CBG through decarboxylation (heating). At this stage, dozens of other cannabinoids are also formed. Without going too deep into all kinds of scientific explanations and chemical structures, this means that without CBGA (and by extension CBG), other cannabinoids, such as CBD, would not exist. The conversion of plant acids into CBGA leads to a chemical chain reaction, creating the more than one hundred cannabinoids we know so far. The fact that you may never have heard of CBG or seen it anywhere, may be because its concentrations in hemp are much lower than the concentrations of CBD (there is usually less than 1% in it). Despite that, CBG seems to have a lot of potential in terms of affecting your body and mind.
  • Alaskan Diesel: If you have been to the Seedsman website, you may have noticed that all strains get their own image, and this one has one of a truck called Alaskan Diesel (which we found appropriate). It’s the product of a cross between Candy Fruit Auto and Selected Diesel Auto, which makes it an indica dominant strain. The THC content is ok with max 20% and it’s a good strain for beginners. The sweet flavor will have you relaxing in no time.
  • Fuel D. OG: The pedigree of this strain is quite long as it is a mix of Chemdog and Fuel OG. Chemdog has been created by mixing Sour Diesel with OG Kush and Fuel OG is the product of Diesel and Headband. So creating more generations can turn out really well. At least it did in this case as the 70% sativa strain is very popular. It can contain up to almost 23% THC and has a powerful high.
  • Purple Ghost Candy: Ghosts don’t exist but Purple Ghost Candy is lifelike! It’s a thriller of a cross between kushknaller Ghost OG and Candyland Purple, one of the better purple cannabis strains of recent times. She’s 60% sativa and 40% indica, and a delicious OG that’s easy to grow, with big yields that sparkle with trichomes. With Purple Ghost Candy, Seedsman has created a finger licking strain. It’s a sativa dominant hybrid but with a large indica percentage. This is the best of both worlds. A weed that grows big enough to achieve yields of 600 grams per square meter, but with the thick compact buds and ease of growing of an indica. The THC content is high and the intense terpene profile makes Purple Ghost Candy an ideal strain for hashish and concentrate makers.
  • Diet Durban THCV: Once again we divert to the strain images Seedsman created. This strain has an image of a Diet Coke bottle which we found somewhat amusing. After we were finished giggling, this strain became even more interesting as its parent strains are being kept a secret. We can say that it’s mostly sativa with a low THC content op 14% and it is a good help when it comes to weight loss. 

Promotions Seedsman

Seedsman is a man that takes good care of its growers. Not only do you get a 10% discount on your next order after signing up for the newsletter, there’s also a selection of buy one, get one free seeds available. But that’s not all, you will quickly find the promotions page which features much more interesting promo’s. For example if you spend €30 (or $30) you get 3 free seeds, you get 6 free seeds if you spend €/$60. And if you spend over €/$200, you get a 10% discount. Lastly, there is also a loyalty program that allows you to spend, redeem and enjoy!

Website Seedsman

The Seedsman website is not quite white, but some earthy tone of white. It uses a lot of green and earthy green tones, which makes it a pleasing website to look at. The email promotion pops up as soon as you open the website. As a matter of fact, you’ll notice many more promotions as soon as you open the website. And we can obviously always appreciate some extras. It’s just a pity that the promotions are all stated in €, but as the US$ conversion rate is practically 1 that’s not a big issue for now.

Like you’ll see in most seed banks, first things come first. Which is why at the top of the page you can find a search bar to immediately navigate to your favorite strain. Underneath that, you’ll see the main menu. It has the following options; promotions, Seedsman seeds, breeders, cannabis seeds, community, help and blog. On the homepage, you’ll only find three strains that are “recommended for you”, So if you want to see what’s in store, you’ll need to visit the seeds sections.

Payments Seedsman

We believe that Seedsman offers enough payment options for you to choose from. First of all, you can pay by cash. Although we won’t recommend sending money all the way to Spain. If you agree, you can also pay with Bitcoin, credit cards (also prepaid cards), Western Union, MoneyGram, bank transfer and MESH (US only). It seems like you have enough options to buy anonymously without having to use cash.

Support @ Seedsman

First of all Seedsman has a support center that is quite extensive. You can look for an answer in the search bar, one of the four categories (my account, payments, my order and shipping and delivery) or in the knowledge base. You’ll find the answers to most questions that you might have here. If not, you can submit a request on the website, start a live chat or connect with one of the seed banks social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit).

Seedsman Ships To

Seedsman ships worldwide. If you live in the US, your order will be shipped by USPS with a tracking number, so you’ll always know where your package is. For other countries, the seed bank uses Royal Mail, which means that it cannot ship to countries that are suspended by the courier service. Unfortunately Canada and some other countries are included in that list – but that can change.

Summary Seedsman

Honestly, we really like this seed bank a lot. It would have been perfect if it could ship anywhere, but Canada is not on the list. This is the only con we found, because Seedsman is great when it comes to quality and diversity of the product. It offers many exclusive strains and a lot of promotions. Who could say no to free strains? Exactly, neither can we. So we would gladly recommend this seed bank.

Buy Your Seeds Now At Seedsman

Seedsman | Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact Seedsman?

You can submit a request on the website or open a live chat.

Where is Seedsman based?

It is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Can I find original Seedsman strains?

Yes, you’ll find these in the Seedsman seeds category in the main menu.

Does Seedsman have any promotions?

Yes, there is a loyalty program and there are many ongoing promotions.

Does Seedsman ship worldwide?

Yes, but some countries – like Canada – are excluded.