Sativa Strain

February 2024

It is a common misconception that sativas are not as potent as indicas. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Many sativa strains contain 20-30% THC, just like top-notch indica strains. You experience a powerful high, but without that sleepy, couch-lock feeling of an indica. In the mood for a brisk walk or want to get creative? Then a sativa strain is worth a try!





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To help you find the right one, we’ve compiled a top 10 of the best sativa strains of the moment. Enjoy!

1. Green Crack Punch Strain

Green Crack Punch is the result of two incredibly popular strains, the sativa-dominant Green Crack and the powerful indica-dominant Purple Punch. This combination guarantees a great high. At first you’ll experience an energetic, uplifting and creative sensation that later shifts to a nice languid feeling. It is also a great strain to use for tired muscles. Grow her under ideal conditions, preferably indoors. She will then treat you to up to 17.6lbs/3.2”² of delicious buds with around 20% THC. You won’t be surprised to learn that the Purple Punch strain is related to this one.

2. Haze Berry Strain

Our Haze Berry is a classic marijuana strain that combines the taste of Blueberry with the cerebral high of Haze. The cured buds taste sweet and the energetic high is ideal if you have chores to do during the day. Expect excellent yields from Haze Berry. She develops like a true sativa, so expect huge plants that look great indoors and out.

3. Shining Silver Haze Strain

Haze is one of the most sought-after sativa strains. Our Shining Silver Haze has been stabilized for years and shines with the best genes. Her ancestry can be traced to Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze and you can grow her indoors or outdoors. Outdoor growers prefer to put her in full sun. Indoor yields can be as high as 15.8lbs/m². Seasoned smokers love the taste and immediate high of Shining Silver Haze.

4. Mother Gorilla Strain

Sativa Strain

Mother Gorilla is a newer strain. This cross between GG#4 and Reina Madre contains 70% sativa and 30% indica genes. With 25% THC she is also incredibly potent. This makes Mother Gorilla ideal for seasoned stoners. This strain is also perfect for growers looking for a plant that matures quickly. In fact, flowering time is only 8 weeks and she looks stunning too!

5. Amnesia Mac Ganja (AMG) Strain

This strain has been awarded a cup 4 times and is known for its happy, satisfied effect. Amnesia Mac Ganja is a powerful cross between the infamous Amnesia and Ganja Mac Haze. She offers relief to anyone who needs a nice pick-me-up without being languid. AMG contains 22% THC and has a wonderfully spicy, earthy and herbal taste. She is one of the most sought after strains in the Dutch coffeeshops. Try her and you will understand why.

6. Sour Diesel Strain

Sour Diesel is known worldwide among experienced smokers for its unique flavor profile and effervescent high. Her roots lie on both the American East Coast and West Coast. For this reason you can grow her indoors or outdoors. Because of her size and huge branches the sativa characteristics are easily visible. After a flowering period of 10 weeks you will see a large amount of resinous buds. The uplifting effect is ideal if you like to smoke during the day.

7. Lemon Shining Silver Haze Strain

This strain is reminiscent of Shining Silver Haze, but has been spiced up with the addition of Lemon Skunk. This strain treats you to a sweet, citrusy taste that is described as skunky and bright, just like other strains that are rich in the terpene limonene. The effects of Lemon Shining Silver Haze are energetic and euphoric, sometimes even bordering on psychedelic. After a flowering period of 9 weeks you rake in a hefty yield, which completes the picture.

8. El Patron Strain

El Patron is the winner of the Highlife Cup, created from a cross between AMG and Shiva. This sativa strain offers the best of 2 worlds, indulging in a striking cerebral buzz and physical high. El Patron contains an interesting mix of terpenes. This makes her popular among cannabis cooks who specialize in making sweet edibles. She is easy to grow and performs well indoors, outdoors and in the greenhouse. The yield is average and the final product contains a whopping 22% THC.

9. Hulkberry Strain

HulkBerry is a resounding success in Dutch coffeeshops and American dispensaries. This combo between Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush develops a whopping 27% THC. After just a few puffs of this monster you will experience a long lasting high. This popular sativa is incredibly tasty with hints of strawberries and citrus. Moreover, the powerful cerebral effects will blow you away. Despite its enormous power Hulkberry will not keep you on the couch unless you smoke the whole plant.

10. Shogun Strain

This amazing sativa strain shares genes with Amnesia Haze and Royal Gorilla. Shogun was developed specifically for her potency and the THC percentage goes up to 25%. She is an uplifting sativa, but at the same time arouses a strong, physical high that soothes the body. She is easy to grow and thrives indoors and outdoors in various climate zones. The aroma of Shogun contains hints of earth and pine and this leads to an invigorating, sensory experience.

Sativa Strain Effect

The Sativa family is characterized by the plant’s long flowering period, which causes it to produce a high percentage of THC. As a result, it is perceived as highly potent. The Sativa strains are admired for their uplifting, euphoric and even psychedelic mental feelings, while the user can still remain physically active.

Sativa Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Which of these Sativa Strains offers the highest THC percentage?

That is Hulkberry with 27%.

Which Sativa Strain is best to consume early in the day?

This would be Haze Berry, as you should still be active after the energetic high it offers.

What is the benefit of a Sativa Strain over an indica strain?

You get the same powerful high, without losing productiveness.

How much THC does a Sativa Strain usually contain?

Between 20 and 30%.

Which Sativa Strain is best for cooking sweet edibles?

This would be the El Patron Strain.