Purple Punch Strain

June 2024

Purple Punch cannabis seeds were created from a cross of Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple. She owes her indica dominance to the fact that both her parents are indica dominant. It is a stable American marijuana strain that is not very demanding and also has good resistance to mold, disease and cold.





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Purple Punch Strain Size And Yield

Thanks to its indica dominance, Purple Punch grows into a short and stocky plant. Indoors, it generally stays under 100cm. Outdoors, however, it does not grow taller than 150cm either. Not that this is a disadvantage. On the contrary, she delivers fantastic yields with her strong side branches. Indoor yields of 750g/m² and up to 1,000g/plant outdoors are achievable. The buds of these plants are compact and have a very high THC content of 25%!

Purple Punch Strain Effects

Smoking this weed will give you a nice relaxed feeling. De-stressing is therefore easy to do with this weed variety. Her short flowering time, high yield and high THC content make this an excellent marijuana strain to grow.

Features Purple Punch strain cannabis seeds:

  • Good resistance against diseases
  • Very high THC content
  • Strong indica
  • Purple American marijuana strain
  • Big yield
  • Plants stay small

Negative Effects Purple Punch Strain

Even though we understand like no other why you enjoy the Purple Punch strain, too much of a good thing is never a good idea. This unfortunately also goes for this strain. When you use it too much, symptoms like feeling depressed, insomnia and migraines might pop up. This as opposed to normal usage which will cause happiness, relaxation and sleepiness. So if you want to make the most out of your Purple Punch plant, the best you can do is use it in moderation.

More Information Purple Punch Strain

  • Flowering time: 8 – 9 weeks
  • Genetics: Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple
  • Strain type: 20% sativa, 80% indica
  • Height of the plant outdoor: 120 – 150 cm
  • Harvest month outdoor: from June to October
  • Yield indoor: 600 – 750 gr / m²
  • Yield outdoor: 450 – 1000 gr / plant
  • THC: 20%

Purple Punch Strain Automatic

The amazing Purple Punch, famous for its sweet berry and candy aromas, got the long-awaited autoflowering treatment. The breeders at RQS created the autoflowering version of this popular dessert strain by crossing her with Old Skunk Auto. The result was Purple Punch Automatic. This mighty delectable strain has a genetic makeup of 75% indica, 20% sativa and 5% ruderalis.

Blessed Autoflower Magic: Purple Punch Strain x Old Skunk Auto Strain

Purple Punch Automatic is an autoflower of the latest generation. She has no need to hide from photoperiod cannabis strains when it comes to power and flavor. With 19% THC, she treats you to a powerful effect. The high is mainly physical and stoned, perfect for relaxing in the evening. Her candy flavors are reminiscent of a mix of berries and grapes with sharp and fresh hints. This combination makes for a very pleasant smoking experience.

Growing Purple Punch Automatic

Purple Punch Strain

Old Skunk is known for being robust and has provided many strains with stable growing characteristics. Thanks to the addition to Purple Punch Automatic, this indica is easy to grow in any environment. This compact plant rarely exceeds a height of 100cm when growing indoors. Outside, you will see plants averaging 80-120cm. This is ideal if you are growing in a smaller space, such as a balcony or terrace. After planting the seed, Purple Punch Automatic wastes no time. Thanks to its short flowering time of 7-8 weeks, you can harvest just 10 weeks after germination! Indoors, she produces decent yields of 350-400g/m². Outdoors, the yield is up to 150g/plant.

Benefits Purple Punch Automatic

You may be thrown off at first by the relatively low THC percentage of 19, but fear not. It also has a CBD percentage of 1, which ensures that the effect will be as strong as with other strains. Definitely as strong as with other automatic variants. The flowering time is much quicker than you are used to, which is great if you have a deadline or are just anxious to get your first plants growing. A feeling we know all too well.

Purple Punch Strain Genetics

There is only one way to be sure of the fact that a strain is successful. And that is when its genetics are being used in more strains, which is definitely the case with Purple Punch. Let us quickly tell you more about the most populair child of this strain:

Purple Punch Strain x Clementine Strain = Mimosa Strain

The Mimosa Strain is the most popular child of the Purple Punch strain and the Clementine strain. It is actually sativa dominant, where the Purple Punch strain is indica dominant. Growing Mimosa Automatic is an easy task. You don’t have to be a seasoned grower to meet all her needs. This makes her very friendly for beginners. Yet, that does not mean that experienced cannabis growers do not benefit from her. This strain performs very well in different environments, both indoors and outdoors. With a little maintenance, Mimosa Automatic will go a long way. She requires only light pruning and some basic care.

Plants grown indoors will reach a height of 80-140cm. This makes it perfect for almost all grow tents. The life cycle is very short. It amounts to 9-10 weeks (of which she flowers for 7-8 weeks). The moment of harvest falls before you realize it. Under the right conditions, the yield is around 350-400g/m². Outside, the plants flourish under mild conditions. Plant her in a pot or garden bed, where she requires as much maintenance as indoors to keep her healthy and productive. Harvest weight ranges from 80-130g/plant. After harvesting, drying and curing the buds, you will really notice how great she is. Mimosa Automatic lives up to its name and genetic background. With this success under its belt we are sure that more children of the Purple Punch will be created soon.

Purple Punch Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the biggest effect of the Purple Punch Strain?

It helps you to destress and relax.

How long does the Purple Punch Strain automatic take to flower?

This takes 7 to 8 weeks and is therefore quicker than many other strains.

Is the Purple Punch Strain mainly indica?

Yes, with 80% it’s dominantly indica, however its daughter Mimosa is mainly sativa.

What is the Purple Punch Strain made of?

It’s a mix of the Larry OG strain and the Granddaddy Purple strain.

How much THC does the Purple Punch Strain contain?

With a percentage of 20 it’s pretty low, but the 1% of CBD makes up for it.