Grandaddy Purple Strain

The Granddaddy Purple strain (Big Bud x Purple Urkle) is an extremely popular cannabis strain with an above average THC content of 21%. She has won many hearts with her delicious fruity taste, beautiful purple colors and immensely strong effect. All of this puts her in the top 5 of best indica strains!





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Advantages Of The Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Strain

  • Mega high THC for an indica
  • Chronic pain killer
  • Smooth and fruity taste
  • Calming and stoned effect
  • Feminized

Grandaddy Purple Additional Information

  • THC: High (20 – 25%)
  • CBD: Low (0 – 0.9%)
  • Sativa/Indica: Indica
  • Harvest month: Mid October
  • Flowering period: 8 – 9 Weeks
  • Height indoor: Average (100 – 130 cm)
  • Height outdoor: Average (130 – 160 cm)
  • Yield Indoor: Average (500 – 600 gram/m²)
  • Yield Outdoor: High (550 – 600 grams/plant)
  • Mold Resistance: High
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Effect: Euphoric, Hungry, Calming, Relaxed, Calm, Sleepy, Sedated, Happy
  • Medicinal: Anxiety, Depression, Joint pain, Insomnia, Restlessness, Inflammation, Pain, Back pain, Insomnia, Muscle pain, Stress
  • Flavor: Strawberry, Earth, Blueberry, Citrus, Grapes, Fruit, Candy, Sweet, Sour

Origin Of The Grandaddy Purple Strain

This purple juggernaut was created by none other than Ben Estest, also known as “the Medicine Man”. This California strain has a robust indica character with a strong physical effect. This combined with a wonderful aroma and sweet taste made its popularity unprecedented among medicinal and recreational users.

You will find her only in top-class coffee shops. Due to the high demand and low supply, grand daddy purple is hardly available anywhere. You will have to grow her yourself to get hold of this super quality. This indica stunner has a THC level of up to 17 – 24% which is unusual for indica strains. Her medicinal potential is therefore huge and great for the nightly hours after a long day. Grow this ultimate indica topper and experience all her super powers for yourself.

Growing Grandaddy Purple

Grand daddy Purple is easy to grow and beginner friendly. This is due to the fact that she can handle quite high humidity levels without going moldy. The mold resistance is high so you need to worry less about mold, pests and mildew. In spite of this it is always recommended to keep an eye on the plant. Especially if you are growing this strain for the first time.

Flowering Period Of The Granddaddy Purple Strain

The Granddaddy Purple strain has a short flowering period (8 – 9 weeks). The shorter the duration of the cycle, the less can go wrong. If you grow her outside, she will be ready for harvest by mid-October. Within a relatively short time you will have a delicious mountain of purple weed.

Indoor And Outdoor Cultivation Of Grandaddy Purple

Grand daddy purple can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Her low height and compact structure make her ideal for growing in places where height is limited. If you grow her indoors she will grow up to 80 or 120 centimeters, outdoors she can grow up to 140 centimeters. GDP is best grown in warm, humid and sunny climates. There are many states and countries with such a climate. If all goes well you will harvest her beautiful purple buds in the middle of October.

Appearance Of The Granddaddy Purple Strain

She has a typical indica structure: the weed plant is compact and has one large main bud. She comes in two colors: full purple buds and half purple buds. This has to do with the phenotype and the skills of the grower. The purple color formation is stimulated at lower temperatures. You end up with gorgeous buds with deep purple hues that many a smoker drools over.

Harvest Of Granddaddy Purple

With an average yield between 500 – 600 grams/m2 indoors and up to 400 – 600 grams per plant outdoors she scores quite high. The compact structure makes her super for a SoG setup. Of course you can also choose to top her, so she grows a little wider and will absorb even more light energy. Going for the perfect weed? Let the GDP dry upside down, then all the flavorful juices will flow to the buds. The result: super quality buds!

Taste Of The Granddaddy Purple Strain

At first you will be able to taste a sweet/sour citrus flavor. The taste of the smoke further develops into an earthy/dense aroma with light hints of grapes, berries and other sweet aromas. The smoke is also very pleasant in the throat.

Scent Of Grandaddy Purple

The sweet aromas of berries and grapes are quite noticeable. Hints of strawberry and “candy” can also be recognized. This is one of the few strains where the color of the weed matches the smell. You wouldn’t expect anything else from this exotic looking weed either.

Grandaddy Purple Strain Effect

Due to the high proportion of indica genetics in these cannabis seeds, the effect of the GDP weed is calming and less uplifting. The high THC content provides total relaxation and a calm mind. The effect can be well described as a strong stoned feeling and is accompanied by; sleepiness, a happy mood and euphoria.

It is advisable to consume this weed during the night hours. The sleep-inducing effect will quickly send you to dreamland in a quiet setting. The body feels numb and can quickly lead to couch-lock. Keep snacks on hand as an elevated appetite can become quite hard to resist.

Medicinal Potential Of Granddaddy Purple

Originally, Granddaddy Purple was marketed for medicinal purposes. Her high THC content coupled with predominantly indica genetics creates a strong effect on the body. She is considered a real painkiller for chronic pains.

That’s not all, the effect is strongly sleep-inducing and appetite enhancing, insomniacs would benefit from being able to fall asleep despite chronic pain stimuli. This weed goes better with the nightly hours when you have nothing to do. Take into consideration that the THC content of this weed is higher than average. So when consuming, do so in moderation. We do not give medical advice, the information above is based on user experiences.

Granddaddy Purple | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Grandaddy Purple strain easy to grow?

In general, like GDP, an indica cannabis strain is easier to grow than other strains.

Does the Grandaddy Purple strain make you sleepy?

The GPD is indeed sleep promoting, this is due to the high proportion of indica genetics and the high THC content (up to 24%).

Does the Grandaddy Purple strain contain CBD?

No, this cannabis strain has a CBD content of 0 – 0.1%, and is therefore negligible.

Is the Grandaddy Purple strain strong?

Yes, the THC content can go up to 24%, making it above average.

Are the Granddaddy Purple strain plants always purple?

Yes, but there are different phenotypes.