Girl Scout Cookies Strain

February 2024

Do you want to grow the now globally famous cannabis strain Girl Scout Cookies? Find out how girl scout cookies was created, its taste, medicinal effects and its cannabis profile with its crushing THC content.





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GSC, also known as Girl Scout Cookies, is a hybrid derived from a cross between OG Kush and Durban Poison. Both cannabis strains are immensely popular on their own. Which makes a cross between the two sound too good to be true. In the first years after its invention, GSC was only available as a clone in certain parts of the United States. However, due to the ever-increasing demand for this marijuana strain, there has been a massive push in recent years and GSC is now easily grown from seed.

This powerful hybrid has a slight indica predominance (60%) and is especially recommended for wonderful, relaxing evenings. She has already won several Cannabis Cups, purely due to her otherworldly quality and unique taste.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Worldwide Fame

Girl Scout Cookies is now known worldwide and it all began, allegedly, in Cookies’ native San Francisco. Rapper and cannabis tycoon ‘Berner’, real name: Gilbert Millam Jr. created the weed (together with the legendary ‘Cookie Fam’).When doing that he introduced another famous rapper named Wiz Khalifa to GSC. This created quite a hype in the United States around Girl Scout Cookies. Needless to say that after this the delicious weed has spread to the rest of the world. As with many cannabis strains, the exact story surrounding its origins is unfortunately not recorded. However most connoisseurs support this story.

Genetic Diversity

One great thing about GSC is that it contains some genetic diversity. Not every cannabis seed will grow into the exact same cannabis plant. Some well-known phenotypes include Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies and Platinum Cookies. Think of them as sisters of GSC. True GSC weed plants are immediately recognizable by purple tones in her leaves and shades of green, from light to dark. This provides a wonderful contrast with her bright orange flowering hairs to complete the picture.

Cookie Fam: Original Growers

The original growers of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain are well known, the Cookie Fam growers. They are responsible for other notable genetics such as Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet and Gelato, all of which follow the pattern of naming the strains after delicious desserts with flavors reminiscent of the sweet terpene profiles produced by the tasty cannabis strains. In the case of GSC, it is not known exactly which (OG) Kush she is descended from, this makes her exact genetics a secret of the Cookie Fam and this is likely to remain so indefinitely.

It actually makes sense when you realize how immensely popular this cannabis strain is worldwide. Cannabis strains are not so easy to patent, so there is no easy way to assure yourself that no one else is trying to copy it, unlike other inventions. So keeping it a secret remains the best, and probably only, way to actually keep the secret in your hands.

Growth And Flowering

In terms of overall growing, Girl Scout Cookies requires no more time and attention than other cannabis strains. She has a nice long and slender growth and produces nice compact buds. By nature Girl Scout Cookies is a strain that produces average yields of weed. Therefore it is recommended to grow her indoors in a Sea of Green and also outdoors you can use growing techniques to maximize yields.

Qualitatively it will make little difference, but in terms of grams you can still get the most out of it. Under good conditions you will normally achieve good yields of (very) high quality weed without too much difficulty. It could happen that you harvest just a little less than you are used to, but do not worry, she will make it up to you!

Further perfection is in the application of cultivation methods to always harvest just a little more. Her outward appearance is beautiful, mainly because of the (often present) purple tones that become more and more pronounced during flowering. After about 10 weeks of flowering she is ready to be harvested and you can take out your scissors.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Powerful Aroma

The stories about GSC’s powerful aroma will be immediately confirmed. Once you’ve harvested, it’s definitely advisable to get airtight jars or take them out of the cupboard. After you have let your harvest cure for a few weeks its aromas will be complete and you can finally enjoy your top quality homegrown weed!

Her sharp aromas can cut through your carbon filters during flowering, so make sure you have a filter with enough capacity. Otherwise, the environment will very quickly get wind of your good-smelling growing plans.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Sweet, Earthy Flavours

With your first hit you will experience a smooth taste, which can be best explained as a combination of a slightly sweet taste and a minty flavor. While enjoying these flavors you will slowly float away and first enjoy the euphoric strain effect it brings about. All accumulated stress and muscle tension will vanish as snow in the sun, while you enjoy her unique flavors. She is therefore not to be compared to other weed varieties, not even her ancestors, (OG) Kush and/or Durban Poison. The taste of Girl Scout Cookies is unique and you really have to experience it yourself to be able to judge.

Cannabis Profile Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Looking at the results of tests from laboratories, it appears that GSC contains a nice dose of CBG in addition to a lot of THC. CBG occurs naturally in cannabis plants, however, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the cannabis strains where her content of CBG is noteworthy. In addition to her crushing THC content, Girl Scout Cookies also contains a higher CBG content than the average strain. CBG, like CBD, is not psychoactive and is one of the building blocks of every cannabis plant.

In daily use CBG will be a nice addition to the other active substances present, such as THC and CBD. The discovery of the cannabinoid CBG was already made in 1956, but there is still limited research on it. What we do know is that CBG also makes the high of THC somewhat less intense. This in turn ensures that a weed variety with 25-26% can still produce a bearable effect.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Crushing THC Content

Her effects result from the very high THC content. A well grown Girl Scout Cookies contains an average of around 25% THC and this can even rise to around 30% in exceptional cases. Fortunately, the effect is not crushing due to her beautiful genetics. She brings about a mostly relaxed, very happy to euphoric effect. This is completed by a slight boost in your energy level and creativity. It is therefore best to smoke this marijuana strain towards the end of the afternoon or in the early evening.

Not only recreational users, but also definitely medicinal users, swear by the effects of Girl Scout Cookies. Especially her uplifting and slightly energetic effects make her a good remedy for depression and depressed feelings. Also with pain, insomnia and loss of appetite you will find her as an added value. If you have several of these complaints it would be nice to find out if GSC also works for you. This way you might be able to tackle a number of issues with just one weed variety.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to grow the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

Yes, it doesn’t require more attention than average.

What is the Girl Scout Cookies Stain main effect?

It causes a relaxed and euphoric feeling.

Is the Girl Scout Cookies Strain indica or sativa dominant?

This strain is slightly (60%) indica dominant.

Which strains is the Girl Scout Cookies Strain a mix of?

It’s a mix between OG Kush and Durban Poison.

What is the THC content of the Girl Scout Cookies Strain?

This is very high as it can vary from 25% up to 30%.