Giggly Strain Effect

July 2024

Why do you laugh a lot more when you're high? Well, it turns out that cannabis affects blood flow to the brain. Find out here why people laugh, how cannabis fits into this picture and what the 5 corny weed strains of the year are. Get ready for a real laugh riot!





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We all smoke weed for a variety of reasons. Some love its relaxing effects, while others like to have deep conversations while smoking. And then there are stoners who smoke weed because it helps them loosen up and laugh! The giggly strain effect in weed makes us take things around us, and ourselves, less seriously. Thanks to the herb, we see life through a humorous lens. Even the most mundane things suddenly become hilarious.

But why does weed make people laugh so much? And by that we don’t mean light chuckles, but intense, corny fits of laughter.

Why People Get Giggly

But first of all, why do people laugh at all? It turns out that laughter plays an important role in human communication. So important a role, in fact, that we laugh even before we utter our first words. Laughing is also an important social phenomenon. You indicate that you are open to a connection when you laugh. From an evolutionary point of view, laughing was also important. For example, laughter probably showed strangers that you were in safe company.

Among friends and family, laughter even functions as a substitute for grooming in primates. We are no longer densely hairy, so we no longer need to flea each other, but laughter is the ideal alternative for forging and maintaining close ties. If passing around a joint in your circle of friends isn’t enough to feel connected, roaring laughter certainly will!

Why Laughter Is Good For You

You’ve probably heard at one time or another that laughter is the best medicine. And this statement doesn’t come out of the blue. In fact, a good laugh releases happiness chemicals in your brain, but it’s also generally good for your body. Discover the main benefits of regular laughter below.

Giggles Relax Your Body

When you laugh, you feel calm and at ease. Your muscles relax and tension disappears, at least temporarily.

Laughing Relieves Emotional Tension

Excessive emotional tension is not good for your body. And life nowadays brings a lot of stress. When you laugh, you break that cycle with positive emotions and strengthened relationships.

Giggling Supports Your Health

Just like smoking a joint, laughing releases a lot of the happiness hormone dopamine in your brain.

Laughing Burns Calories

When you laugh, you use many different muscles in your body. And muscles require energy to tighten. If you laugh enough during a smoking session, you’ll burn calories in a great way. That way you can get rid of those saddlebags on your hips! 

Why Weed Makes You Laugh

Everyone knows that weed is synonymous with fun. So you’ve probably experienced plenty of moments of hysterical giggles with your friends. But why does weed actually make you laugh? Where does the giggly strain effect come from?

As is true for almost everything within cannabis science, the exact cause has yet to be discovered. Still, research does seem to show that smoking pot makes everyone a little more corny. This is because of a shift in cognitive activity. More specifically, once THC reaches the brain, it activates certain groups of neurons associated with laughter. Cells in the frontal and temporal lobes receive more oxygen and nutrients in the process, as more blood flows to these areas.

Smoking marijuana also treats users to a relaxed, peaceful sensation. Your mood improves greatly, making you want to linger on the couch and chat about all sorts of random topics in a blissful state. You are much more likely to giggle at odd comments and lame jokes when you are relaxed. Nowadays, we often find ourselves in a constant state of stress. So when you finally settle down, you are much more susceptible to these happy effects.

Which Strain Makes You Happier: Indica Or Sativa?

Giggly Strain Effect

Originally, the terms “indica” and “sativa” were used to describe the two sub-species of the cannabis plant, each with unique psychotropic effects. Indica strains have long been associated with a physical stone and a relaxed mental state. Sativas, on the other hand, were primarily associated with boosting the body and mind.

However, the idea of these typical effects is now outdated. Scientists have discovered that it is most likely the terpenes are responsible for the differences in effect. Terpenes are aromatic molecules that define the unique scents and flavors of each strain. The terpene profiles of both indica and sativa strains can be quite different, meaning that the effects are not necessarily determined by the strain (indica or sativa).

Some research has even suggested that the words “strains” or “species” should be dropped altogether. These researchers say it is more appropriate to use the term “chemovar” (chemical variety) to classify cannabis strains.

Most likely, certain chemovars with specific terpenes are more likely to make you laugh at a classic stoner movie than others. Which means they’ll have more of a giggly strain effect. For example, the relaxing terpene myrcene acts as a relaxant and reduces inhibitions. This, of course, increases the likelihood of a thunderous laugh.

Limonene and pineene also work wonders when it comes to improving the mood. They make you feel more at ease. Thanks to these terpenes, you participate more consciously in conversations and catch every sentence. You end up giggling and laughing more in the process.

The Best Mellow Weed Varieties Of The Year

Almost every marijuana strain has the ability to elicit a roaring laugh. Yet some strains are more suitable for this than others. The strains listed below guarantee wonderful relaxation that will have you rolling on the floor laughing in no time. These are the most corny strains of the moment:

El Patron Strain

Do you want to go crazy? Then you need to smoke El Patron. This powerful strain hits hard and takes the mind out of the standard mode. Smoke this weed and tension disappears like snow in the sun, while blissful, euphoric feelings take over your state of mind. The 22% THC works together with spicy and peppery terpenes, so you can go crazy. Don’t believe us? Light up a bowl, put on a fun comedy and get ready to put those laughing muscles to work!

In addition to inducing hysterical fits of laughter, El Patron also indulges you with attractive buds. Delight yourself with beautiful deep purple and dark green hues, finished with a thick layer of glistening resin. This productive cannabis plant flourishes especially in warm climates, but will treat you to a generous harvest in almost any environment.

Indoors, the plants produce up to 20lbs/3.2”² in 9-10 weeks. Outdoors you can count on 21lbs/plant. Harvest time is at the end of October.

Shogun Strain

With Shogun you take your body and mind to a higher dimension. After smoking this weed colors seem brighter. Your food also tastes better and everything becomes much funnier thanks to the giggly strain effect. These buds are definitely not an option if you still have to work, unless you can hold back your fits of laughter.

The sky-high THC content of 25% ensures that the THC immediately crosses the blood-brain barrier. The blood supply to the mealy part of your brain then increases. Think such a high percentage of this cannabinoid is not enough? Then know that the huge amount of pineene improves your attention span, focus and perception of funny things.

Shogun spoils you with a rewarding yield. As a result, you can enjoy intense bouts of laughter for weeks. Indoors the plants reach a height of 2”9-4”6. They produce about 20-21lbs/3.2”²  in a flowering period of 9-11 weeks. Outdoors the plants like to be placed between combination plants. The payoff there is about 26.5lbs/plant, from medium sized weed plants of 6”2 high.

Euphoria Strain

This name is a perfect reflection of the effect of this plant. Euphoria is similar to therapy after a long day of slogging at work. Go home, make some food, smoke a bowl and put on a movie. Soon you’ll feel your muscles melting, unpleasant thoughts disappearing and a big grin forming on your face.

Euphoria’s cannabinoid profile endorses this highly relaxing effect. The purple-green buds produce 9% THC, along with a good amount of CBD. This is a blissful mix if you want to keep your mind clear. Moreover, with this you will eliminate tension and prevent grinding thoughts. You can smoke this strain all day long without getting overwhelming feelings.

Can’t wait to get your hands on this weed? You don’t have to! You can harvest these plants 8-9 weeks after the start of flowering. Indoors you can expect a yield of 15.8-17.6lbs/3.2”². Outdoors, under the sun, the plants produce 19lbs/plant.

Weed And Laughter: The Best Medicine

Laughter is really healthy! Feeling down, isolated or too absorbed in your thoughts? You almost always feel better after a good laugh with friends or family. Use the mealy mouthed cannabis strains from this page and take advantage of the uplifting power of weed!

Giggly Strain Effect | Frequently Asked Questions

What causes the giggly strain effect?

Nobody is sure about it, but it has to do with a shift in your cognitive activity.

Is the giggly strain effect good for your health?

If you consider that laughing is good for your health, then yes.

How long does the giggly strain effect last for?

Quite a while so make sure that you are in the right environment before starting.

Are there any side effects to the giggly strain effect?

Not really, except for you having a really good time with friends.

Is it possible to find a giggly strain effect?

Yes, El Patron, Shogun en Euphoria are the best strains for this.