Fat Banana Strain

Fat Banana is the result of a super selective development process with the goal of hybridizing the biggest, fattest Banana OG specimens. It has now turned into the best of the best. Fat Banana offers great flavor and an impressive amount of cannabinoids.






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Fat Banana: The Big Fat Fruity Kush Species

Fat Banana is the result of an intense, selective breeding project that has been conducted by specialized breeders. The goal was to produce and refine a rare strain. And the result is a strain with exceptional characteristics that will appeal to connoisseurs, collectors and growers alike. And especially with those looking for unique stash.

Fat Banana is a premium Kush strain with a genetic background that can be traced back to OG Kush and Chiquita Banana. Its powerful origins have provided the foundation for Fat Banana’s greatness. This is evident in the potency of her buds. When grown by an experienced grower, Fat Banana can contain up to 25% THC. What a potency!

Yield And Growth Characteristics Fat Banana

Fat Banana yields an average of 350-400g/m² under 600w lighting and flowers indoors in about seven to eight weeks. It’s worth noting that Fat Banana is an indica-dominant hybrid that could be called a “stretch indica.” In fact, when not trained, it tends to develop a huge elongated main cola.

When grown outdoors, Fat Banana can, in warm climates, grow into a monster bush that could probably use some support. Plants are ready for harvest by mid-September. As mentioned above, with proper care she rewards you with hefty buds with 25%+ THC and a sweet, fruity banana aroma.

Fat Banana Effects And Flavor

Fat Banana is the Kush that no one saw coming. Her effects are mild and euphoric at first, and she has a sweet, fruity taste that will make your mouth water. As a result, this remarkable strain might tempt you to take too much of it. But beware, she is powerful! Sooner or later you’ll feel a powerful physical stone, followed by an unimaginably relaxing experience. Get ready for the munchies – this will be a journey past your taste buds that begins and ends on the couch. 

It can also create a general feeling of numbness or euphoria, and this depends completely on your mood or state of mind. Therefore we advise users to consume this strain when feeling depressed, are suffering from insomnia or are very stressed. Lastly; if you have a lack of appetite this banana flavored strain will also solve that for you.

As for the flavor, Fat Banana is sweet with a hint of citrus. As mentioned, the aroma of her buds is reminiscent of her namesake, making her a delight to the nose as well.

Fat Banana: Insanely Flavorful Kush 

Fat Banana StrainGet ready if you are looking for a Kush that is both unique and delectable. With a carefully selective breeding process to cross the best Banana OG specimens this goal has been achieved. The result is the sensational Fat Banana. A cross between OG Kush and Banana, this lady is definitely a Kush like no other. Get ready for a truly “Fat” cultivar that is loaded with fruity flavor and grandiose power!

Fat Banana is a hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) that exhibits some unusual characteristics during her growth. Unlike most indica hybrids, she develops one giant main bud. In doing so, with the right nutrients and in favorable conditions, she can reach a monstrous height. Indoors, she can stay a manageable 80-140cm. But outdoors she can grow into a huge tree of up to 200cm. As such, it may require some support.

Fat Banana produces decent yields of up to 400g/m² of fat and juicy quality stuff indoors. That’s up to 500g/plant in ideal outdoor conditions. Her pleasantly short flowering time of just seven to eight weeks can be attributed to her indica side.

The taste and aroma are without a doubt some of Fat Banana’s most magnificent qualities. She stimulates your taste buds with an amazing sweet and fruity banana aroma. Just like a tropical fruit basket, her mouth watering and refreshing notes excite the senses. With that, she definitely keeps you coming back for more. Remember, this treat can really be a heavyweight. So take it easy when you light one up.

After smoking the strain, an incredibly deep and calming physical stone takes over your body. If you’re spending some quality time with her, don’t just prepare to end up on the couch. We also recommend that you stock your fridge. After all, her taste stirs up the munchies anyway!

Fat Banana is a truly extraordinary Kush that really stands out. The fruity taste and pure potency of this strain alone make her worth growing!

Fat Banana Product Information

  • Genetics: 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
  • Parents: Banana x OG Kush
  • Flowering time: 7-8 weeks
  • THC: 25%
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor: 350-400 gr/m²
  • Yield Outdoor: 450-500 gr/plant
  • Height (Indoor): 140cm
  • Height (Outdoor): 200cm
  • Availability: Feminized seeds
  • Flowering type: Photo period
  • Sex: Feminized

Parents Fat Banana

Fat Banana a feminized strain that contains genetics of the OG Kush and the Chiquita Banana. It is a marijuana strain that is largely made up of indica genetics.

The Fat Banana strain is a weed with a very high THC content and therefore has a powerful effect. You can expect a large quantity of weed from this weed plant and it will be ready for harvest in a reasonably short time. You can therefore grow her outdoors but she will also do perfectly indoors. This plant needs some care and is therefore not really suitable for growers without growing experience.

The effect you experience after using this weed is relaxing and mainly felt in the body. The taste when you smoke a joint of this weed is sweet, fruity with natural flavor tones. Growing this marijuana plant will give you a strain with a very high THC level which is not suitable for the user without experience.

Fat Banana Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

How big does a plant of the Fat Banana strain grow?

Quite big, so make sure you have space for it.

What is the THC content of the Fat Banana strain?

This is quite high with 25%.

Is the Fat Banana strain an indica or a sativa?

It’s indica (70%).

Which strains are the parents of the Fat Banana strain?

These are Chiquita Banana and OG Kush.

What is an uncommon effect of the Fat Banana strain?

It’ll give you the munchies and will help you if you suffer from a lack of appetite.