Euphoric Strain Effect

July 2024

Those who use cannabis prefer to experience positive feelings: that's logical. A feeling of cheerfulness, creativity and laughing together, is what users are after. The fact that cannabis can make you happy is already positive, but it can get even better: cannabis can induce feelings of euphoria. This is actually the superlative of happiness. You feel blissful and even ecstatic. All your worries seem to fade into the background. But how can cannabis cause this feeling of euphoria? And which strains are best suited? Find out below.





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Euphoric Strain Effect Through Cannabis

Euphoria is something you don’t normally experience very often. For many people, just feeling satisfied and excited is enough. Euphoria is quite different. It is described as a feeling of carefree, extreme joy or ecstatic intoxication. It is mirth squared. The dictionary even calls it exaggerated merriment, but that pulls it into the negative. Maybe there’s a bit of conservative nature behind that. But objectively speaking, euphoria is a positive phenomenon that causes a deep sense of happiness, contentment and self-assurance. Stress or worry seem to disappear completely out of sight for a while.

As mentioned, euphoria is not something you will experience on a daily basis. It doesn’t have to be, and it might even get boring very quickly, but most people are looking for ways to feel happy and content. Cannabis might be able to help some people experience euphoria, this feeling of extreme joy, from time to time.

The Influence Of Weed On The Euphoric Strain Effect

Your mood depends on many factors. Normally, a positive mood can change from a pleasant feeling of contentment, to cheerfulness to a feeling of being on cloud nine with happiness. Usually we are somewhere at the beginning to halfway at this scale. Euphoria is not something you experience very often. It can be triggered by specific events, such as when you have accomplished something difficult, during exciting events or during sex. You can also experience it during sports. When you have exerted yourself greatly the body can produce endorphins.

But euphoria is also one of the feelings that can be induced by the use of cannabis. In fact, cannabis is rich in cannabinoids and terpenes, which can influence your mood. Our bodies have a network of receptors (the endocannabinoid system or the ECS). The substances in cannabis can influence these receptors and thereby your mood. THC (the main psychoactive cannabinoid) can activate certain receptors that make you feel euphoric. The effect is similar to that of anandamide, a neurotransmitter that your body can produce itself. Anandamide is known as the blissful/happiness molecule.

Dopamine is also a neurotransmitter that can induce such positive feelings. If your body does not make enough of these, you may feel very little pleasure. People can be deficient in these neurotransmitters, and this can be one of the causes of depression. The cannabinoids in cannabis affect the release of dopamine and therefore your mood.

Euphoria Through Cannabis Terpenes

But there are more substances in cannabis than just cannabinoids that can cause feelings of euphoria. Research from 2018 shows that terpenes also play a role in the feeling of being high. There are several terpenes that seem to have a positive effect on pain, depression and anxiety. Scientists believe that because of this, terpenes may also play a role in the feelings of euphoria that come with a high.

Terpenes often do not cause mental effects themselves, but work in combination with the cannabinoids in a specific weed variety. This cooperation is called the entourage effect. These effects are often subtly expressed in a high, but out of all the terpenes, limonene tops the list in terms of its reputation for promoting euphoric bliss. This substance gives cannabis a citrusy, fresh scent that actually automatically evokes the link with cheerfulness. There is a reason why many cleaning products, perfumes and air fresheners have a lemon-like scent.

Euphoric Strain Effect By Cannabis, Or By Your Own Brain?

THC is one of the main cannabinoids in cannabis, which is important for the euphoric feelings you might experience when you are high. THC also determines the strength and duration of the high. But of course your unique situation also plays an important role. How you feel before you start using (are you happy, just depressed or somewhere in between?) and how your own ECS works, also influence the experience. Maybe a good friend of yours uses a certain strain of marijuana and has good experiences with it. But that doesn’t mean that this strain is going to make you feel like you’re in seventh heaven. Unfortunately, this is something that’s impossible to predict.

The Danger Of Cannabis To Find Euphoria

Anyone planning to grow and use cannabis to chase euphoria should be careful not to expect too much from it. This applies even more broadly than just to cannabis. The search for ways to feel happy is as old as mankind itself, but there are always risks involved. You don’t want to become dependent on a particular drug or act to feel happy or euphoric. Whether it’s cannabis, candy, sex, or anything else; if that’s your only way to experience euphoria, you’re on a slippery slope.

Always make sure you keep multiple avenues to your feeling of happiness open. A good movie, a good book, a nice evening with friends and a walk with your dog; there are plenty of ways to experience happiness, contentment and even euphoria. Often it overwhelms you even when you are not actively looking for it. So don’t fall into the trap of only using cannabis or some other “trick” to find euphoria.

Best Cannabis Euphoric Strain Effects

There are several strains that are known for being able to give a strong euphoric high. These cannabis strains contain just that ratio of cannabinoids and other substances that can give you an exuberant feeling of cheerfulness and bliss. For those who want to experience the fleeting, almost elusive and almost mythical feeling of euphoria with cannabis, we recommend trying the following top strains.

White Widow Strain

The White Widow strain is one of the most popular cannabis strains in the world. The strain is on the menu of almost every coffee shop and seed bank worldwide. The world-famous White Widow is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It is a cross of pure sativa Landra from Brazil and an Indian indica, and originated in the Netherlands.

White Widow gained popularity in the 90s, and since then it is impossible to imagine seed banks without it. All over the world this strain is grown and smoked. This strain remains popular and will remain that way, despots of many new strains that are much stronger than the White Widow.

As a user your will experience a quick powerful burst of euphoria and energy from White Widow. It stimulates talkativeness and creativity. Which makes it a great strain for any time of day.

Blue Dreams Strain

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant strain, consisting of 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics. This hybrid is the result of a cross between Haze X Blueberry, to be precise one originating from Northern California, America. The history of Blue Dream goes back several decades, despite the sudden known success of this weed variety. Unfortunately, the history surrounding the Blue Dreams strain is very vague, but that makes it all the more interesting to research and grow this strain.

The most likely version of the story is that Humboldt Seeds was the first commercial party to get their hands on Blue Dream genetics. This weed strain would have been invented for indoor growers and outdoor growers (in greenhouse). Which Haze strain exactly was used in the cross therefore also remains a mystery, a guess in the right direction suggests that it is (Super) Silver Haze. This is also what Humboldt Seeds indicates.

“Blue” in her name she owes to her ancestor Blueberry. Her flowering is certainly reminiscent of that too, with beautiful natural green colors. As flowering progresses, the almost bright orange flowering hairs and sparkling crystals (trichomes) stand out beautifully against the bright green leaves.

Euphoric Strain Effect | Frequently Asked Questions

Are Sativas or Indicas more likely to create a euphoric strain effect?

It’s mostly Sativas, although you can also find Indicas to give you a euphoric high.

How do I get a euphoric strain effect?

This is mainly caused by the THC in the strain.

Is the euphoric strain effect something to chase after?

No, if you are longing for a euphoric feeling, it’s better to chase it in a natural way.

How long does a euphoric strain effect last?

That depends on how much you smoke and the THC % of the strain, but typically it would be a couple of hours.

Will I get a euphoric strain effect from all strains?

No, some have other strain effects.