Energetic Strain Effect

June 2024

Want to enjoy a good cannabis strain, but not end up being locked in the couch? In this article we highlight 5 strains with stimulating, energetic effects. Great for social situations or moments when you want to stay productive and focused.





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Let’s get one thing straight first tough; the cliché that stoners always eating a bag of Cheetos with a blank stare is far from accurate. Sure, cannabis is very soothing at times. However, some strains can also have stimulating effects. These contribute to your concentration, motivation and productivity. To help you enjoy cannabis without clichés, here are 5 strains known to energize. Don’t worry though if these aren’t suitable for you as we have reviewed many other strains, like the Strawberry Cough strain.

Chocolate Haze Strain For An Energetic Strain Effect

Haze strains are always a good choice if you want to stay productive, motivated and stimulated. Chocolate Haze combines an uplifting and stimulating high with fantastic aromas and flavors.

Haze varieties are mega-popular in some regions in Europe and Nothern America. However, many people forget that these varieties originally come from the American state of California. With roughly 20% of THC, this is a very strong strain that provides an almost instant boost of energy. The effects of Chocolate Haze are also long-lasting. This makes the strain perfect for the afternoon when you could use a little extra. Be careful though. The deliciously rich chocolate aroma makes it hard to put down the joint.

Chocolate Haze is best grown outdoors in a good spot with enough sunlight, space and soil. With heights of around 200cm, this plant produces very good yields of up to 500g/plant. Since she is sensitive to mold and needs 9-10 weeks to bloom, Chocolate Haze is especially suitable for experienced growers. You really need to have enough time and skills to get the most out of the strain.

Green Crack Punch Strain

We all know someone who has doubts about the stimulating effects of cannabis. Green Crack Punch is the perfect strain to dispel those doubts for good. Whether you like a “wake and bake” or need a boost in the afternoon, this plant is perfect.

Do you have an important report to turn in before 5? Or want to give the house a much-needed spring cleaning? Green Crack Punch helps you complete your day’s tasks with satisfaction. She produces a satisfying mental intoxication that is great when you need a boost of energy and focus. After a few hours, this buzz spreads to your muscles. This leaves you feeling wonderfully relaxed and at ease.

Green Crack Punch has a wonderful fruity aroma that combines tangy hints of citrus with sweet flavors of berries and grapes. This cross comes from the infamous Green Crack and Purple Punch. This makes her a subtly sativa-dominant strain with beautiful buds. These have vivid orange and pink hues and roughly 18-20% THC.

Similar to the first strain on this list, Green Crack Punch performs best outdoors. This is one of those plants that requires plenty of space and grows between 180 and 220cm tall in the right conditions. Indoors, however, Green Crack Punch does just as well. Indoors, however, space limitations do affect growth. She will probably yield less. Her extreme resistance to pests, droughts and bad weather however, make her a great strain for all types of growers, beginners as well as experts.

Royal AK Strain An Energetic Strain Effect

Royal AK is our variation on the classic AK-47. She has been bred from Colombian, Mexican, Thai and Afghan varieties. This powerful strain therefore has amazing powers and a fine aroma. Although she is sometimes considered a knockout plant, some versions gives a pleasant, balanced high that is incredibly versatile. It is no surprise that she has won countless cannabis cups and awards.

Royal AK is slightly sativa dominant and contains THC levels of roughly 19%. Because it combines cerebral euphoria with mild physical relaxation, it’s great for relieving stress and focusing. Got a lot on your mind? Then she provides the clarity you need to dissipate stress, make a plan and get to work. Fantastic during a busy morning or early afternoon, as the effects last for several hours.

Royal AK has a captivating aroma that combines earthy notes with hints of sweet pine. She produces a smooth smoke and thanks to the high resin production, she is great for hashish and other concentrates. Given her strength, aroma and balanced effects, it’s no wonder AK-47 is so popular around the world.

Like her effects which are balanced, Royal AK also has a balanced growth profile. She can be grown indoors or outdoors and produces great results in both cases. The plant flowers in roughly 8-9 weeks. She offers reliable yields of 525-575g/m² indoors and up to 650g/plant outdoors.

Lemon Shining Silver Haze Strain

Lemon Shining Silver Haze is another excellent Haze variety. This variation on the classic Lemon Haze produces a long-lasting cerebral high. It is also very psychedelic at times. Do you want to use Lemon Shining Silver Haze to stay productive and creative? Then take small or even micro doses. However, if you want to relax completely, the psychoactive effects of this strain will take you to other planets.

This strain has a super strong, sweet citrus aroma. It is a cross between Lemon Skunk and Shining Silver Haze. This causes it to be very characteristic of Haze varieties. With up to 25% THC, this strain makes you feel alert and energized after just a few puffs. In higher doses Lemon Shining Silver Haze is more psychedelic. She gives you a powerful euphoria; great to experience with a close group of friends. However, should you wish to use her during the day, take it easy for a milder cerebral high that is not too overpowering.

In the growroom, the sativa genes of Lemon Shining Silver Haze are well expressed. These plants grow tall and produce average yields of 500g/plant. However, in the right outdoor conditions, she sometimes produces up to 1000g/plant. Indoors, the plants are considerably smaller, but still produce 425-475g/m².

Sour Diesel Strain An Energetic Strain Effect

This strain needs no introduction. Sour Diesel is a hybrid that the world has fallen for in a heartbeat. This strain is loved worldwide, from the newest dispensaries in North America to the oldest coffee shops in Amsterdam.

Sour Diesel is a unique blend of Original Diesel, Northern Light, Shiva and Hawaiian genes. As a result you get a hybrid with very balanced effects, that is also very reliable. While most strains on this list have a cerebral effect, this strain is more physical in nature. Instead of the mental euphoria you get from a Haze, for example, Sour Diesel gives you a mentally clear and physically relaxed feeling. And that for a number of hours.

As the name suggest, and is common with other Diesel variants, this strain has a very unique aroma. This consists of herbal, slightly floral hints and sour, almost chemical-like undertones. Like most hybrids, Sour Diesel performs well both indoors and outdoors in the garden. Potential yields are around 500g/m² indoors and 600g/plant outdoors. Although Sour Diesel may take up to 11 weeks to flower, she is well worth the wait.

Energetic Strain Effect | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow a strain with an energetic strain effect?

Yes, you can grow all the strains we listed above yourself.

Is the energetic strain effect safe?

Yes, but if you are wary of it we would recommend micro dosing first.

How long does the energetic strain effect last?

Usually the strain effect lasts for a couple of hours.

What is the best strain for an energetic strain effect?

This is very subjective, but we would say the Green Crack Punch Strain.

Is it possible to get an energetic strain effect from cannabis?

Yes, prejudice of stoners being lazy couch bound people is not accurate.