Critical Strain

Achieve maximum yields time after time. The Critical super genetics ensure that all light energy is converted directly into bud production. Compact growth and therefore super for a Sea of Green set-up. Oh yes, she performs extremely well in dry climates and is therefore Spain’s favorite. Resinous buds are within reach. Go for high yield and rock hard buds today!





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Advantages Of The Critical Strain

  • Perfect for dry climates
  • Fully grown in 8 weeks
  • The ultimate for Sea of Green
  • Yield killer
  • Feminized

Additional Critical Information

  • THC: Average (15 – 20%)
  • CBD: High (5 – 10%)
  • Sativa/Indica: Indica
  • Harvest month: Mid September
  • Flowering period: 8 Weeks
  • Height indoor: Small (40 – 90 cm)
  • Height outdoor: Medium (130 – 160 cm)
  • Yield Indoor: High (600 – 650 gram/m²)
  • Yield Outdoor: High (550 – 600 grams/plant)
  • Mold Resistance: Average
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Effect: Happy, Hungry, Calming, Relaxed, Sleepy, Therapeutic, Sedated, Happy
  • Medicinal: Anxiety, Arthritis, Headache, Insomnia, Migraine, Nausea, Restlessness, Pain, Insomnia, Stress
  • Flavor: Earthy, Pine, Sweet

More Information About Critical Seeds

Stable, uniform, and tremendous productivity; this is the number one commercial cannabis plant!It’s therefore not surprising that cannabis companies choose to grow Critical Mass cannabis exclusively. Due to its high quality and wide range, it is in the top 10 of best-selling cannabis varieties worldwide.

This cannabis plant grows best in places where the summers are hot and dry. In Spain she has been crowned a Spanish favorite, but also in countries with similar climates like France, Italy, Portugal and the Balkans she grows into a giant tree. This obviously also goes for the US states with the right climate.

Indoors you can expect yields of 600 – 650 grams/m2 and outdoors you can expect 450 – 675 grams per plant. This productivity is far above average when compared to other cannabis strains. This indica strain also has a short flowering period (only 8 weeks) and the effect is strongly narcotic which gives a deep physical relaxation. Its medical potential would therefore lie in combating physical pain forms. On average this cannabis strain has a THC content of 15 – 20%.

An authentic taste that has set the standard worldwide. The taste is old-school and is a mix of earth, pine and sweetness.

Grow The Critical Strain

Grow lots of weed quickly with critical seeds. She will not grow big and remains compact, so you can easily work with her. It is important that she should be grown in a dry environment. Because of the production of huge compact buds there is a chance of bud rot (a luxury problem). You can easily prevent this by growing the Critical strain under a roof or by making sure that a strong wind flow reaches the buds. This way you don’t give moisture a chance to condense and there is no chance of bud rot. This is a piece of cake and will not even stop the beginner from harvesting successfully.

Indoors you can grow the Critical weed strain within 8 weeks of flowering. Outdoors you can already harvest in mid-September. This is one of the fastest weed varieties and the yield remains high.

Growing Critical Seeds Indoors

This is the best indoor cannabis seeds as the critical mass grows compact, stays relatively small and is uniform. So she has all the characteristics for growing in a SoG setup. With these cannabis seeds, growing a successful indoor harvest is within every growers’ reach. It is best to grow her in a dry environment, so try to keep the humidity low. You can do this by not watering too much and only watering when the lights are just turned on.

Indoors she will reach a height of 60 – 90 centimeters, which makes it easier to grow in rooms where the ceiling is not too high. Be careful with the smell though as critical weed is known for its pungent odor. Appropriate measures should be taken to prevent odor nuisance. 

These are one of the highest yielding cannabis seeds around. You can expect a yield between 600 – 650 grams/m2 and this is way above average. You can increase the yield by growing her in a SoG setup or by topping or firming her. You can also apply other forms of high and low-stress training to increase yield. This marijuana strain has a high stability, so it can handle stress better than other strains.

Growing Critical Seeds Outdoors

Especially in countries and states that have a similar summer to Spain, you will grow giant Critical Mass weed with this strains’ seeds. A dry and hot summer will make bud production go through the roof. Expecting rain though? This is not a problem, if you take the right measures. Grow her under a roof and make sure she is in a place where lots of wind can reach the plant.

Depending on the pot you grow the Critical strain in you can expect her to reach a height between 80 and 140 centimeters. If you choose to grow it in the full ground it can grow a bit taller (depending on the weather). The plant grows bushy and has a pungent smell. If you are growing in a densely populated area it is advisable to place her somewhere where she causes as little odor nuisance as possible. If all goes well you can expect to harvest this critical weed in mid-September.

Depending on the weather conditions, yields can be as high as 550 – 600 grams per plant. In full soil with the right amount of sunlight and nutrition this can be even higher. This plant is known for its high stability and can therefore stand a lot of punishment.

Taste Of The Critical Strain

The taste is earthy and has hints of pine and sweetness. Take a puff of the Critical strain and you will immediately have a real old school experience. The taste is best described as ‘the standard weed’ and therefore suits almost everyone. It’s not without reason that this strain is one of the best selling strains worldwide.

Smell Of The Critical Seeds

Her smell is strong, intense and penetrating. The aromas of this weed will fill an entire room in no time. And you know what they say, the stronger the smell, the better the weed. An earthy scent with a hint of acidity will hit you, and the surprising thing is that when burnt the scent strength decreases. This may be handy when you want to smoke discreetly. In short: A wonderful strong weed smell everywhere that everyone will yearn for.

Effect Of The Critical Strain

Because of an intense body anesthesia, your body feels heavy and relaxed. So it’s easy to sink into the couch and before you know it you find yourself in dreamland. You can also describe her as a sleep weed. In general, everyone experiences a mood boost that manifests itself in happiness. You feel good and relaxed at the same time. You may also get a hunger kick, so keep snacks handy. Because of its ~5% CBD content, this cannabis strain also has a therapeutic effect that is very calming. Nobody is waiting to have to work with a relaxed feeling. Therefore it’s best to save this cannabis for the night, or for a time when you don’t have to work.

Medicinal Potential Of Critical

The effect of this strain is strongly narcotic and sleep-inducing, which are the reasons why it would help to relieve (chronic) pain and/or promote sleep. The mood boost is said to make you cope better with stress, anxiety and depression. Letting go of thoughts is easily done when smoking Critical.

Marijuana strains that contain more than 1% CBD may be considered medicinal marijuana strains. The CBD content of the Critical is up to 5%, giving it a mildly therapeutic effect that would help one find calm and rest. This would also help to better deal with headaches, migraines and nausea. If there is a need to eat more, for instance to gain strength, this cannabis would have an appetite enhancing effect and could be a solution. Please note that this is not medical advice, the information above is based on user experiences.

Critical Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Critical strain in indica or a sativa strain?

It’s an indica dominant strain.

Does the Critical strain cause a couch lock?

Yes, so you better not smoke it when you have to work.

What is the percentage of THC in the Critical strain?

This can be up to 20%.

How much CBD does the Critical strain contain?

The CBD content is up to 5%.

Is the Critical strain difficult to grow?

As long as you keep this marijuana strain away from moisture you have nothing to worry about.