Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg is a legendary cannabis strain. She scores with distinct flavors and a powerful sativa effect. The story goes that the Chemdog strain descended from OG Kush and Sour Diesel, but nobody knows for sure. What we do know is that this is an ideal daytime strain. Plus, she looks great in any garden, although growing Chemdawg is a bit challenging. Let’s take a closer look at this favorite strain of many stoners.





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Chemdawg is a legendary cross whose origins are shrouded in mystery. This strain is known for its intense, cerebral high. It appeared in the 90’s and hasn’t lost any of its popularity. Nowadays she is smoked widely, but also used to make new crosses. As we mentioned, it is not certain who the parents of this strain are. Yet her characteristics are unmistakable. If you taste diesel when smoking and enjoy a gigantic high, it’s probably Chemdawg.

Chemdog Strain Characteristics

As you know, the exact genetic origin of the wildly popular Chemdawg is unknown. The story goes that she was created from a cross between the legendary OG Kush and Sour Diesel, but no one knows for sure. Still, we’re not entirely ignorant regarding this sativa-dominant cross.

  • Genes: Sativa-dominant cross
  • Parents: Unknown (OG Kush/Sour Diesel?)
  • THC: 15-20%+
  • CBD: Little
  • Flavor: Earthy, diesel, lemon, pungent
  • Effect: Uplifting, euphoric

So some believe that Chemdawg is a cross between OG Kush and Sour Diesel. Others, however, believe she comes from Nepalese or Thai sativas. Regardless of her true origins, she is one of the most popular sativa strains on the market. As such, she has a loyal following. And despite the fact that she made her debut twenty years ago, the Chemdog genes are still being put to good use in modern crossings.

On paper, Chemdawg may look like a strain with medium strength. The THC percentage in fact fluctuates between 15 and 20%. Yet she does offer a famous, strong and cerebral effect. Legend has it that she even got her name from the fact that people rolled around like dogs after smoking her. Thanks to its euphoric sativa effect, it is also considered one of the best daytime strains.

The strain’s name also builds on its flavor profile. You wouldn’t think people would be fond of this, but connoisseurs really enjoy the distinct chemical hints of fuel in the smoke.

The genetics used in the Chemdawg strain guarantee the following properties:

  • A medium to large sized plant with a flowering time of about 9-10 weeks.
  • Its buds are extremely pungent. It has a very high terpene profile that smells like that distinctive gasoline aroma.
  • It produces a bulky flower with a high THC content; in the right hands it can be over 20% THC.
  • Chemdawg is a stunning cannabis plant that can have beautiful flower colors, which can range from light green, orange to bluish purple hues.

How To Grow The Chemdawg Strain

Growing Chemdawg is quite complicated. She is very sensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations. It is therefore best to grow her in a controlled manner in an indoor garden. Given the demanding nature of the strain, she is more suitable for experienced growers.

  • Difficulty: Expert
  • Performs best: Indoors
  • Climate: Sunny, warm
  • Type: Feminized
  • Height indoor: 150cm
  • Height outdoor: Large
  • Flowering: 9 weeks
  • Harvest outside: October
  • Yield indoor: 350-500g/m²
  • Yield outdoor: Average

The famous Chemdawg puts the grower in a tricky position. On the one hand, she requires a controlled environment, where temperature and humidity are constantly managed. On the other hand, because of her sativa genes and exuberant growth, she is not really ideal for indoor growing. Nevertheless, experienced growers often achieve good results with this strain. It is important that the air circulation is maintained and that you administer only a small amount of nutrients.

A plus point is the fact that the Chemdog strain does not get as big as other sativas. Usually she grows about 150cm tall indoors. The flowering time is also very reasonable; the buds ripen in nine weeks. The average yield is between 350 and 500g/m². Under an experienced hand the final weight often rises further. She responds particularly well to the ScrOG technique.

Chemdawg does not like harsh conditions and is susceptible to mold. This makes her less suitable for outdoor cultivation in colder regions. If you really want to grow outdoors, you are better off in a sunny, warm climate. Here the harvest time is in October.

Chemdawg Flavor & Effects

Chemdawg treats the smoker to strong diesel flavors that go hand in hand with earthy and woody undertones. When smoked, you taste sweet, sometimes lemony flavors and the puffs are silky smooth.

In addition to the distinctive chemical notes that make Chemdawg so desirable, she also has a powerful sativa effect. The cerebral, uplifting and stimulating high is ideal for daytime use. However, if you are not used to strong sativas, proceed with caution. This is necessary because the effect can quickly overwhelm.

The Mystery Of The Chemdog Strain

As you have already read on this page nobody truly knows the origins of Chemdawg. Its mystery might even be part of its appeal. And it has led many to claim to have part in the creation of the Chemdawg success. One claim is that a parent is the Colorado Dog Bud strain, which would make sense considering the names. Another story is that the strain originated at a Grateful Dead concert. Even though neither of these stories is probably true, they add to the appealing Chemdog mystery.

Legendary Chemdawg

A list of legendary strains, which includes Skunk, OG Kush and Girl Scout Cookies, for example, is not complete without Chemdawg. This strain is extremely popular to this day and has truly earned its good reputation. Whether you look at her distinct aromas or the high that is ideal for daytime, she is a true classic. Add its mysterious origins and you have a true cannabis legend on your hands. If only she were a little easier to grow….

Chemdawg Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Chemdawg strain easy to grow?

No, not at all. Which makes this strain only suitable for expert growers.

What is the difference between the Chemdawg strain and the Chemdog strain?

There is no difference, it’s up to you how you choose to spell it.

Which strains are the Chemdawg strain’s parents?

These are actually unknown.

What is the THC content of the Chemdawg strain?

This can go up to 20%.

Is the Chemdawg strain a sativa or an indica?

It’s a sativa dominant strain.