California Orange Strain

June 2024

California Orange is an old-school cannabis classic, this hybrid strain has been loved by connoisseurs for decades for its outstanding terpene profile and relaxing high. This is a strain with medium sized plants and high yields. California Orange has an average flowering time of about 9 weeks. It is a very resinous strain with a compact structure and a good flower-to-leaf ratio. Its orange-dominant aroma and flavor are truly fantastic. This strain is also known for a pleasant relaxing hybrid high. The effect is energizing, euphoric, lightly uplifting but also physically calming.





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California Orange: A Beloved Cup Winning Cannabis Strain

The California Orange strain has won several cups over the years. This unique ‘Orange’ cannabis variety won its first prize in 2013, which was the first place at the Copa Txapelketa in Spain. In 2016, she even managed to win 2 different cups at the same event in Argentina. She came first at the Copa Cannabis in both the Outdoor category and the Extract category. This showed everyone that she is not only a very suitable plant for both outdoor and indoor cultivation, but also to make cannabis extracts with.

The Aroma Of This Strain

The California Orange strain has a citrus-dominant aroma with notes of orange, tangerine, lemon and earth. California Orange, the name says it all, oranges from California. This cannabis strain has a lot of citrus terpenes, so the proportion of myrcene and limonene in this strain is high compared to other strains. Most plants have a strong citrus aroma and strong citrus flavor. However, there are also phenotypes that can taste slightly more floral and tropical with sometimes earthy notes.

All plants have considerable resin production, which even extends well onto the leaves. She can be quite sticky. It is not the most potent strain when it comes to THC, scoring medium to high is this regard, but it is one with a very powerful and penetrating terpene profile.

The smell can be a bit more leisurely during flowering but once it’s there you’ll enjoy a lovely fresh citrus scent. The scent can also be somewhat acidic at times with mostly citrus/lime dominant notes. The pure flavor of orange and tangerines mixed with a bit of earth/skunk makes this a very flavorful old-school USA strain overall.

The California Orange Strain Genetics

California Orange also known as; “Cali Orange, Cali-O and Cali Orange Bud” is a stabilized hybrid cannabis strain with California roots. This 50/50 Indica/Sativa strain was inbred in the 80’s. The genetics of this variety have been bred from an exceptional California plant with a very penetrating terpene profile of ripe oranges and tangerines with an earthy background.

It is a true old-school USA classic of the highest quality available. This traditional California cannabis plant originated in the hippie era. Developed during the 70’s and bred in the 80’s to make the seeds available in all of the states. California Orange is a very uniform and robust Orange variety, a beloved weed since its launch and still a popular strain among connoisseurs today.

Growing This Cannabis Strain

California Orange Strain

California Orange has large sticky buds with a thick resin coating and a strong citrus-dominant aroma. She is a strong and stable strain with a solid layer of resin and trichomes, even on the leaves. In some cases, classic old-school varieties, like our Cali-O, retain a large number of loyal, annual fans. Even decades after she was first launched, despite all the new and hip cannabis strains that have been developed in recent years, she still remains popular. This strain has more than earned its place.

Most growers love the old familiar effect, a clear energetic up-high, and the outstanding terpene profile. This intense orange scent and taste never get boring. The yield of California Orange is medium to large, but the smoking experience is anything but average. The high is really very pleasant and relaxing, it gives you energy, makes you euphoric and lets you dream away wonderfully. This effect has created the loyal ‘fan base’.

This lady likes a stable indoor climate the most. She needs about 9 to 10 weeks indoors to fully finish flowering. It is a good strain for growing on hydro, or for growing with the ScrOG technique. She is known for creating a thick main bud but also does well as a multi-topped bush. This strain also does well growing naturally, growing to an average height of 1 meter with a normal pre-grow period. She is easy to grow and requires no special techniques to achieve a good result.

California Orange Characteristics

The buds of our California Orange are covered with a good layer of resin. They look beautiful and can be quite sticky. It is a variety with a normal flower to leaf ratio. Her plant structure is best described as medium. The internode distance is short to medium and the leaves are of a hybrid structure that has the appearance of a perfect hybrid. She has beautiful large leaves that exhibit both the look of a Sativa and an Indica.

The genetics used for California Orange guarantee the following characteristics:

  • A medium sized plant with a hybrid plant and leaf structure and very resinous buds
  • California Orange has a fantastic terpene profile, the intense smell and taste of oranges and other citrus fruits never gets boring
  • The buds have an average THC content and a pleasant, energetic, euphoric high
  • California Orange is suitable for beginners and experts alike. It is a plant that is easy to grow.

Effects of California Orange

This variety is very popular for its strong clear ‘up’ high. A special variety to enjoy socializing with. If you smoke more the high becomes heavier, more physical but the quality does not diminish. This is a very suitable variety to smoke at a party or during the day without worrying about getting stuck on the couch.

If you consume a larger dose of this strain, you can expect calming, heavier, more physical effects. But California Orange won’t make you lazy or sleepy. It is a fine hybrid high that provides a hybrid effect that is both mental and physical at all times. She can influence and accelerate your thoughts. In general, this strain will make you feel wonderfully relaxed, you will be happy and relaxed and will get a boost in your energy level.

California Orange Flowering Time

California Orange has a flowering time of 9 weeks on average. Some phenotypes may be a week faster, especially when grown in ideal conditions. Outdoors, or indoors in unfavorable conditions, she may take a little longer to mature. If so, it will be about 10 weeks before she can be harvested.

The plants are medium in size, growing to about 1 meter tall when pregrown for about a month. This strain does not stretch very much, growing for about 2 (to 3) weeks during the flowering phase with most stretching occurring in the first and second week of 12/12. You should take this into account.

If you want to keep her small and low you can top or fim her. Also, once the flowering phase has begun you can snap/bend or super-crop the highest branches/tops. This will ensure that the cell elongation is somewhat inhibited.

Outdoors she is less suitable for growing in temperate climates and is best grown in a dry and sunny climate. Warm temperatures are something this strain can handle well. Therefore, she does well in Mediterranean countries/states and will be ready for harvest there around the end of September, beginning of October.

The Yield Of California Orange

California Orange produces XL yields of around 400-450 grams/m² and the plants grow on average between 1 to 2 m tall (for outdoor cultivation). This is a beautiful resinous variety of a very high quality. The flowers become quite compact for a hybrid and will therefore put quite a bit of weight on the scales.

She is not the most widely branched plant but rather a nice compact little tree. Some of the buds can become quite sturdy and heavy. If you are growing her naturally, it may be helpful to support the heavy buds towards the end of the flowering phase. This can be done by means of sticks, strings or a support net. Outdoors in a sunny climate you can harvest approximately between 250-500g per plant. Please give her enough root space so that she can develop properly.

California Orange Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Will the California Orange Strain grow into a big plant?

No, she will remain modest at about a meter tall.

Is the California Orange strain good for beginners?

Yes, this is a very easy strain to grow so suitable for beginners.

Should I grow the California Orange strain indoors or outdoors?

It’s better to grow the strain indoors.

Can I use the ScrOG method with the California Orange strain?

Yes, you can definitely try it.

Is the California Orange strain sativa or indica?

It is a 50/50 strain.