Blue Dreams Strain

February 2024

Do you want to start growing Blue Dreams weed? Discover blue dreams origins, taste, effects, medicinal effects and seeds. In short, read all about this in California wildly popular Blueberry x Haze cross. Find the best seed banks for this strain below!





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As cannabis becomes legalized in more and more parts of the world, so do statistics. One surprising strain that is emerging in these new statistics is the Blue Dreams strain. Based on the sales statistics from the United States of America we can conclude that Blue Dream is one of the most popular cannabis strains. It can be compared to the popularity of Gorilla Glue, Lemon Skunk and Durban Poison. And that is quite unique in a world where there are many thousands of cannabis varieties! But what is Blue Dream cannabis and how did it garner this success?

What Is The Blue Dreams Strain?

Blue Dream is a sativa dominant cannabis strain, consisting of 60% sativa genetics and 40% indica genetics. This hybrid is the result of a cross between Haze X Blueberry, to be exact one originating from Northern California, United States of America. The history of Blue Dream goes back several decades, despite the sudden success of this weed variety. Unfortunately, the history surrounding Blue Dream is very vague, but that makes it all the more interesting to research and grow this strain.

The most likely story is that Humboldt Seeds was the first commercial party to get their hands on Blue Dream genetics. In particular, the weed strain is said to have been invented for indoor growers and outdoor growers (in greenhouse). Which Haze strain exactly was used in the cross therefore also remains a mystery, a guess in the right direction suggests that it is (Super) Silver Haze. This is also what Humboldt Seeds indicates.

She owes the “Blue” in her name to her ancestor Blueberry. Her flowering is certainly reminiscent of that too, with beautiful natural green colors. As flowering progresses, the almost bright orange flowering hairs and sparkling crystals (trichomes) stand out beautifully against the bright green leaves.

Taste Of The Blue Dreams Strain

As for her taste, she lives up to her name and is truly a dream to smoke. You’ll recognize the sweet, fruity Blueberry in particular, complemented by fresh undertones of grapes and flowers. Finally, the floral flavor subtly emerges, reminiscent of lavender. A true taste sensation through the crossing Blueberry X Haze, where you will certainly spoil your taste buds.

The robustness of the taste is due to the Haze that is used and you will certainly recognize influences from this while tasting. The main flavors, however, stem from her Blueberry ancestors.

Effect Blue Dream Strain

When you hear the name Blue Dream and you don’t know the strain yet it can put you on the wrong track. You expect, quite rightly, a pretty heavy effect with a matching couch-lock. This while you may not be looking for the most powerful weed. Contrary to that thought, Blue Dream will bring you a wonderful balance between physical relaxation and strong mental influences, such as a euphoric feeling. Freedom, happiness and creativity will alternate during this very diverse high that will be quite calm.

Although you will notice many indica characteristics during growth and flowering, her high will always be slightly dominated by sativa genetics. After some time, however, the high will develop into a soothing, relaxing indica high. For novice users the effect can be overwhelming due to her relatively high THC content of around 20%. Therefore, as a new user, definitely enjoy this in moderation. This is an excellent marijuana strain for both beginners and seasoned cannabis smokers. Especially the variation and development in / of the effect makes many smokers excited about Blue Dream.

Medicinal Effects Of Blue Dreams Strain

More important than the recreational effect, is the medicinal effect of Blue Dream as described by users. It is not without reason that this variety first gained fame as a medicinal marijuana strain. Smoking this weed can have a positive effect when you experience a lot of stress. But also depression, pain, (muscle) spasms, injuries, fatigue, AD (H) D, headaches/migraines and other conditions where a high THC level has a beneficial effect can be relieved and perhaps even remedied with Blue Dream.

Besides THC she contains 2% CBD and 1% CBN respectively, which makes her even more medically versatile. This is also where the calming effect you’ll experience during the high comes from. Users of CBD and CBN describe a relaxing effect that benefits them both physically and mentally. Especially the calming and therapeutic effect against various ailments and diseases is often described.

Growing The Perfect Blue Dreams Strain

A good start is half the job, to begin with; Blue Dream is not very difficult to grow yourself. So you don’t need to have studied higher mathematics to grow your own perfect Blue Dream.

Growing info

  • Genetics: 60% sativa/40% indica
  • Yield: Medium to high, 18 lbs/3.2”2
  • Flowering time: 8 to 9 weeks
  • THC content: 20% (average)
  • Difficulty growing: Easy to average
  • Height: Can grow taller than 6”5

Care And Feeding

The great thing about Blue Dream is how easy it is to grow. As with all other cannabis varieties it is advisable to choose your growing medium carefully and adjust your nutrition accordingly. So you can choose whether you want to work with soil that is already full of good nutrients for your cannabis plants, or whether you want to use a light mix or grow on coco, where you have complete control over the feeding. If you choose soil that already contains nutrition for the first few weeks, then logically adjust your growing schedule accordingly.

So you don’t have to do much to make your weed seedlings a success, but there are a few factors which influence the final size and yield. For example, you want to:

  • Cover your cannabis plants, as they will otherwise grow toward two feet. This will limit their height and increase the yield of the lower buds.
  • Ensure good ventilation, because Blue Dream will produce thick, compact buds. Good ventilation is therefore essential to prevent moulds. Check your cannabis plants (read: buds) regularly for mold, especially towards the end of September.

If you keep an extra eye on these points then you can be sure that your cultivation will be successful.

Blue Dreams Strain Extracts

What soon becomes apparent when she begins flowering is the enormous production of trichomes. Trichomes contain the active ingredients and, among other things, also the smell and taste of the weed. This is a relief for growers/users who want to convert the weed into extracts such as hashish and oil for example. In combination with the high THC level this ensures high-level extracts.

Blue Dreams Cannabis Seeds

There are now several seed banks that offer Blue Dream. The story goes that Humboldt Seeds was the first seed bank to have the original genetics of Blue Dream. This corresponds to the story that the weed species would come from the north of the American state California, as Humboldt Seeds produces its seeds in Humboldt County. Which is located in the north of the American state of California.

Blue Dreams Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to grow the Blue Dreams Strain myself?

Yes, it’s very easy. With a little care you can successfully grow your own.

Does the Blue Dreams Strain have medicinal benefits?

Yes, it relieves all kinds of symptoms like stress and pain.

Is the Blue Dreams Strain Sativa or Indica?

It’s 60% Sativa and 40% Indica.

Where does the Blue Dreams Strain come from?

A male plant is often long, thin and has fewer leaves. When the plant starts to flower, a male plant will It is said to come from Humboldt County, California.

What is the Blue Dreams Strain made of?

It’s a mix between Blueberry and Haze.