Blue Cheese Strain

July 2024

If you're looking for flavour, stop here! Blue Cheese has raised the bar in terms of flavours. Its terpene profile adds extra pleasure to an already irresistible high. Blue Cheese is perhaps the pinnacle of flavor in the world of cannabis. This cultivar emerged from some of the most terpene-rich strains on the planet. Since her emergence, she has indulged many taste buds. Blue Cheese is one not to be missed. That's certainly true for connoisseurs and collectors of seeds.





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The Genetic Composition Of The Blue Cheese Strain

Weed breeders are always striving to bring something new to the market and the Blue Cheese strain came to life with exactly that mindset. Many breeders put effort into the hunt for maximum THC levels and tuned cannabinoid profiles; others focus on flavor. From the latter group came Blue Cheese.

Its creators wanted to create a cultivar with an exotic terpene profile and unparalleled flavor. They could think of only two strains that could deliver this: Blueberry and Cheese. It’s easy to see where Blue Cheese got its name.

Blueberry is one of the most famous strains out there. This indica-dominant titan has a THC content of no less than 25%. With its creative, narcotic high and therapeutic effects, it belongs to the realm of iconic cultivars. Blueberry was created in the 1970s by famed breeder DJ short, also known as the “Willy Wonka of weed.” The aromatic strain quickly conquered the global cannabis scene and even garnered an award as “Best Indica” at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Cheese is an old-school strain from the UK. This is also a delicious indica-dominant variety and the perfect complement to Blueberry. This plant is famous for its strong smell of cheese and rich, creamy flavor. Cheese delivers a mood-enhancing, euphoric high and is known to induce a strong food kick. This legend is a cross of Afghan, Mexican and Colombian landraces.

The combination of these 2 formidable cultivars resulted in one of the tastiest strains ever. Blue Cheese was born. And it has been a huge success from the start.

The Effects Of The Blue Cheese Strain

The effects of Blue Cheese can be compared to the feeling of having someone wrap your entire body in a warm, fluffy blanket. Shortly after inhaling the smoke or vapor of this indica-dominant strain, a sense of relief pervades your body. Tension disappears, worries suddenly appear meaningless, and you become attentive to the bigger picture. You no longer feel confined to your duties and job, but part of an infinite cosmic dance.

A THC content of 19% ensures that these effects can last for hours. Such a euphoric state is ideal for quiet evenings with good friends. That’s why Blue Cheese is best enjoyed chilling out around a campfire and gazing up at the stars. And not really recommended if you still need to go to work.

Blue Cheese has also been associated with various therapeutic effects. Reportedly, the strain provides temporary relief from pain and depression and helps with a lack of appetite.

The Taste Of The Blue Cheese Strain

The terpene profile of Blue Cheese is so diverse that it can confuse the senses. She plays a game of tug-of-war with your taste buds, with your tongue forming the rope. After inhaling, hints of cheddar cheese and earth emerge. These sensations soon give way to a sweet aftertaste of blueberries and other forest fruits.

Fast Flowering: The Culture Of The Blue Cheese Strain

Blue Cheese is an easy strain to grow and a good one for beginners. She is robust, forgiving of small mistakes and thrives best in a mild climate. Growers can achieve satisfactory results both indoors and outdoors.

Indoor plants grow up to 160cm tall, yield up to 550g/m² and have a quick flowering time of 7-8 weeks. Outdoor plants do not grow taller than 2m. They will generate 500-550g/plant and will be ready for harvesting and drying by the end of September. Which means you can grow the plant anywhere you like.

Blue Cheese Strain: An Exotic Variety For Beginners

Blue Cheese was destined to be big. The strong genes of this strain guaranteed success from the beginning. With an incredible taste, pleasant high and short flowering time, she really lives up to everything. Blue Cheese is an excellent choice for beginners and veterans alike. This delicacy will not disappoint you.

Blue Cheese Strain Automatic: Harvest Your Cheese Faster Than Ever

RQS developed an autoflowering version of Blue Cheese with the aim of making her delicious flavors and stoned high even faster and more accessible. Due to the extra autoflowering genes, she grows extremely fast but stays much smaller at the same time. Moreover, novice growers will greatly appreciate her impressive resistance to pests and ability to deal with minor mistakes and neglect. We should, however, note that the auto flowering version generates much less buds and you will therefore have less Blue Cheese to enjoy. This makes it a great solution for beginners or growers that don’t have much time, but we would advise experienced growers to go for the regular Blue Cheese Strain.

To create this strain, our breeders crossed Blueberry and Cheese with a high-performing rudelaris Cannabis strain. Blue Cheese Automatic develops compact and resinous buds with an average THC content of 16%. Its terpenes treat you to sweet, fruity flavors and work synergistically with the cannabinoid profile to give you both a stone and physical experience.

Blue Cheese Automatic reaches a height of 40-70 cm indoors. This gives it an inconspicuous size and makes it ideal for discreet cultivation. You can expect a yield of up to 375g/m² from this variety. This is more than enough for your own stash. Outdoors, she gets a little bigger with a height of 60-110cm and produces between 60-110g/plant.

In just 9 weeks she is ready for harvest. This makes her ideal for guerrilla growers or those looking for a quick turnover.

Blue Cheese Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effect of the Blue Cheese Strain?

You will get into a euphoric state that can last for hours.

Did the Blue Cheese Strain ever win an award?

Yes, it won Best Indica at the 2000 High Times Cannabis Cup.

What is the THC content in the Blue Cheese Strain?

This is no less than 25%, which is at the higher end.

Is the Blue Cheese Strain Sativa or Indica?

This strain is dominantly Indica.

Which strains is de Blue Cheese Strain a mix of?

It is a mix of the Blueberry strain and the Cheese strain.