Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain

June 2024

Alaskan Thunderfuck by GeneSeeds is originally from Matanuska Valley in Alaska. This lady is extremely rich in resin and THC and has a lot of power. In other words, the perfect combination of great narcotic relaxation and mental stimulation. She makes you crave for more. And before you know it, you're stretched out on the couch enjoying the ultimate relaxation.





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Alaskan Thunder Fuck: Amazing Resin Production

GeneSeeds has put a lot of time and energy into the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain. The strain from Matanuska Valley, Alaska, has an extremely high concentration of resin and THC. In 2006, GeneSeeds found her as regular seed. The team members then started reproducing the strain to select the best phenotypes as parents. For this they examined over 100 specimens in search of the most productive and potent specimen. After years of careful selection of the best male and female plants, they finally found the right phenotypes worthy of this variety.

With Alaskan Thunder Fuck it’s easy to see that she comes from one of the harshest areas in the world. She even looks like a small spruce with her wide, bushy shape and modest height. What makes her so great to grow is that she doesn’t grow taller than 80cm. She is small and compact and can even fit into tight spaces. This makes her ideal for growing at home. You can grow her in soil, but for best results you should grow her hydro. Be prepared for explosive growth! If you choose this growing method you can expect to harvest up to 400g/m². You can also grow her outdoors, where you can count on 400g/plant. Her flowering time is a short 60-65 days. However, when grown outdoors, this is slightly longer.

What makes Alaskan Thunderfuck so fantastic is her crazy resin production. Before you know it, this “mini tree” in your tent is completely covered with layers of glistening trichomes. This gives the plant an icy appearance reminiscent of its origins, the cold forests of Alaska. Perfect for hashish and concentrates!

Alaskan Thunderfuck is a powerful strain, but delivers a balanced high that is not too overwhelming. She offers you just the right effect. And that consists of a perfect mix of deep relaxation and mental stimulation. Her happy, euphoric high starts with sweet citrus flavors and on the exhale you taste hints of cocoa. Alaskan Thunderfuck by GeneSeeds brings together great taste, fantastic effects and high production. With that, she meets nearly every grower’s list of requirements.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Product Information

  • Brand: GeneSeeds
  • Genetics: Indica (80%)
  • Parents: Matanuska Thunderfuck bx3
  • Flavor: cocoa, sweet fruit, flowers
  • Effect: balanced euphoric, relaxing, calms the nerves
  • Flowering time: 9-10 weeks
  • THC: High
  • CBD: High (5+ %)
  • Yield Indoor: 350-400 gr/m²
  • Yield Outdoor: 350-400 gr/plant
  • Flowering type: Photo period
  • Sex: Feminized

Strain Effects Alaskan Thunder Fuck

We already mentioned that this strain gives you a nice and balanced high. Now we will tell you more about that. Smoking this strain will definitely make you either happy, feeling uplifted, euphoric or all three of those options. It can also help against stress, depression or anxiety. And if you use too much of it you might experience a dry mouth, dry eyes or a mild dizziness. So just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine.

Contents Alaskan Thunder Fuck

In the product information description you can see that this strain has a high THC content. But what you cannot see is that this can go up to 22% which is on the high end for a strain. Combine that with a CBD percentage of +5 and you immediately understand what makes Alaskan Thunderfuck so great. It might however take some time before the high fully becomes active, so be careful not to smoke too much in search of that feeling you are longing for. Just be patient and enjoy the strain. 

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Parents

Matanuska Thunder Fuck is actually called Matanuska Tundra CBD but her nickname just sounds better. Still, this is not a marijuana strain that will blow you away but an indica dominant variety from Alaska that gives you a balanced high thanks to a naturally high CBD (and even higher THC) percentage.

Matanuska Tundra CBD, as this strain is officially called, has its roots in the grasslands of the Matanuska Valley in Alaska. The strain is therefore affectionately called ‘Matanuska Thunder Fuck’ or sometimes ‘Alaskan Thunder Fuck’, after the American drag queen and singer of the same name. However, the Matanuska Tundra CBD strain that we are ultimately still talking about has no fear of hermaphroditic tendencies. The seeds are 100% feminized and will therefore only produce female plants. Which means that you’ll also get female flowers, which will be beautiful and compact and produce large resin crystals with THC and CBD, giving them an icy white appearance. Or frosty, as the English put it so nicely.

Matanuska Tundra CBD is an indica dominant hybrid with 80% indica genes and has a flowering period of between 8 and 9 weeks. The high THC percentage is complemented by a CBD percentage that is above 5% making the weed to cause a nice balanced high. The aroma is reminiscent of chocolate and sweet fruit and translates well into the final taste you’ll taste when smoking; a tasty mix of floral, cocoa and sugar sweetness.

The balanced cannabinoid profile of Matanuska Tundra CBD, provides a potent and euphoric effect that is guaranteed to make you happy but also relaxes the muscles. Matanuska Tundra CBD relieves pain well and stimulates the appetite. It calms stress symptoms and calms the nerves.

The Strain With The Controversial Name

The fuck in the name of this strain can be given because of many different aspects of the strain. We like to believe that is due to the fact that it kind of fucks with you while smoking it; at first you feel nothing and then suddenly it hits you. Personally, we like this but it’s up to you whether or not you do too.

Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

How tall does the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain grow?

The plant doesn’t grow taller than 80 cm.

Can I grow the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain indoors?

Yes, although the plant is used to the harsh Alaskan weather, so you should be able to offer it something similar.

Which strains are the parents of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain?

These are Matanuska Thunderfuck bx3.

What is the THC percentage of the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain?

This is 22%.

Is the Alaskan Thunder Fuck strain indica or sativa?

It is an indica dominant (80%) strain.