AK-47 Strain

June 2024

AK-47 is the only cannabis strain to hold both the title of both "Best indica" and "Best sativa". This is indicative of AK-47's excellent balance, perhaps the perfect balance between indica and sativa (60% sativa / 40% indica). In addition to these awards, she won dozens of Cannabis Cups in various categories. Among other things, her excellent flavor profile, very high yields and - of course - her sublime high make this strain loved by many smokers.





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Despite being named after one of the most destructive weapons in the world, the AK-47 (Kalashnikov), it was certainly not the idea to promote violence. Her name reflects the power that the AK-47 marijuana strain brings about after smoking.

Evolution Of The AK-47 Strain

In the early 90’s the first cross towards the AK-47 strain was realized, but it still took until 1999 before the genetics were stable enough to produce and sell the cannabis seeds on a large scale. During these years different landraces were used to further refine AK-47, and quite a few sativas were used in the final cross, namely Thai, Mexican and Colombian sativa cannabis strains. It remains a secret which strains exactly were used for the crosses and this is even one of the best kept secrets in the world. These Oriental and exotic landraces were supplemented with Afghan indica cannabis strains, to achieve the most complete cannabis strain possible. With success!

AK-47 contains an average THC content of around 15%, which was a very high concentration at the time. Nowadays AK-47 has dropped to the middle of the range when we look at the THC content alone. However, this does not make her less desirable among many growers and smokers.

Did you know: AK-47 contains an average of 1% CBD and CBN, which is more than the average strain today.

Popularity AK-47

It’s A Pleasure For The Eye

Today it’s all about trichomes, a brilliant layer of crystals that form on the buds and smaller leaves (sugar leaves) of the cannabis plant. Of course AK-47 produces trichomes too, but she doesn’t get as covered in them as contemporary strains do, and that’s certainly a good thing. Her very large buds without too many trichomes make her a pleasure to look at.

Her classic look is also very stylish with its almost bright orange flowering hairs that contrast beautifully with the lime green buds. Some phenotypes also grow into beautiful cannabis plants with purple colors in the leaves.

It Has A Powerful Effect

The origin of her name was already briefly discussed in the introduction. A small nuance, over the course of time AK-47 has dropped from one of the most potent marihuana strains to a marihuana strain of average potency. This does not mean that people who are looking for a nice high will not find this marijuana strain satisfactory. She is also very suitable as a daytime smoke, since you will continue to function normally. Do you suffer from stress or do you worry a lot? Even then you will benefit from smoking AK-47, which you can do from early in the morning until late at night.

She won’t get you stoned easily and will give you a great high. Getting through the day on your own and remaining productive is therefore no problem at all. Because of this comforting high she is also very popular among medicinal users, including those suffering from chronic pain, sleep and eating disorders.

It Has Amazing Taste And Smell

In addition to potency, a marijuana strain is, of course, selected primarily on taste. No matter how great the high is, no matter how beautiful the cannabis plants are, if your weed tastes like sweaty feet you won’t be smoking it anytime soon. Exceptions aside.

What the AK-47 tastes like is a frequently asked question and given her broad flavor profile there is no simple answer. AK-47 has a mainly sweet, natural taste with undertones of Kush. This immediately suggests that the aforementioned Afghan indica genetics have been a Kush-dominant strain of weed.

This deliciously sweet, earthy Kush flavor is complemented by flavors reminiscent of wood and flowers. A unique combination that gives your palate a true experience. As for odor, you can expect a very strong smell, so always use a good carbon filter when growing! For growers this smell is very pleasant, but your neighbors may think differently.

The earthy Kush smells are mixed with a natural sour smell, like that of a pine tree. You will smell delicate citrus tones that make it a fresh strain. The result; a fresh, natural, slightly sweet and spicy scent.

Cultivation Of The AK-47 Strain

For years AK-47 has been found in many grow rooms, both indoors and outdoors. The fact that she is very forgiving makes her ideal for beginners, growers with little time and of course also for the grower who always wants to grow and harvest reliable weed.

She has a short flowering time and is ready for harvest after about 9 weeks of flowering. For a sativa dominant strain this is quite exceptional. She will also be ready for harvest after about 9 weeks of flowering outdoors, which, depending on the summer, will be around early/mid October.

Thanks to her stable genetics the cultivation and thus the harvest are almost never disappointing. You also have complete grower’s freedom, since you can grow her in soil, coco or in a hydro system. She also responds well to High Stress Training, such as topping/budding and pruning, and AK-47 is not afraid to do a SoG/SCRoG either.

Pay Attention To These AK-47 Aspects

There is a sea of advantages when you choose to grow AK-47 cannabis seeds, but are there any drawbacks? We prefer to call these points of attention, since there are no real disadvantages to growing AK-47. We only found things that positively influence the yield when you keep a close eye on them.

Since AK-47 produces very thick and especially compact buds, she has more difficulty with higher humidity. This can cause mold to form between and in the compact buds, but a good ventilation in your grow room will prevent this. However, this is not entirely within your control outdoors, because you also want to protect your weed plants against, for example, an early summer storm. In any case always make sure that your cannabis plants are well ventilated and that during flowering an active air current blows past and between the buds.

Her thick buds also spread a very strong odor. So it is advisable to invest in a good ventilation system and a suitable air filter indoors to prevent the whole neighbourhood to start smelling of AK-47.

Feminized Or Autoflowering AK-47?

Autoflowering cannabis varieties have the convenience of flowering by themselves. Outdoor growers can therefore enjoy several harvests per season and indoor growers no longer have to worry about the number of hours of light the weed plants receive. Autoflowering varieties can also be harvested a little sooner, about 10 weeks after germination. They also perform better in cold climates, which is why they are particularly good to grow in northern climates, or often changing climates like many are.

AK-47 Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the effect of the AK-47 strain?

It creates a high that lets you function normally, relieve stress and chronic pain.

How much THC does the AK-47 strain contain?

About 15%, which was high when it was created, but dropped to average at best.

Can I grow the AK-47 strain indoors or outdoors?

You can do both as it is an easy strain to grow.

Why is the AK-47 strain named after a gun?

Because back when it was created, it was very potent.

Is the AK-47 strain indica or sativa dominant?

It is sativa dominant but has been awarded as both.