Agent Orange Strain

Agent Orange is a cross with a lively high and she is bursting with citrus aromas. Find out everything you need to know about Agent Orange here.





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Agent Orange is a balanced cross. She owes her name to the flavors of oranges and sour citrus. She generates uplifting effects, making her a popular daytime strain among many cannabis enthusiasts.

Agent Orange Characteristics

Agent Orange is the sunshine in the house even on gloomy days. This is because of its upbeat effects and fruity flavors. This classic strain goes well with a fruity cocktail or a cup of coffee in the morning.

  • Genes: 50% Sativa / 50% Indica
  • Parents: Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen
  • THC: 15-20%+
  • CBD: Low
  • Flavor: Orange, Lemon, Sour
  • Effect: Motivating, Inspiring, Active

Agent Orange is a sativa/indica cross, a real hybrid strain. She was created from Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen. She owes the Orange in her name to her flavor profile, consisting of intense orange and sour lemon.

Although composed of both sativa and indica genes, this medium-strength strain is mainly characterized by a spiritual effect. This effect is energetic and sometimes even almost psychedelic. Agent Orange is particularly suitable for daytime use. Variations of Agent Orange that lean more towards the sativa side (75%) reinforce these cerebral effects.

Grow Agent Orange

Agent Orange is normally quite difficult to grow. She is therefore better suited for growers with some experience. This strain can be divided into two main phenotypes. One remains low and bushy, while the other is larger and more resinous.

  • Difficulty level: average
  • Performs best: indoors / outdoors
  • Climate: warm, sunny
  • Type: feminized
  • Height indoor: large (up to 300cm)
  • Height outdoor: big (up to 300cm)
  • Flowering: 55-65 days
  • Harvest (outdoor): mid October
  • Yield indoor: 450g/m²
  • Yield outdoor: 540g/plant

As mentioned, Agent Orange is better suited for the experienced grower. It takes quite a bit of effort to get the best results. First of all, this is due to its impressive size. Indoors, she easily reaches a height of 300cm, if you allow it. Without buds or other training techniques, she quickly grows out of the tent. On the other hand, Agent Orange is blessed with vigorous growth and good resistance to most diseases.

It is wise to top her early in the vegetative phase if you are growing indoors. After a pleasantly short flowering period of about 60 days, you can expect a harvest of about 450g/m².

Outside, Agent Orange thrives in warm and sunny climate regions. This makes her less suitable for the colder, northern regions, unless you have the luxury of a large greenhouse. When she reaches her full potential, a harvest of up to 540g/plant (or more) is within reach by the end of October. As nighttime temperatures drop, she develops dark red and purple hues. This contrasts beautifully with the round, green buds and orange pistils.

Agent Orange Flavors & Effects

The buds of Agent Orange exude an aroma reminiscent of orange peels. The smell is slightly acidic, but pleasant to the nose. While smoking, you will notice intensely sweet and sour citrus flavors, which will definitely appeal to the aficionado.

The effects of Agent Orange are referred to as an old-school “stoner high”. The euphoric effects kick in almost immediately. This upbeat and uplifting high is the inspiration for hours of positive energy. Afterwards, Agent Orange is good company during creative activities. She is also ideal for a wake & bake session to start the day.

That cerebral high shifts toward your body after a while. Gradually, Agent Orange becomes more relaxed and bodily effects kick in. Unlike other indica-heavy strains, it doesn’t induce a listless feeling. You are also spared the dreaded couch-lock. Although her relaxing effects help dispel inner turmoil, she is less suitable for inducing sleep.

Agent Orange Generates Positive Vibes

Agent Orange is an outstanding indica/sativa cross that scores on all counts. If you’re looking for an inspiring strain for the daytime, you’re in for a treat. The same goes for lovers of fresh and fruity flavors. She is not the easiest strain to grow. Nevertheless, experienced growers will gladly make the extra effort to generate a fine harvest. After all, they know that the extra effort is worth it.

If when you hear the name of this marijuana strain you think of the toxic defoliant from the Vietnam War, don’t worry because it has absolutely nothing in common with it. Agent Orange has the fresh taste of oranges and lemon and will make you sleep like a new born baby.

Agent Orange is not an orange colored marijuana strain, but owes her name to the sweet fruity taste of oranges. She is a fifty-fifty hybrid that is midway between indica and sativa and was developed by the ‘open source’ seed company TGA Subcool Seeds, based on the cannabis strains Orange Velvet and the THC stunner Jack The Ripper. The seeds are, like all seeds from TGA, non-feminized and the strain has two phenotypes: one with long resinous buds and a somewhat more compact plant that grows more widthwise.

Agent Orange’s regular seeds are ideally suited to anyone who has their own mother plants. Find the fruitiest and most resinous female you can and you’ll have a great new mother that people will definitely come back for. Orange Velvet was used in this hybrid because of her tremendously strong orange aroma. By crossing her with the potent Jack the Ripper, the result is a strain that has both a delicious citrus/orange flavor and is full of thick, sticky trichomes. An irresistible combination for cannabis connoisseurs.

Agent Orange is only suitable for growing outdoors in lowland climates when you give her a helping hand and put her in the dark to flower earlier. However, in warmer climates, the strain can easily reach a height of 3 meters. The strain easily turns purple under the influence of cold nights during the flowering phase, which makes for a beautiful bag-appeal.

The flowering phase only takes 55 to 65 days for this hybrid, but be careful because Agent Orange is not the easiest cannabis plant. Indoors, you will have to train her a bit to prevent her from growing taller than is good for you. Also, the seeds are regular as said, but when you go for a mother plant you can of course choose the most manageable specimen. And that’s definitely worth it because the distinct taste of Agent Orange is lickety-split delicious!

Agent Orange Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the THC level of the Agent Orange strain?

This can go up to 20%.

Does the Agent Orange strain have an orange color?

No, it gets its name from the orange flavor.

Which strains are the parents of the Agent Orange strain?

Orange Skunk, Jack’s Cleaner and Space Queen.

Can a beginner grow the Agent Orange strain?

This is not recommended as the strain is quite difficult to grow.

Is the Agent Orange strain a sativa or an indica?

It is a perfect hybrid, so it’s 50/50.