Acapulco Gold Strain 

July 2024

Thanks to a recent advance in marijuana genetics led by Barneys Farm Labs, the quality of the Acapulco Gold strain has transcended its grandiose past. However, what's just as important is preserving its essence. Like its original namesake, Acapulco Gold contains floral dike colas and is stained with a gold and reddish-brown calyx with highly visible THC crystals. This intense fruit cocktail of flavors produces a very strong sensation that will stay with you. Acapulco Gold contains mostly sativa which guarantees a long lasting high that is balanced with positive effects that relax and calm the body reducing stress.





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Acapulco Gold Strain Specifics

  • Species: Feminized
  • Flowering period: Normal
  • Genetics: Central American
  • Effect: Cerebral, Excited, Energetic, Creative, Euphoric, Happy
  • Outdoor Yield (g): 1,500
  • Minimum yield (g): 500
  • Indoor Yield (g): 500 gr/m²
  • Greenhouse Yield (g): 700
  • Average yield (gr): 500
  • Indoor Flowering Light cycle (hours): 12-12
  • Indoor Growth Light cycle (hours): 18-24
  • Flowering time (days): 60-70
  • Geminized Outdoor Harvest month: October
  • Feminized Outdoor Harvest month: week 2nd- 3rd week
  • Height (cm): 100/110cm
  • Height indoor (cm): 100/110cm
  • Height outdoor (cm): 200cm
  • Growing cycle (days): 10
  • Growing cycle Cuttings (days): 10
  • Growing cycle Seedlings (days): 20
  • Indica %: 30%
  • Sativa %: 70%
  • Ruderalis %: 0%
  • Flavor: Citrus, coffee, creamy, pine, sweet, woody, earthy, pine, sharp, sweet
  • Resistance to spider mite (5=best): 3
  • Ideal pot size: 20
  • Climate: Cool, Hot & Temperate

Using cannabis plants from North and South America and some advanced cross-breeding techniques, the breeders at Barney’s Farm managed to develop a nostalgic yet modern strain with an exceptionally high THC content, a fine Sativa high and distinctive pain relief properties: Acapulco Gold!

Acapulco Gold: An American Sativa With Great Painkilling Qualities 

Imagine smoking the same weed that the ancient shamans in the ancient Americas also used…. What the team at Barney’s Farm has done is that they’ve rounded up some of the best American cannabis genes and hybridized them to develop a stable Sativa-dominated variety. With a lab-established THC content of 23% and high yields, the feminized Acapulco Gold from Barney’s Farm is a great cannabis plant.

Most plants grown indoors do not grow larger than 100-110 cm and require 9-10 weeks to flower. Outdoors, Acapulco can reach a height of 200 cm and it thrives well in a low stress training (LST) setup, which greatly increases yields. It produces a powerful, relaxing high, but it is also said to be used as a painkiller and a sleep aid.

Cannabis Cup Prizes Acapulco Gold

Barney’s Farm’s feminized Acapulco Gold was recognized at the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam with the first prize in the “best Sativa” category. And we are sure that there are many more prizes to follow for this great sativa strain.

Mexican Roots Acapulco Gold

As the name suggests, the Acapulco Gold strain originated in Acapulco Mexico, but it’s unknown where exactly it came from. But we have seen mystery surrounding the origins of many other great strains, so this one is in good company. Something else that seems logical when knowing the original location of this strain, is that it used to be grown outdoors. However, nowadays you can also grown it indoors. The only thing is that the plant will not grow as tall as outdoors, but that is something that unfortunately cannot be avoided. 

Somewhat Exclusive Strain

Whenever something is exclusive, it seems like we want it more than we should. The same goes for Acapulco Gold, which is somewhat exclusive. This is due to the fact that not many creators can recreate the perfect conditions for the strain to grow at its best. Since it comes from Mexico, where the weather is significantly different than in most states, a similar environment would have to be created indoors. Some strains are easier to please when it comes to this than others and the Acapulco Gold strain happens to be one of the more difficult ones. That is why you won’t find it just anywhere.

Acapulco Gold Effects

As we already mentioned, the Acapulco Gold strain creates a relaxing high that can also help against insomnia and to combat pain. But this is not all. It is also a strain that helps you get more creative. So if you are a writer experiencing a writers block or another artist that wants to perform; the Acapulco Gold strain can help you achieve these things. The strain will also help you with anxiety issues and PTSD if you suffer from that.

Still it’s not only sunshine with Acapulco Gold. When you smoke it too often you can get a dry mouth and a loss of appetite. But that is the case with most strains and nothing that’s too much is ever advised. So if you dose it properly, you will get nothing but benefits from this great strain.

THC Level Acapulco Gold

There have been a lot of tests to know how much THC the Acapulco Gold strain contains and none of them provide the exact same results. Which makes sense considering all the plants have been grown in different circumstances. However, we can tell you that the average plant contains 19% of THC, which is not bad. There are seeds that even deliver as much as 23% THC, but you’s have to be really lucky to get you hands on one of those. Check out our toplist for seed banks that  provide top quality every single time.

Best Time To Consume Acapulco Gold

Thanks to the taste you’ll feel after consuming Acapulco Gold, we would suggest you smoke it anytime during the autumn or winter. Of course you are free to try it during the two other seasons as well, but personally we feel like it’s not the best summer or spring sprain. This because it’s a strain that can be used during social events, walks in the park, exploring nature and other similar activities. And the best time for these activities is considered to be the autumn as well.

Acapulco Gold Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Do all seed banks sell the Acapulco Gold strain?

No, it is quite an exclusive strain.

Can I grow the Acapulco Gold strain indoor?

Yes, as long as you can create the right environment for it.

Does the Acapulco Gold strain help against anxiety?

Yes, if you don’t smoke too much of it.

What is the effect of the Acapulco Gold strain?

It will create a relaxing and creative high.

Is the Acapulco Gold strain a sativa or an indica?

It’s mostly sativa (70%).