Weed Seedlings

June 2024

Weed is no longer as controversial as it once was. The laws are now more lenient and cannabis is becoming more widely accepted in society. Nowadays you can find seed banks and grow shops in several places around the world, as well as online. Hobby growers have easy access to a wide range of cannabis seeds. Moreover, all the tools needed to grow plants into strong specimens with lots of buds are widely available.





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To sum it up; everything you need is much more readily available these days and the laws have become more lenient. But there are plenty of other reasons to grow your own cannabis plants. Let us tell you about some of them:

You Save Money With Your Own Weed Seedlings

You can save a lot of money on weed if you grow it yourself! Yes, you have more work to do than if you buy it on the street from a dealer. And yes, you will incur additional costs when you first start growing. However, you’ll soon forget those initial costs after bringing in your own supply of buds. Whether you’re a typical “recreational” smoker or a holistic user, you only need a few small plants for a substantial supply. And that will last you for months.

With Your Own Weed Seedlings You Know Exactly What You Get

At home you can grow weed with the flavors and effects that you like best. It’s different when you buy weed on the street. Even in a coffee shop you don’t always know what has been used in growing certain seeds (chemicals, pesticides, etc.) or how the buds have been treated. You don’t have to worry about that when growing your own weed.

You have control over the entire process: from planting the seeds to storing the buds. Do you opt for organic cultivation or do you want to try to generate the largest possible yield? When you grow your own weed, you can decide for yourself!

It’s Easy To Grow Your Own Weed Seedlings

Weed is not a difficult plant to grow. In fact, there are varieties that have been specially bred to be easy to grow and low maintenance. A few of the easiest strains to grow include the Northern Lights strain, the Blue Dream strain, the Blue Cheese strain and many more. These are excellent if you want to start growing for the first time, but still find it a bit intimidating. If you do some research beforehand, you can discover which weed is best suited for your experience, climate, budget, etc. But have no fear, there is a suitable marijuana strain for everyone!

Growing Your Own Weed Seedlings Is Fun

Buddha said: “The path is the goal”. Or to put it another way: Growing weed is a fun and interesting activity in itself. You gain a lot of knowledge, such as about the peculiarities of different strains and how to make your own fertilizer and soil mixtures. You can even learn to breed your own cannabis strains, if you want to. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Growing marijuana is a fun, rewarding, relaxing and even meditative hobby!

Take Care Of Your Weed Seedlings

As a hobby grower you are certainly not alone in having a grow room. In fact, growing cannabis is widely practiced around the world and as an indoor gardener you can benefit from the years of growing experience of others. We have collected the 12 best tips & tricks for your weed seedlings room.

1. From Growth To Bloom

When you move from the growth phase to the bloom phase you also have to adjust your nutrition accordingly. But beware: cannabis plants only need bloom feed when they have actually started to form flowers. Until that happens just give them growth feed and insert a transitional week in which you make a mix of both growth and bloom feed. The same applies to grow lights and bloom lights, so leave cannabis plants under grow lights while they are still growing and only switch to bloom lights when you see the first signs of bloom.

2. Great Weed Seedlings

Good seeds are incredibly important for a successful hobby grow. All characteristics such as smell, taste, yield and so on are already fixed in the genetics. You can never get top harvests from a bad seed or a lousy clone. So invest in good genetics, whether seeds or cuttings. Now all you have to do is make sure that your plant gets through life healthy and well.

3. Know Your Clones

No matter how great your cannabis expertise is; you can never tell all cannabis plants apart. On top of that, most cannabis strains today are hybrids that are very similar. So the solution is to label each plant individually. Use waterproof pens and preferably apply two labels per plant so that you don’t mix them up later on. A label around the stem of your plant will ensure that you can distinguish it from the other weed plants even after drying. When you label everything neatly you will often automatically work a lot more organized.

4. Even Foliage

If you want to make optimal use of the limited amount of light in your indoor growing space – and you do, because energy is not cheap – then make sure that you have an even spread of leaves. When a cannabis plant sticks out, it causes the lamp to be raised and the other buds to receive too little light. To grow even foliage with few plants you can scrooge or try supercropping. When you grow many small plants next to each other in a sea of green set-up you will often get an even spread of foliage, but put any outliers right under the lamp so that the other plants can grow more. When the growth has stopped you can move the larger plants to the outside so that all the plants receive approximately the same amount of light.

5. Light Is Weight

When you hear someone complaining about the small size of his or her weed tops then assume that the grower in question has less light than he or she could possibly have. Per square meter you need about 300 watts of light for a somewhat good harvest, and 600 watts for a top harvest. It is also extremely important that the walls of your grow space reflect the light well. For this you can buy special reflective material or paint the walls mat white.

6. Combine Grow Lights

If you want to be energy-conscious and at the same time maximize your yields then combine different types of grow lights. Fluorescent lamps such as energy-saving bulbs, fluorescent tubes and T-neon lamps emit a great light spectrum but do not shine as deeply. They are therefore good to combine with HPS lamps. You hang them close to your plants or in between the plants to let light come in between the branches. LED grow lights are also great to combine with HPS. The HPS provides the radiant heat and the LED gives you great trichome production (which means more THC, among other things!).

7. Moving On

As a cannabis grower you naturally go for quality, and so you want the best possible end product. This is why it is so important that your cannabis plants are given nothing but water to drink during the last two weeks of their lives. This is the only way for them to use up all the nutrients that they have left in them. When you do a flush on soil make sure that you do not suffocate your plants or create fungal problems. With this in mind it is better to rinse at the beginning of the day so that all that excess water has a chance to evaporate.

8. From Procrastination Comes Trouble

One of the most common preconceptions about cannabis enthusiasts is that they are lazy. This is not true, of course, or at least as a grower it’s best not to be lazy. There are all sorts of things that need to be done such as repotting, watering, making feed water, pruning et cetera. Do not postpone these tasks but do them when necessary. You can probably get away with one skipped watering, but if you put off doing more things chances are that one day you will find a field of wilted marijuana plants. Growing weed is fun, but it also requires a little bit of your time on a daily basis.

9. UVB Control

When you are growing cannabis plants there is always a chance of pests and fungi. Of course you control them biologically, but to minimize the damage you need to know about it as soon as possible. Therefore you should also consider a UVB control. With a green lamp or a UVB light in the dark you can detect fungi such as mildew. Droppings from insects also light up under a UVB light.

10. Mother’s Finest

With one or two mother plants you can have the best harvests, which allow you to get to know the variety very well. Mother plants are never left to flower but can easily be kept in growth under fluorescent grow lights. Give them a diet of a light nutrient solution and you will always have a source of healthy cuttings to finish flowering.

11. Organic Budget Tip

Organic growing is not only better for the environment, it’s also great for your wallet. There are great organic nutrient solutions to be made from organic waste products such as worm manure, nettles or blood or bone meal. Some growers and weed smokers also swear that organically grown weed tastes better.

12. Weigh Your Water

One of the simplest but most useful tips is to weigh your water. By briefly lifting the plants daily you get a super good feel for the weight of a plant that has enough water and when you should be watering. You can water a plant all over and feel the weight. Then let the plant drink the water and feel again. Also notice how long it takes and then water each time for up to two days.

Weed Seedlings | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create new strains with my weed seedlings?

Yes, you can however we would advise you to get experienced with existing strains first.

Are weed seedlings legal?

They are becoming legal in more and more states as we speak.

Do I need to spend much time on my weed seedlings?

No, but you need to check up on them daily.

Do weed seedlings require big investment?

No, they will cost you some money in the beginning but eventually save you money.

Is it easy to grow my own weed seedlings?

It is pretty easy and anyone can do it.