Sweet ZZ Strain

June 2024

Sweet ZZ's fruity aroma and delicious taste are indispensable to cannabis growers who love candy. Until harvest, she excites your senses and her glistening buds are like your own candy store. Along with an uplifting high, she is a particularly pleasant indica hybrid that relaxes the body and invigorates the mind.





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Sweet ZZ Strain: A Taste Sensation Bursting With Fruity Flavors

The Sweet ZZ strain was created with the parent plants Grape Ape and Grapefruit – making her a new version of the legendary indica-dominant cross Zkittlez. Although it’s not quite the same as the Zkittlez strain is also mixed with a secret third strain.

The masterful mix of genetics that led to the development of Sweet ZZ shows just how far cannabis cultivation has progressed. Despite being predominantly indica, its effects are primarily focused on the mind rather than the body. Indica strains usually deliver relief from muscle pain and mild euphoria. Sweet ZZ takes a different turn. You do get relaxed, but you mostly experience waves of uplifting thoughts and good vibes.

Feel The Sweet ZZ Explosion Of Berries, Citrus And Candy

She is the physical embodiment of happiness. This emotion is reflected in her flavor profile, smell of saccharin and pleasant high. It’s not often that this mild strength is a beneficial trait. In this case, enjoying every puff is a must and fortunately it is possible to consume several joints with Sweet ZZ before there is no turning back. 15-20% THC is enough to experience enlightenment, but you won’t be surfing the cosmos while completely lost mentally.

The Sweet ZZ Strain Offers Great Taste And Even Better Yields

Her distinct aroma begins to develop early in the vegetative phase. Hints of berry and grape fill the room, while her buds glisten with various shades of green and purple. During flowering, a large, central bud forms, supported by numerous smaller buds on outstretched branches. The yields are also impressive, no matter if you grow her indoors or outdoors. You can reach up to 500-700g/m² and 400-600g/plant respectively.

Although it seems a shame to cut her down, late September is the ideal time to do so. This way you can take full advantage of her unique characteristics. Indoors, flowering takes only 7-9 weeks. However, it is advisable to leave her be until the end of that time frame. This guarantees a complete development of her terpenes and cannabinoids. And you don’t want to lose a hint of flavor!

Sweet ZZ Strain Parents

Usually the name of a strain kind of gives away the parents. In this case, however, it’s quite the opposite. The Sweet ZZ strain is made from Grape Ape and Grapefruit. Something else that stands out when it comes to this mix is that the parents are complete opposites. Grape Ape is 90% indica while Grapefruit is 90% sativa and the Sweet ZZ strain turned out as 80% indica. However, you find both the taste of the Grape Ape berries and the Grapefruit citrus when you smoke the Sweet ZZ strain. So you may conclude that it offers the best of both worlds. Let’s take a closer look at what these two worlds have to offer.

Grape Ape Strain

The Grape Ape strain is a indica dominant strain with earthy flavors. As the name suggests, it tastes like grape, but you can also find a hint of berry in the flower. The THC level varies a lot. It can go from 17% to up to 25%, where the lowest is average and the latter is pretty high for an indica strain. When it comes to CBD levels, the plant is quite average with a percentage of up to 1.

This strain will mostly make you feel relaxed, like you are used to from an indica strain. But it can also create feelings of happiness and euphoria. It depends on you, your mood and how you react to weed, which of these feelings will apply to you most after smoking Grape Ape. Something else that depends on this is what the strain can help you with. It has been known to be effective against pain, stress and insomnia. Which makes it a great idea to try Grape Ape if you are suffering from any of these issues. 

Of course there are still some negative side effects, which include a dry mouth, dry eyes and dizziness. However, not all users suffer from these same symptoms. 

Something that stands out when it comes to the Grape Ape strain is the 90% indica dominance, which ensures that it provides a serious couch lock. It is a mix of Skunk, Mendocino Purps and an Afghan landrace, which has been around for nearly 20 years.

Grapefruit Strain

This strain is a mix between Cinderella 99 and Superfast Growing Sativa, which make it a highly dominant sativa (90%). It has a sweet taste that can be spicy with hints of citrus and will give you a strong euphoric high. As it is a strong sativa, you won’t have to worry about a couch lock, and you can count on getting your creative juices flowing after smoking Grapefruit. This is, however, by far not the only benefit. It can also help against migraine and release tension. As you can still be active after smoking it, you can go to work stress free.

When growing Grapefruit outdoors, you may be in for a surprise; she can grow to a height of up to 3 meters! However, this might take slightly longer than the average time of 9 weeks. When it comes to the yield, you can expect to get an average of 500g per square meter, which is slightly less than usual. The benefit of this plant is that it is very easy to grow, even for beginners. It doesn’t require optimal lighting and if you are still learning, you’ll still get a good yield if you don’t do everything perfectly at your first try.

Sweet ZZ Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

How much THC does the Sweet ZZ strain contain?

About 15 to 20%.

What is the effect of the Sweet ZZ strain?

You get relaxed and feel good vibes.

Can I grow the Sweet ZZ strain indoors or outdoors?

It’s both possible so it’s up to you.

Is the Sweet ZZ strain indica or sativa dominant?

It is an indica by 80%.

Which are the parents of the Sweet ZZ Strain?

The Grapefruit strain and the Grape Ape strain.