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July 2024

Happiness is probably what you are looking for when you are thinking about growing yourself. Even if you are looking for pain relief, or for help against insomnia, in the end you are looking for something to cheer you up. If the Sonoma Seeds website cannot do that, nothing will be able to. And this is coming from seed enthusiasts. This seed bank couldn’t have chosen a better background.





Sonoma Seeds

  • 10 Free Seeds w/ $420 order

  • 500+ strains

  • Fast and reliable support

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Marijuana Seed Connect

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  • Established In 2002

Introduction Sonoma Seeds

Isn’t organic the way to go nowadays? That’s exactly how Sonoma Seeds feels as well. But don’t worry if organic isn’t your thing. We won’t fill this Sonoma Seeds review with information on organic farming. It’s just their motto and we thought we should mention it. This seed bank is based in the West Coast, but that doesn’t mean they don’t ship nationwide and even internationally; but more about that later. First we want to have a closer look at what Sonoma Seeds has to offer.

Best Sellers Sonoma Seeds

As Sonoma Seeds doesn’t show an overall popular seed list, we will just tell you about the most popular seed of each kind:

  • Indica Seeds | Northern Lights: Northern Lights is one of the most famous weed varieties, mainly because of her powerful effect, potency in changeable climates and of course the high yields of thick resin-soaked buds. Her strong genetics are the basis of many a famous marijuana strain, like Super Silver Haze for example. Northern Lights has had an influence on that too. But unfortunately, as with much cannabis history, the history of this wonderful strain is vague to say the least. Good to know is that both Northern Light and Northern Lights are names used for the same marijuana strain.
  • Hybrid Seeds | AK 47: AK-47 may sound intimidating, but it’s not that bad. Grow this famous, sativa-dominant strain for a hefty, resinous yield consisting of uplifting buds! This strain is also known as a “one hit wonder”; one pull of this weed is enough to experience an intense, yet pleasant high. You’ll want to enjoy this famous strain with lots of THC again and again.
  • Sativa Seeds | Acapulco Gold: Using cannabis plants from North and South America and some advanced cross-breeding techniques, the breeders managed to develop a nostalgic yet modern strain with an exceptionally high THC content, a fine Sativa high and distinctive pain relief properties: Acapulco Gold!
  • CBD Seeds | Auto Critical: The buds are thicker and narrower, denser, and more orange, as they have significantly increased the proportion of small flowers on the buds and leaves. Its yield is much greater because it is taller and has a very dense structure composed of lateral branches that produce quite a few lateral buds that increase the total weight of the plant considerably. Of course we are talking about the auto flowering version of the Critical strain.
  • Overall | Blue Head Band: Chronic Caviar Blue Headband is an Indica-dominant American marijuana strain also known as Blueberry Headband. This is a highly aromatic cannabis strain with a moderately high THC content (19-23%). If you are looking for a fruity, berry-like flavor, then this strain will definitely please you. Despite being an Indica-dominant strain, Blue Headband is known to have a balanced body effect that increases your overall mental energy. You can expect excellent yields (up to 4kg/plant outdoors!). The buds are generally incredibly dense and crystal rich. Any lover of big fruity buds will be impressed!

Promotions Sonoma Seeds

One of the reasons to create a special Sonoma Seeds review is to keep you updated on the latest promotions for you to enjoy. Unfortunately there aren’t many at the moment. The only two exceptions are for mid to big spenders. If you spend over $200 you get free shipping and if you spend over $400 you get 10 free seeds. In case Sonoma Seeds comes up with another promotion, you’ll hear it from us first!

Website Sonoma Seeds

When you enter the Sonoma Seeds website, you’ll immediately feel happy. That’s because the white background has images of the best strains on both sides. If that doesn’t inspire you to buy seeds and grow them, we don’t know what will. Other than that, the color that has been used is red and that works really well.

But it’s about time to discuss the website options. Next to the logo, you’ll find a search bar where you can look for your favorite strains. Right below that you’ll find the main menu with the following options; indica seeds, hybrid seeds, sativa seeds, cbd seeds, about, payment, gemination and blog. If you scroll down a bit you will get to see the featured cannabis seeds, the new cannabis seeds and a lot of interesting information for new growers. 

Payments Sonoma Seeds

Regarding payments, Sonoma Seeds is pretty versatile as you have 5 options. These are money transfer, interac (only for Canadian growers), cash, Bitcoin and credit card (Visa and Mastercard have a fee of 10%). Yes, you read it correctly. You can physically send money wrapped in tin foil and in an enveloppe. But before you do that, make sure that your country allows for you to accept cannabis seeds. Sonoma Seeds ships worldwide, but due to legislation it focuses on the Canadian and US markets.

Support @ Sonoma Seeds

There is a lot of information about growing your seeds on the website, that is particularly interesting for first time growers. Besides that, every strain comes with a lot of information as well and there is also a FAQ page. So there are plenty of places to look for answers. Not that that’s enough for Sonoma Seeds because they have a round the clock available support team. You can reach them by live chat, phone or email whenever is most convenient for you.

Sonoma Seeds Ships To

It may be a bit redundant to mention this again, but this seeds bank ships worldwide. Only Canadian growers will, however, receive the original packaging. All packages will be sealed properly, but they just won’t be recognizable as cannabis seeds. Unless you order is $200 or more you will be charged $20 for express tracking in the US and Canada. For all other countries, the shipping with tracking costs $30. 

Summary Sonoma Seeds

Like we said twice before, the website alone makes us happy. We haven’t mentioned this yet, but the seeds make us even happier and so does the service. Everything about this seed bank is great. We even tried paying with cash once for Acapulco Gold and everything was handled smoothly. And, perhaps the most important thing, the seeds blossomed beautifully and offered us a very big yield.

Buy Your Seeds Now At Sonoma Seeds

Sonoma Seeds | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Sonoma Seeds offer help for first time growers?

Yes, you can find a lot of information on the website and you can ask customer support for help.

Are there any promotions at Sonoma Seeds?

You get free shipping when ordering over $200, double that amount and you’ll also get 10 free seeds.

Can I pay with cash at Sonoma Seeds?

Yes, you can send it wrapped in foil and in an enveloppe.

Does Sonoma Seeds ship all seeds to all countries?

No, you can find the seeds that can be shipped to you on the website.

Is Sonoma Seeds a reliable seed bank?

Yes, you can definitely trust this seed bank.