Sherbet Queen Strain

June 2024

Tasty terpenes? Check. Large amounts of THC? Check. Outstanding yields? Check. Sherbet Queen Automatic scores on all fronts, making her a favorite among growers with a soft spot for autoflowering genes. At the end of a super short growing cycle, she offers a hefty harvest of indica weed. You can set up your drying room after only 8-9 weeks!





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Sherbet Queen Strain Automatic: Bursting With Fruity Delight

The Sherbet Queen Strain Automatic far outperforms the majority of autoflowering strains when it comes to flavor and potency. She is the result of a dedicated breeding program and, in our opinion, one of the most successful autoflowers. She requires little space, produces a profitable yield and treats you to an instant high that puts the mind in a pleasant state.

Sherbet Queen Automatic Traits

Sherbet Queen was once just a daydream. Its breeders wanted to raise the bar of high quality autoflowering genes even higher and aimed for a strain with impressive powers and outstanding flavors. To do this, they first selected Pink Panties, the offspring of two spicy Kush strains. They then crossed her with Cookies Auto to add sweetness and autoflowering genes.

This cross was perfected over several generations. The resulting Sherbet Queen Automatic has a genetic profile of 65% indica, 30% sativa and 5% ruderalis.

Growing Sherbet Queen Automatic

Sherbet Queen Automatic grows into a small, compact cannabis plant. Still, she produces a decent yield. She is an excellent choice especially for beginners who want to learn how to grow cannabis. Indoors, the plants reach a height of 70-100cm and produce an impressive yield weight of 325-425g/m². To significantly improve this yield, we recommend putting down 4-6 plants and applying the ScrOG technique.

Outdoors the plants reach a height of 90-120cm. The buds develop beautiful, orange-yellow pistils, finished with a thick layer of icy trichomes. The harvest weight rises to up to 150g/plant in about nine weeks from germination.

Effects, Aroma And Taste Of Sherbet Queen Automatic

These compact, sticky buds contain as much as 20% THC. Combined with the indica-dominant genes, this leads to a strong, physical high that relaxes instantly. Each puff is thereby enriched with the flavors of sweetness and fruit. You will enjoy this tantalizing treat over and over again!

In Short: Great, Sweet Flavors And Huge Yields

Sherbet Queen Strain

This is a strain that is bursting with terpenes, yields richly and contains high THC levels. This is Sherbet Queen Automatic. The strain was, a said previously, created from a powerful cross of Pink Panties and Cookies Auto. As an indica-dominant plant, she combines the best features of her parents, but still has plenty to offer herself.

Thanks to her autoflowering genes, growing Sherbet Queen Automatic is a breeze. Whether you’re a first-time grower or not, she has something to offer everyone. But this is an excellent plant especially for beginners taking their first steps in home cannabis growing. She is a resistant and robust plant that, both indoors and outdoors, requires little maintenance to thrive.

The plant reaches heights of about 70-100cm indoors. So although she is fairly small, she is ideal for discreet cultivation and fits easily into smaller grow rooms and tents. After a super fast flowering period of 6-7 weeks (total life cycle is 8-9 weeks) she is ready for harvest. Under the right conditions you can expect yields of 325-400g/m². This is a decent yield for a plant of this size.

If you decide to grow Sherbet Queen Automatic outside, you can get very similar results. She gets a bit taller, somewhere between 80 and 120cm, but thrives well in full soil or a suitable pot. You can expect yields of 100-150g/plant.

Pay special attention to Sherbet Queen Automatic’s beautiful buds as she develops a thick layer of trichomes, with pistils that show bright orange and yellow hues. This is a plant that will always brighten up your growroom no matter what.

Whether you smoke or vape her, Sherbet Queen Automatic harks back to her parents to deliver a flavor rich in sweet citrus. This is also strongly present in her aroma, which will have your mouth watering in no time.

However, Sherbet Queen Automatic not only offers sweet and delicious flavors, but is also loved for the high she produces. With a THC content averaging 20%, her indica-dominant side comes out to produce a soothing, dreamy high. While her effects don’t induce couchlock, she does deliver an imposing stone that is best enjoyed when you want to relax after a long day. Whether you share her with friends or save her for a special solo session, this delectable treat of a strain does not disappoint.

More About The Sherbet Queen Strain Parents

Sherbet Queen is a weed with almost pure indica genetics and royal parents. Pink Panties is one of her parents and this high-THC strain comes from a cross between pure Kush strains. Her other parent is Sunset Sherbet, also known as Sherbert, and it is directly descended from Girl Scout Cookies and is often used for crosses within the ‘Cookies’ family.

First of all Sherbet Queen is a very beautiful weed during growth and flowering, beautiful green tones that almost fade when you see the deep orange flowering hairs, glistening with trichomes. In optimal conditions high yields can be obtained, but what is very nice is that she is low maintenance. So you don’t have to worry about daily feeding or hours of pruning. Give her the time and space and she will reward you with very high quality buds.

Normally smokers of an almost pure indica strain would be almost paralyzed on the couch and not come out of it anytime soon. Sherbet Queen, however, is the exception that will only confirm this rule. Of course you will be optimally relaxed after using this weed, but you will also experience a creative and active effect. A true indica for sativa lovers or a sativa effect for indica lovers, it’s just how you look at it.

Sherbet Queen Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Sherbet Queen strain suitable for beginners?

Yes, in fact it is especially suitable for beginners since it’s easy to grow.

Does the Sherbet Queen strain give you a couchlock?

No, the effect is more like a sativa, despite of the strain being an indica.

Is the Sherbet Queen strain indica or sativa?

It is an indica strain.

Which strains are the parents of the Sherbet Queen Strain?

There are Pink Panties and Cookies Auto, which makes her related to the Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Is the Sherbet Queen strain only available as an autoflowering seed?

Yes, this is true.