Regular Seeds

April 2024

With regular cannabis seeds you have a 50/50 chance of getting male or female plants. Many growers want to grow only female marijuana plants to produce as many buds as possible, but regular seeds are essential for breeders and growers who like to work with clones.





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With regular cannabis seeds you have a 50/50 chance of getting male or female plants. Many growers want to grow only female marijuana plants to produce as many buds as possible, but regular seeds are essential for breeders and growers who like to work with clones.

Regular cannabis seeds are exactly as nature intended. Like seeds in the wild, they have not been tampered with. Plus, they offer a chance for male plants to produce pollen.

What Are Regular Cannabis Seeds?

As said before, the chances of a male or female plant are 50/50 with regular cannabis seeds. When using both sexes, experienced breeders can select the most desirable phenotypes to develop cool, new strains.

Growing regular cannabis seeds is quite simple. You really only need light, air, water and nutrients, just like with their feminized counterparts. Light exposure is still the most important factor in getting the plants to flower. The difference, however, is that you need to keep an eye on the reproductive organs to determine the gender of your cannabis plants.

Keep in mind that male plants do not produce smokeable buds. These plants develop pollen sacs. If you want to prevent pollination of female plants you should therefore remove the male specimens as soon as possible. Around week 5-6 you can usually determine the gender. So keep a close eye on your plants if you have no intention of breeding.

Regular Seeds Vs Feminized Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds differ from feminized seeds in terms of the sex of the plants that emerge from them. When germinating regular weed seeds, you have the same chance of getting male or female cannabis plants, just like flipping a coin. Feminized seeds, on the other hand, offer a 99% chance of getting female plants.

Why Grow Regular Seeds?

Regular marijuana seeds offer more robust, resilient genes than their feminized counterparts. So you can grow good mother plants for cuttings. After rooting, you can grow clones with exactly the same characteristics as your beloved mother plants.

Because growers can raise male and female plants with this, you can generate not only buds but also pollen. By collecting this valuable genetic material from male cannabis plants, you can create your own cannabis strains with the desired characteristics.

Advantages Of Regular Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds are created in the female plant when they are fertilized by the pollen of the male plant. The advantage of regular weed seeds is that when the male plants are removed the remaining females are very strong and stress resistant. The chance of hermaphrodites with regular marijuana seeds is zero. Hermaphrodites are plants with both male and female sex characteristics (you don’t want these in your grow room). In short, the main benefits of regular cannabis seeds are:

  • The plants are stress resistant.
  • The chance of growing hermaphrodites is zero.
  • Select and grow your own seeds.
  • Create your own strains.
  • In the end it’s cheaper to grow your own regular seeds.

Reasons To Buy Regular Seeds

As a grower, you enjoy a number of unique benefits when you buy regular cannabis seeds. These include:

  • Ideal for healthy clones: Regular seeds tend to be more stable and uniform in their characteristics than feminized cannabis seeds. This makes them great for breeding and taking cuttings.
  • Higher resistance: Many regular varieties can cope better with fluctuations in the environment (lack of water, exposure to intense light, etc.). Of course you should always try to keep conditions optimal, but in general these plants are more forgiving.
  • Genetic stability: If you want to maintain a certain phenotype, regular cannabis seeds are the best choice.
  • Neglectacble chance of hermaphroditism: A higher resistance to stress automatically translates into a lower chance of hermaphroditic cannabis plants. And you want to avoid hermaphroditic plants as much as you can.
  • Maximum yield, taste, effect, etc.: By growing regular cannabis seeds, you can choose the most productive male and female plants to breed. This results in strains that are extremely productive.
  • Other interesting characteristics: With regular seeds, you can also focus on other interesting characteristics, including taste, disease resistance, certain colors, and more!

Choose The Best Regular Seed Strain

Regular Seeds

In the end, of course, you have to decide which regular cannabis seeds are best for you. Several factors come into play, such as your budget, desired plant size, cannabinoid content and flavour profile. The beauty of marijuana lies in its variety and versatility, and with regular cannabis seeds both novice and experienced breeders have a unique opportunity to select the most desirable traits. Are you really new at growing, then we’d recommend the Ice Cream Cake strain.

Regular Seeds Are Developed From Stable Male And Female Plants

These regular cannabis seeds are the seeds that are as natural as it gets.. Regular seeds are usually pure genetics developed from stable male and female parents. Another benefit of regular seeds is that they provide genetics as nature intended, producing healthy harvests from both male and female plants.

Regular Seeds Can Be Used To Develop Your Own Hybrids

Most people who grow cannabis do so simply for use and enjoyment. But when some cannabis growers find a special cannabis plant, they will save it and use it as the basis for their own future hybrid strains. All they need is some male pollen to pollinate the female buds, and then (regular) seeds will be formed. With many regular seed collections you can grow male plants from all the legendary classic strains and produce your own seeds.

Regular Seeds Show Both Sexes Of The Cannabis Plant

Many growers have never seen a mature male plant in real life. Thanks to feminized seeds, it is possible to grow cannabis without being bothered by male plants. But cannabis connoisseurs who enjoy all aspects of growing cannabis find growing with regular seeds the most enjoyable.

5 Tips For Growing Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds grow the same as photoperiod feminized seeds. The only real difference is that you can expect half of your seeds to become male cannabis plants. Often growers of regular seeds are experienced growers who are exploring the possibilities of developing and may be interested in producing their own strain by pollinating a female plant.

1. Use Separate Grow Rooms

Those who grow with regular seeds often have separate grow rooms for male and female plants. Male plants are usually set aside to prevent pollen from accidentally reaching the female plants.

2. Use Fresh Pollen Or Save It For Later

When crossing, choose whether to use fresh pollen or store it refrigerated for later use. Some breeders place a male plant in a grow room and surround it with several female plants that can thus receive the fresh pollen. When the male pollen is released, fans disperse it throughout the growing space. Other breeders prefer to collect the male pollen and store it refrigerated in jars. Then, at a time of their choosing, they apply the pollen to the female plants with a brush. You can buy pollen online, but serious growers of regular seeds have a strong preference for buying their own seeds so they can be sure of the genetics.

3. Making Your Own Seeds

By swiping the pollen of a male plant against a female plant, fertilization takes place and seeds will begin to form. These seeds will be regular seeds and produce a mix of male and female offspring. If you want to make feminized seeds or autoflower seeds, it gets much more complicated!

4. Same Growing Techniques As Feminized Seeds

Use the same nutrients and approach to growing as you normally would with feminized seeds. But note that the male plants may mature just a bit earlier than the female, and grow a bit taller. The extra height of the male plants makes it easier for the pollen to descend on the just slightly shorter female plants.

5. You Can Freeze Pollen And Save It For Later Use

You can collect pollen by gently shaking the male pollen sacs over a small jar. It is essential to make sure the jar is dry, as moisture damages the pollen. Once the pollen is in a dry jar, you can freeze it. They will then remain viable for years to come. As we mentioned earlier, you can buy cannabis pollen over the Internet, but it is always a gamble to buy a crucial material that you can also easily and cheaply make yourself. Most people apply pollen with a small brush. If you have a few different types of pollen, you can carefully apply them to different branches of the female plant. The seeds that form on the different branches will have different male genetics. It is an easy way to get a few different seeds from the same female plant.

Regular Seeds | Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy pollen from a seed bank?

Yes, but it is better to create them yourself as it is cheaper and you’ll know more about the genetics.

Which growing techniques should I apply for regular seeds?

You can apply the same techniques as with feminized seeds.

What’s the main reason for growing regular seeds?

As with regular seeds you get both male and female plants, this is perfect for creating your own strain.

Can a beginner grow regular seeds?

It is not advised as more attention is required and the male and female plants need to be separated.

Are regular seeds male or female?

Both, with regular seed you have a 50/50 chance to get a male or female plant.