Passion Fruit Strain

July 2024

The Passion Fruit strain is a hybrid variety that is the result of crossing two very fruity varieties to develop something even better than the original versions. The smell of the buds of this variety makes you feel like you are in a candy store! Most dominant are the sweeter and sourer notes and the smell of citrus and orange. You can expect a unique, super delicious grape flavor. If you are looking for a super tasty, full-bodied and extremely potent cannabis variety with a real predominant fruit flavour, Passion Fruit feminized seeds are perfect for you! 





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Passion Fruit: A Very Potent And Sticky Cannabis Strain

The Passion Fruit strain is a very vigorous hybrid variety with guaranteed very potent buds. If you give this variety everything she needs, her THC content can become very high. This variety is known to be robust and can grow under different conditions. Her buds are very sticky, so be careful to tend your plants late in the flowering phase, as you may end up covered in sticky trichomes. Also be careful late in the flowering phase if your clothing touches this fragrant fruity variety – the powerful fruity smell of this potent variety of feminized seeds will linger for some time!

Passion Fruit: Especially Potent And Yielding Highly

Passion Fruit has quickly gained a reputation among growers for her unique terpene profile, high yields and potent flowers. She is the new and exciting result of a cross between two very strong and stable genetic lines. The name Passion Fruit is derived from the attractive smell and delicious taste of the buds. It is slightly sour, sweet and fruity with a hint of grapes, which reminded the test team of passion fruit.

Passion Fruit is a hybrid cannabis variety that is best described as a 50% Indica and 50% Sativa variety that is slightly on the Sativa side. However, because it also has Indica genetics, you may be lucky enough to stumble upon the phenotype that is on the Indica side. Passion Fruit has what is called hybrid vigor. This means that she has the genetic predisposition to grow and flower incredibly fast. This makes Passion Fruit the perfect candidate for both SOG and growing from seed with a light cycle of 12/12. Passion Fruit is also very suitable for SCROG with only a few plants (or maybe just 1 plant) per m2.

The Passion Fruit strain responds well to bending and supercropping. Trimming and fiming is recommended if you want an even bushier plant structure. Passion Fruit is a variety of feminized cannabis seeds that produces high yields. In the right hands, she can reward the grower with an exceptionally large harvest, which is why she has been labeled an XXL variety.

More Information About The Passion Fruit Strain

Passion Fruit is a balanced hybrid. Its genetics stem from Sweet Pink Grapefruit which was crossed with Orange Bud, winner of several Cannabis Cups. This unique cross guarantees one of the fullest and tastiest flavor profiles around. The hybrid vigor that comes from crossing these two strong varieties guarantees great results. The ratio of about 50% Indica and 50% Sativa creates a very pleasant, balanced high that will quickly become one of your favorites. It is unusual to find a variety with a high THC content that provides such high yields and has a truly unique terpene profile.

Being a cross of the original Orange Bud, Passion Fruit is very stable and easy to grow. Orange Bud was selected in the 80’s from outstanding Skunk genetics that produce large and hard buds covered in crystals and beautiful orange hairs. Orange Bud’s colored, crystal-covered buds look beautiful and have a great taste. Orange Bud is also known for its unique sweet citrus flavor with notes of nectarine and ripe oranges.

The genetics of Sweet Pink Grapefruit probably originated in Canada, although the exact origin of the genetics is not known and can therefore only be speculated about. Some people say that the origin is a very fruity phenotype of Northern Light, while others say that the genetics came from a breeding program with a special Blueberry line. Anyway, what is certain is that this variety produces an extremely intense, exotic and sweet taste, which is rare in other cannabis varieties.

Passion Fruit can show a fairly compact growth pattern during the growth phase. She can get thick stems as well as large/wide fan-shaped leaves, which show her Indica origin. During the flowering phase, the Sativa side of the genetics comes out more, as she then begins to stretch and grow taller. Because she is such a strong hybrid, she is suitable for all growing techniques, whether you want a large or small number of plants per m2.

Passion Fruit can be harvested indoors after 8-9 weeks. Outdoors she can get really big, so make sure you give her enough room to grow. She can be harvested outdoors in mid/late fall. The genetics used to develop Passion Fruit guarantee the following characteristics:

  • A strong, robust plant that is easy to grow
  • Hybrid vigor guarantees a large, high yielding plant that matures quickly
  • A great smell and taste and a powerful high

Passion Fruit is a good plant for beginners, as she is robust and can grow under many different conditions. Although we recommend growing her in a stable environment so she can realize her full potential, she will still produce reasonably large plants and potent buds even under suboptimal conditions.

Sweet Pink Grapefruit + Orange Bud = Passion Fruit!

Passion Fruit is perfect for anyone looking for a feminized seed variety with a very strong high, big yields and a super-fruity taste. Passion Fruit is a cross between Orange Bud and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. These two varieties guarantee the fresh taste and fruity aroma of Passion Fruit that make your buds taste something unique.

Effects Of The Passion Fruit Strain

Passion Fruit is a powerful hybrid. With a THC content of around 20%, she is definitely among the strong varieties. We have seen phenotypes with a THC content around 25% and according to some even with a THC content of around 30%, although our own lab tests have not yet confirmed this.

These unusually high THC levels show the remarkable genetic potential of this variety. The effect is powerful and mental, but not overwhelming or frightening. Passion Fruit gets you super high, but you can still function. In our opinion, this cross has created a perfect ratio of Indica and Sativa genes.

The original Orange Bud genetics provide an uplifting and social high. There is no doubt that Passion Fruit is exceptionally strong and provides an outstanding feel-good high. This is also an excellent variety for the grower looking for THC-rich plants of exceptionally good quality to use as mother plants.

Flowering Time Of The Passion Fruit Strain

We normally recommend a growth phase of about 4 weeks. If you use a SOG (sea of green) when growing, it is possible to apply a light cycle of 12/12 to this variety immediately after the feminized seeds have germinated. If you only grow a few plants per m2, we recommend a growth phase of about 6 weeks. Since she is almost a 50/50 hybrid, you can expect her to stretch quite a bit in the flowering phase, but not as much as ‘pure’ Sativas or Sativa-dominant hybrids.

You can use many different growing techniques, like LST (low stress training) or HST (high stress training). Passion Fruit will respond well to them. If you want to make her even bushier or want to make sure she gets side branches earlier we recommend topping or fiming. However, we do not recommend topping/budding the Indica-dominant phenotype, because you will destroy her huge main stem.

Passion Fruit will also give great results outdoors. Because this variety can withstand colder nights, it is suitable for outdoor cultivation. Even in mountainous areas where the temperature drops dramatically at night, Passion Fruit can thrive. Giant plants of 2.5-3 m tall are possible and they can grow just as wide if given good soil, nutrients and sunlight.

Growing her in a greenhouse will allow her to live up to her full potential outside. Be aware, however, that there must always be sufficient fresh air in the greenhouse for optimal final results. Stagnant, stale air in greenhouses increases the chance of mold on the many large flowers. 

The flowering phase lasts approximately 8-9 weeks. Along with the recommended growth phase, there is about 12-15 weeks between seed and harvest.

Passion Fruit Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the growth phase of the Passion Fruit strain last?

Usually this stage lasts about 4 weeks.

Which are the parents of the Passion Fruit strain?

These are Sweet Pink Grapefruit and Orange Bud.

Is the Passion Fruit strain suitable for beginners?

Yes, as the strain is very easy to grow.

Can I use the ScrOG Method when growing the Passion Fruit strain?

Yes, the strain is suitable for all kinds of methods.

Is the Passion Fruit strain indica or sativa dominant?

It is considered a near 50/50 hybrid.