Marijuana Seed Connect

April 2024

There’s nothing like a happy guy with a sombrero giving you a sign that the marijuana is A-Ok when you enter the website of a seed bank. Luckily Marijuana Seed Connect offers just that. But, even better, not only that. It offers guaranteed germination, that is how much is is convinced of the quality of its own seeds. So it’s not just the mascot. Let’s see if we agree and what else this seed bank has to offer.





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Marijuana Seed Connect

  • 10 Free Seeds w/ $420 order

  • 500+ strains

  • Fast and reliable support

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  • Established In 2002

Introduction Marijuana Seed Connect

This is something special and particularly nice for those of you close to or visiting Arizona. That’s because Marijuana Seed Connect has a brick-and-mortar store in Tempe in addition to the webstore. Here you can have a look at the products, interact with the very friendly staff and buy without having to wait for delivery. Oh yeah, the germination promise also holds up in the physical store.

Best Sellers Marijuana Seed Connect

At Marijuana Seed Connect the only three strains you see at the homepage are the most popular ones. So let us tell you more about them to see if they appeal to you:

  • Auto Forbidden Runtz: Runtz has gained a prominent place in the cannabis market in recent years, and for good reason! The genes, effects and yield of this plant are fantastic, which is why she has fans all over the world. Thanks to Forbidden Runtz Auto, even more people can enjoy her. The breeder has perfected the strain with some ruderalis so you can now grow it anywhere, in just 9 weeks!
  • Auto White Runtz: How good is your stash? It may have some tasty mounds and a hefty dose of THC, but it’s nothing compared to this strain. How do we know this? Well, White Runtz descends from two powerhouses and treats you to as much as 29% THC. It doesn’t take much to feel her strong bodied indica high in all its glory. In fact, every hit is a tropical treat.
  • Purple African Magic: This is a strain that was created in house, so it’s only natural that it is one of the most popular products this seed bank offers. Another reason is the THC level that can go up to a whopping 35%! Combine this with the germination guarantee and we have a clear winner on our hands.

Promotions Marijuana Seed Connect

You will love this Marijuana Seed Connect review once you’re done reading this paragraph. That’s because we will tell you exactly how to get a 15% discount. All you need to do is select your favorite strains, go to the payment page and insert the following code “15OFF”. If you are in Tempe and pass by the store, we are sure that they’ll give you the discount as well if you ask nicely.  

Besides this discount, Marijuana Seed Connect also offers a loyalty program. Every time you buy seeds from this bank you earn Seed Points. These are worth 10 cents each, which means you have to collect 10 points to get a dollar. You can use the points as a coupon and your account shows you your balance at all times.

Website Marijuana Seed Connect

Like we mentioned before, every Marijuana Seed Connect visitor is greeted by a grower with sombrero. It’s a nice touch to the otherwise very clean and simple website. We cannot complain about the colour; it’s green just like we used on our website. This obviously makes a lot of sense when you operate within the cannabis industry. But let’s not judge a book by it’s cover and let’s see what this seed bank has to offer.

One of the first things you’ll notice on the website, right next to the logo, is the search bar. This makes it easier for you to immediately look for your favorite strain and add it to your cart. Below that you’ll see the main menu, with options such as seed shop, feminized seeds, auto flower seeds, regular seeds, cannabis articles and my account. As you can see from the menu, this seed bank is a bit different from others, since there are no indica/sativa/hybrid categories in the main menu. However, you can select these options and much more once you get to the seed shop.

Payments Marijuana Seed Connect

You essentially have five payment methods at Marijuana Seed Connect and this is quite good if you ask us. The first one is paying through mobile payment apps such as Zelle, CashApp and Venmo. Then you can also use cards (creditcards and in store you can use debit cards as well). Money Transfer and bank transfers are also available. Lastly, you can use Bitcoin to pay at this seed bank.

Support @ Marijuana Seed Connect

Even though there is no FAQ page on the website, you can find most of the information you are looking for. There is even a form to claim replacement seeds which you can use in case of; seeds that aren’t germinating or seeds that are missing. If you have another issue and you need to get in touch with customer support, you have four options for that; email, phone, live chat or a visit to the store.

Marijuana Seed Connect Ships To

This seed bank has clearly stated which states it ships to and we will name them for you; Alaska, Arizona, California, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island, Montana, Hawaii, Oklahoma, Oregon, Vermont, Washington DC, Texas, Connecticut and Virginia. If your state or country is not on this list, we recommend you to get in touch with the support team before placing an order.

Summary Marijuana Seed Connect

As you may have noticed, we are quite impressed by the fact that this seed bank has a brick-and-mortar store. We went there and were pleasantly surprised. But, as we know that most of you won’t get an opportunity to travel to Tempe, we really liked the online seed bank as well. At first it seems small, but once you open the seed shop you’ll quickly notice the endless amount of seeds with germination guarantee!

Buy Your Seeds Now At Marijuana Seed Connect

Marijuana Seed Connect | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Marijuana Seed Connect ship to my country?

You should contact the support team in order to be sure. 

Are there any promotions at Marijuana Seed Connect?

Yes, you can get a 15% discount and there is also a loyalty program.

What can I do if my Marijuana Seed Connect seeds don’t germinate?

In that case you can claim replacement on the website.

Does Marijuana Seed Connect have a physical store?

Yes, you can find the store in Tempe, Arizona.

Is Marijuana Seed Connect a reliable seed bank?

Yes, it is definitely one of the most reliable seed banks out there.