Indica Strain

June 2024

The Sativa family is characterized by the plant's long flowering time, giving it a high THC percentage. The age-old question is still: indica or sativa? In dispensaries or coffee shops, indica strains are more sought after (don't get us wrong, we love sativas too!). The assumption is that indica's are more potent, but this is not always true. Indica strains contain a mix of terpenes, cannabinoids and other compounds. This combination usually leads to more relaxing and physical sensations. Sativas, on the other hand, elicit a more stimulating and cerebral effect.





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Below are our top 10 favorite indica strains. These will give you a great high. As a result, it is perceived as highly potent. The Sativa strains are admired for their uplifting, euphoric and even psychedelic mental feelings, while the user can still remain physically active.

ICE Strain

The ICE strain is one of the most special indica strains in our collection. ICE stands for Indica Crystal Extreme. When the harvest comes she seems shrouded in an icy blanket. ICE requires a flowering period of only 8 weeks to develop a large amount of glistening buds. Many growers extend this phase by another 2 weeks for best results. ICE is a cross between Northern Lights, Afghan and Skunk. This combination guarantees a spicy, earthy and spicy aroma accompanied by a decadent high.

Northern Lights Strain

Northern Lights is a worldwide favorite among connoisseurs and growers. The exact genes of the original Northern Lights strain are still unknown. Yet experts believe she is the result of a cross between 11 strains. Our version of Northern Light remains solidly indica-dominant. She indulges with a couch-lock high and a silky, distinct flavor.

Sweet ZZ Strain

Sweet ZZ is a cross between Grape Ape and Grapefruit and she lives up to her name. She indulges in incredibly sweet aromas and flavors. Many users report that the smoke tastes subtly like candy. Sweet ZZ is indica-dominant, but you definitely notice some sativa effects. Overall, you can count on relaxation, creativity and mild euphoric feelings.

Sherbet Queen Strain

Sherbet Queen breaks through the tradition of conventional indica highs. The uplifting high races through your entire body, combined with stimulating cerebral effects. All in all, you enjoy a well-rounded high. This 85% indica strain shares genes with the immensely popular Girl Scout Cookies. Look forward to characteristically sweet and earthy flavors and aromas.

Bubble Kush Strain

Our sweet Bubble Kush is an indica-dominant cross. She contains just a hint of sativa and 19% THC. This magical blend of Bubble Gum and OG Kush inspires a relaxing, natural, blissful state as you explore the corners of your mind. Our Bubble Kush reaches a height of 4”6 indoors, compared to 6”5 outdoors. Either way, you can expect generous yields.

Blue Cheese Strain

This beloved indica-dominant specimen was created from a cross between Oregon Blueberry and the popular Original Cheese (UK Cheese). Cheese strains are known for their distinctive taste and aroma. This is certainly true about the Blue Cheese strain. But her Blueberry parent has also blessed her with some sweetness. In addition to this delicious taste she also generates a wonderfully intense effect.

OG Kush Strain

OG Kush is known worldwide for her power and flavor. She is also the inspiration for many other indica crosses. Her aroma is top quality and your mouth will enjoy the aftertaste for a long time. Besides this delectable taste sensation, she also treats you to an intense, physical and mental high. OG Kush is robust, easy to grow and produces up to 19.4lbs/plant outdoors.

Fat Banana Strain

Many cannabis users are fond of distinct, sweet banana flavors. Thanks to a cross between Banana and OG Kush, the pretty perfect Fat Banana was created. This sticky, green indica isn’t called “fat” for nothing. Under a sun, she treats to as much as 17.6lbs/plant after an 8-week flowering period. She grows into a dense, generous plant and her yellow-tinged buds contain over 25% THC. Enjoy a fierce couch-lock that only the very best indicas can induce.

Purple Queen Strain

Purple strains are of course a feast for the eyes. But these majestic buds also hit hard. Purple Queen indulges both body and soul with powerful effects. Smoked, she is silky smooth with rich Kush flavors and a hint of lemon. She is an ideal companion to relax with after a long day at work. Moreover, she is highly yielding. Be amazed by the beautiful foliage with brilliant violet buds.

Royal Cookies Strain

If you find Cookies in the name, you know that she stands head and shoulders above all other indica strains. She exudes a wonderful aroma and is reminiscent of freshly baked, warm cookies. The smoke tastes sweet and stimulates the senses. With 23% THC, the high is best described as a combination between complete, physical relaxation, enriched with a stimulating, cerebral effect. Take it easy with this delectable outlier.

Weed / Indica Strain

Indica Strain

Where sativa generates energy and stimulates creativity, indica has a primarily calming effect. Indica is known for reducing stress, pain and inflammation. In addition, an indica strain enhances physical sensations, such as taste, touch and sound.

Indica plants are mostly found in the Hindu Kush mountains of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Therefore, when you come across the name “Kush”, in most cases you are dealing with the cannabis species indica.

Don’t get sidetracked by the fact that Indica strains are known to keep you glued to the sofa. This isn’t the case for all the strains and you can also reap the benefits from it. If you have a stressful life, for example, nothing would be more relaxing than this. Also if you have to deal with a lot of stress at work, a few puffs will help you deal with it in a more relaxed way. Lastly, it is not bad to spend an afternoon on the couch every once in a while. Especially not if it helps you relax and recharge you battery.

Indica Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best Indica Strain to relax with?

Purple Queen, among others, is a good strain to relax with.

What is the primary effect of the Indica Strain?

It is primarily calming, but each strain also has its own effects.

Which Indica Strain is most popular worldwide?

That would be the Northern Lights strain.

Does an Indica Strain usually have a high THC%?

In general this is true indeed.

Is it true that an Indica Strain is more potent than a Sativa strain?

Not always, but most of the times yes.