HulkBerry Strain

HulkBerry is the alter ego of The Incredible Hulk. This superhero among cannabis strains is on a mission to save cerebral weed. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado the superpowers of OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel have collided. The resulting power of THC is now conquering the rest of the world.

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HulkBerry: Love Child Of OG Kush And Strawberry Diesel

For too long, couch-locking Kush has dominated the top cannabis strains for connoisseurs. But 2018 is the year cerebral cannabis strikes back. HulkBerry is the fusion of Colorado’s best cannabis strains. In the process, the acclaimed O.G. Kush and the fruitiest Strawberry Diesel have been popped together. This has created a completely new dimension from which HulkBerry has emerged.

HulkBerry can have a THC content as high as 28%. Previously, these samples were exclusive to the most expensive shelves of well-stocked cannabis retailers in Colorado. Now the world’s most potent cerebral weed is finally available as feminized seed. Just clear out your grow room and get ready for this Hulk that beats all competition.

The High-Yielding New Classic

The sensational combination of OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel has resulted in one of the most groundbreaking strains in recent history. The sativa-dominant HulkBerry, hailing from Colorado, has immediately won its place in the upper echelons of cannabis for connoisseurs.

Number 3, result of the original Bruce Banner strain, represents a special phenotype. In fact, the breeders responsible were blown away by it. HulkBerry inherited the vigorous growth of OGK and the sensual aroma of Strawberry Diesel. She strikes exactly the right chord when it comes to a blissful head stash.

HulkBerry: The Statistic Of A Legend

The THC percentage is a whopping 28%, but some plants can produce as much as 30% under the right conditions. Her power isn’t just for show, though. This makes her a top-notch strain that is suitable for both recreational and medicinal users. You would expect the high of such a powerful plant to be dominated by an overwhelming couch-lock. But that’s not the case with HulkBerry. Users are treated to an uplifting, psychoactive experience that induces an energetic and clear high. This lingers for hours.

Those looking to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety discover that the strain works wonders for the mood. People who smoke socially are also absolutely satisfied with its effects. Is wake and bake your style? Then HulkBerry will ensure that you can participate in creative activities and perform tasks that require focus. After all, she stimulates and sharpens your senses.

But it’s not all about the power. In fact, both famous parents have passed on their best traits for a delectable taste. Fragrant notes of diesel and earth are pleasantly disrupted by sweet, fruity flavors, which clearly hint at Strawberry’s influence.

HulkBerry Strain Product Information

  • Genetics: 35% Indica / 65% Sativa
  • Parents: OG Kush x Strawberry Diesel
  • Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
  • THC: 28%, sometimes up to 30%
  • CBD: Low
  • Yield Indoor: 400-450 gr/m²
  • Yield Outdoor: 650-700 gr/plant
  • Height (Indoor): 140cm
  • Height (Outdoor): 200cm
  • Flowering type: Photo period
  • Sex: Feminized

HulkBerry Strain Growing Pattern

The strain also known as “Bruce Banner #3” and “Kush Banner 3” is a sativa dominant hybrid. You’ll probably see phenotype #3 in particular, with many fanatical followers in the US. In 2014, this plant managed to win the HTCC with her OG looks and subtle strawberry scent. Most growers won’t be able to resist her thick, sticky Kush buds with a healthy dose of sweet, fruity flavors.

However, at least two other phenotypes may also emerge in your grow space that are of interest to enthusiasts. Phenotype #1 is closer to a hybrid mix (50-50) of both parent strains. Phenotype #5 is the opposite of #3. It looks more like Strawberry Diesel than OG Kush. Keeping more than one mother plant is worth considering; all three phenotypes are gems.

With a standard 12-12 light schedule, HulkBerry goes through the flowering phase in 9-10 weeks, after which she bursts with frosty buds. Her main buds stretch considerably during the flowering phase and swell greatly; just like OG Kush. However, her fruity berry aromas, combined with the classic petrol and lemon/lime scents, surprise you all the way. Even seasoned Kush growers are impressed by the yield potential of this powerful plant. HulkBerry does well with SOG or the ScrOG method.

Growing HulkBerry

One of the most striking features of the strain is that it is so easy to grow. She performs well both indoors and outdoors and her yields give no reason to complain. After a flowering period of 8-10 weeks, the strain exceeds the production potential of her parents. She produces up to 700g/plant outdoors and a respectable 450g/m² indoors. Which makes her very suitable for beginners as well as interesting for experienced growers.

Observant growers will notice the robust development of magenta colored leaves. This is accompanied by vibrant, green buds with red hairs. By the end of the flowering period, a thick layer of resin decorates each bud. The buds beg for careful curing to unlock the full flavor profile of this formidable strain.

Smoking Weed With Supernatural Powers

Just a few puffs of this Hulk have a phenomenal effect. As soon as HulkBerry is lit, she turns into a monster. Lighting a joint is suddenly like taking off on a rocket. Each time you inhale her smoke, your head soars higher above the clouds. First HulkBerry launches you with her familiar earthy gasoline flavor. But just when you expect to return to earth, the second rocket sends you on a journey to the boundaries of the universe. While your body salivates over the sweet and sour aftertaste, your mind continues its journey through space. Experienced smokers may be able to harness the creative power of this high. However, most people enjoy a long-lasting, upbeat, cerebral trip that they’ll long remember.

Hulkberry Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is the HulkBerry strain suitable for beginners?

Yes, for beginners and experienced growers.

Where is the HulkBerry strain created?

Somewhere in the mountains of Colorado, U.S.

Which strains are the HulkBerry strains parents?

OG Kush and Strawberry Diesel.

What is the THC content of the HulkBerry strain?

It’s 28% but in some cases this can go up to 30%.

Is the HulkBerry Strain sativa or indica?

It’s a sativa dominant strain.