Haze Berry Strain

July 2024

Haze Berry is very popular in California and many other states where Medicinal Marijuana is allowed. She is the result of crossing the classic Blueberry with an uplifting Sativa dominant Haze variety. This mix offers the best of both worlds; a sweet taste and stone combined with a pleasant and energetic high.





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A Version Of The Legendary Blue Dream

Despite the obvious Indica effect and taste, the plant grows like a typical Sativa. The plant grows quite large with very thin and long leaves, which are classic characteristics for a Sativa. The leaves and buds can show blue or purple hues, depending on the environmental conditions.

A Cross Between Blueberry And Haze

The Haze Berry strain genetics are believed to consist of an original Blueberry plant from DJ Shorts crossed with a Super Silver Haze plant originating in Holland. This amazing hybrid brings together the sweet and heavy yield of the Blueberry, enhanced by the uplifting Haze high.

Quality And Mild High

The effect is mainly one of a typical Sativa, which is a pleasant and uplifting high that transitions into a more relaxed Indica stone. The taste comes mainly from the Blueberry, although there are also subtle hints of Haze in her buds. Haze Berry is very popular with both medicinal and recreational growers/smokers and is known for its reliable and good yields of quality cannabis.

Haze Berry cannabis seeds characteristics:

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor growing
  • This marijuana plant grows with long branches
  • Also used as medicinal cannabis
  • The effect of smoking this weed starts with an energetic and then a relaxed feeling

Haze Berry Strain Short Description

Haze Berry is a feminized cannabis strain that is, as said, very popular in California. This beautiful and popular strain was created by crossing the classic Blueberry x Shining Silver Haze, which created a cannabis plant with mostly sativa genetics.

Haze Berry cannabis plants grow to be fairly large with thin and long leaves. The branches are long as well and have the typical sativa characteristics. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, but when growing indoors you should take into account that the plant will continue to grow a bit after her flowering period. When growing outdoors, a dry and warm summer is the best environment for her.

The taste when smoking this weed is very sweet. The effect after use is a nice high that makes you feel energetic and mobile, the feeling then slowly turns into a relaxed indica stoned feeling. This marijuana strain is also regularly cultivated as medicinal cannabis. Growing cannabis from these feminized cannabis seeds gives a powerful and tasty result.

Haze Berry: Extremely High In Cannabinoids

Haze Berry is sativa-dominant. She was created from a cross between two extremely famous strains: Blueberry (reportedly an original cutting from DJ Short) and Shining Silver Haze. Thanks to this genetic mix, Haze Berry is blessed with 80% sativa and 20% indica genetics.

Haze Berry requires a flowering time of 9-11 weeks to generate large, dense buds that taste like sweet berries. Depending on the environment, you may sometimes see blue or purple hues on the buds. Indoors, the plant reaches a modest height, around 60-100cm. The yield in this process is around 525-575g/m². Outdoors, the plants easily double in height, sometimes reaching 180cm. The yield is a staggering 600-650g/plant!

The buds are a feast for the eyes. Thanks to the genes of Blueberry, they also have a classic berry aroma. The taste is generally sweet and smooth. Expect a strong, euphoric high, with stimulating vibes that are perfect for creative indulgences on a dull day. The indica influence is noticeable in the mild, body stone that follows the cerebral high. Get ready for an overall relaxing feeling rather than a couch-lock. Haze Berry is ideal for growers and users looking for a generous plant that generates good vibes and tastes delectable! 

Haze Berry Strain Product Information

  • Genetics: 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
  • Parents: Blueberry x Shining Silver Haze
  • Flowering time: 10-11 weeks
  • THC: 22%
  • CBD: Average
  • Yield Indoor: 650-700 gr/m²
  • Yield Outdoor: 650-700 gr/plant
  • Height (Indoor): 100cm
  • Height (Outdoor): 180cm
  • Flowering type: Photo period
  • Sex: Feminized

More About The Haze Berry Strain

What’s so special about Haze Berry is her growth of a typical Sativa and effect that appears to be mainly that of an Indica. This way you get two worlds brought together in a beautiful way. She produces very long, thin leaves, typical of a Sativa.

She owes these effects to the clever mix of her ancestors: a Dutch Super Silver Haze variety is combined with the classic Blueberry strain. The result is a hybrid with heavy, sweet aromas and a relaxing, uplifting Haze effect. Extra bonus: the leaves and buds can turn from purple to blue, depending on the conditions the plant is grown in.

Haze Berry gives you a weed that is appreciated by both recreational and medical users. The quality of the buds is very high and the yields are reliable; thanks to the top genetics.

Haze Berry Effects

As a 60% sativa you won’t be surprised that the effects are mainly positive. First it energizes you, and then it slowly calms you down. You can also feel euphoric when you smoke or vape a bit more after that. Other effects may include feelings of happiness, feeling giggly, relaxation and being in a better mood altogether. 

In the medicinal world, the Haze Berry strain is also a well known guest. It is used mainly to help combat anxiety, chronic pains, depression, fatigue, stress and other related symptoms. You can choose to vape or smoke the strain or just use its CBD oil for these effects.

Flavors Of The Haze Berry Strain

First and foremost it is a sweet strain, thanks to its Blueberry heritage. But it has more to offer. It also gives out hints of vanilla, fruits, herbs and more which makes it a strain with an earthy flavor palette. 

Haze Berry Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What colour does the Haze Berry strain plant have?

Depending on the growing conditions it can be purple or blue.

Will the Haze Berry strain give me a couchlock?

No, but it will slow you down a bit after it has energized you.

Which strains are the parents of the Haze Berry strain?

These are Blueberry and Shining Silver Haze.

Can I use the Haze Berry strain for medicinal purposes?

Yes, in fact it is already being used for these exact reasons.

Is the Haze Berry strain an indica or a sativa?

It is a sativa by 60%, with an indica/sativa effect.