Grapefruit Superstar Strain

What happens when you take legendary genetics, add a dose of turbo DNA to them, and then pour a big scoop of citrus flavor on top? Exactly: that’s when you get Grapefruit Superstar Homegrown cannabis seeds. This fast-growing 90% sativa hybrid is ready to shoot out of the ground and fill the air with dizzying fruit scents and pure, concentrated 20% THC power. The Grapefruit Superstar makes a smashing impression on unsuspecting growers around the world. Watch what you get when you give one of the world’s most famous strains a makeover, including turbo propulsion and a perfume no one can ignore.





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Grapefruit Superstar Cannabis Seeds

Grapefruit Superstar is without a doubt one of the fruitiest strains in its range. The taste of bittersweet sour citrus fruit is an important part of the Grapefruit Superstar experience, but her most important characteristic are inside. As befits some cannabis strain, this strain also has a proud genetic background. In fact, she shares in perhaps the most famous DNA in the cannabis world: the strain named after the Great Guru In The Sky, Jack Herer. From the cross between Jack Herer X Shiva Skunk came the award-winning Cinderella 99. That’s a super tasty weed, and when she was crossed again with Superfast Growing Sativa, it became a beautiful piece of fruit.

Grapefruit Superstar Strain Effects

Grapefruit Superstar contains some of the strongest sativa genes in our entire strain range. Then in terms of effects, you can expect a solid headbuzz – and this strain does not disappoint when it comes to those cerebral highs. The brain is spoiled with a rapid succession of happy, uplifting vibes that make talkative and fuel creative inspiration. Couchlock and apathetic hanging out in the corner are out of the question, as long as the dosage remains modest. So that promises energetic productivity with a deliciously sweet and sour grapefruit flavor!

Medical Possibilities Grapefruit Superstar

When it comes to medicinal applications, the heavy sativa content is Grapefruit Superstar’s strongest suit. Those suffering from fatigue can easily recharge their mental batteries with this strain. Because she can be quite an effective kickstarter, this is probably not the best evening weed to try. Interestingly, her 1% CBN content may be enough to temper that effect, with additional anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties for even more entourage effects. All in all, Grapefruit Superstar may be a good choice for a pounding head after a stressful day at work. Grapefruit Superstar is also said to work against migraines. So this strain certainly seems worthwhile for anyone looking to relieve some mental pressure, but with sensational flavor and uplifting effects as an added benefit.

Grapefruit Superstar Taste & Aroma

We can be brief about this: the tangy, sweet and sour grapefruit aromas that Grapefruit Superstar gives off are reason enough to give her a try. If we describe it in terms of terpenes, you can count on hefty amounts of limonene in the profile. The extra spicy flavor of caryophyllene is subtle, but just strong enough to take that citrus experience to the next level. This strain is known to spread its fragrance as soon as it starts flowering, so by the time it’s ready for harvest every grower yearns to finally taste all that exciting fruit for themselves. Indoor growers are advised to check and double-check their carbon filters throughout the grow, because in a confined space, it can get quite smelly….

Grapefruit Superstar Cannabis Cultivation

Grapefruit Superstar seeds are specifically designed for the true sativa grower. One of the major disadvantages of sativa strains compared to indicas is their longer flowering time. Wel, that problem is conveniently solved: it’s exactly what Superfast Growing Sativa is so handy for! For a 90% sativa hybrid, a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks is pure luxury. Maybe this will even allow you to save two garden grows this year? For indoor growers, watch out for sudden growth spurts. It’s not hard to keep this lady under a meter high in a confined space, but outside in the garden all that sativa vigor can make her grow up to 3 meters, so a little warning is in order.

Grapefruit Superstar feminized seeds come with a convenient guarantee of 98% female plants. With her strong gene pool, she is quite resistant to difficult conditions and pests. In addition, it is a flexible strain: it can manage quite well in moderate lighting, and if handled properly it produces a fine harvest both indoors and outdoors. Often the yield outside is only marginally less impressive than inside a grow tent: here 450 to 500g per square meter is no exception. It is quite peculiar that this strain grows better indoors, because most strains prefer to grow outdoors.

So it’s actually a very simple calculation. Try your best to find a sativa hybrid of this caliber with such a unique taste and such a fantastic range of effects. If a grower is looking for one with the same staggering growth and flowering rate, it becomes very difficult. The best solution? Just order a pack of Grapefruit Superstar seeds and start that grow right away!

Peculiarities Grapefruit Superstar Strain

It is quite peculiar that this strain grows better indoors, because most strains prefer to grow outdoors. Something else that is different about Grapefruit Superstar is the fact that it yields more indoors than outdoors. This is also something that you don’t see too often. 

When it comes to effects you can try small dosages against depression, pain or stress, but we would suggest you try another strain if you don’t reach the desired effect with a small dose. That’s because these are not the main effects of this strain. What the strain is good for is helping you with tiredness and headaches, albeit not with chronic headaches. This because of the uplifting effect that might make you happy, euphoric and more creative. So use this strain to improve your mood more than your overall wellbeing.

Grapefruit Superstar Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Grapefruit Superstar strain taste?

It’s sweet and sour, but also spicy.

Is the Grapefruit Superstar strain mostly feminized seeds?

Yes, it contains about 98% feminized seeds.

What are the effects of the Grapefruit Superstar strain?

The effects are mostly uplifting and can help you become more creative.

Is it best to grow the Grapefruit Superstar strain indoors or outdoors?

The strain is best grown indoors.

What are the parents of the Grapefruit Superstar strain?

These are Cinderella 99 and Superfast Growing Sativa.