Ghost Train Haze Strain

July 2024

Ghost Train Haze #1 is bizarrely potent and capable of inducing a sensational Haze high. This is why she a very popular creation. She possesses the complete picture and shines not only with serious power but also with outstanding resin production and a stunning flavor profile. In other words: a true dream for Haze lovers!





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Ghost Train Haze: Spectacularly Powerful Haze Hybrid 

The breeder of the Ghost Train Haze strain treats us to a spectacular Haze from their outstanding Ghost Train line of strains, collected at the beginning of this century. Each of these remarkable Original OG clone variants from the series possesses a unique character and some distinct, very striking qualities. Meet the multi-award winning Ghost Train Haze #1.

Ghost Train Haze #1 is a cross between the powerful Original Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck, another super-powerful strain. This resulted in a Haze that produces an incredible boosted high, thanks to its stunning THC percentage of 25%. The gigantic power of GTH #1 has led to a well-deserved mention on High Times’ list of “Strongest Strains on Earth,” but she has also won many other cannabis awards, making her one of Rare Dankness’ most popular creations. Let’s discover what else she has to offer!

Ghost Train Haze #1 is a Sativa dominant hybrid that can hit pretty hard when you grow her. This strain, available in regular and feminized versions, will grow vigorously and she shows this in the flowering period, where she can stretch quite a bit. Unlike other Sativas and the fact that this strain is unmistakably a Haze, the female plants of GTH #1 will develop compact and densely packed buds that are super sticky due to a thick layer of aromatic resin. This outstanding resin production makes GTH #1 an ideal Haze for extractions and hash making.

For a Haze, the flowering period of GTH #1 is amazingly short. She usually needs 65-80 days to develop her Haze bliss, although this can vary by phenotype. Some growers allow her an extra week to make the most of the strength and flavor.

GTH #1 is not just “strong” when it comes to the flavors and effects. You can rest assured that those massive resin glands were developed for a reason. Take a hit and you’ll enjoy an incredibly intense aroma that blends citrus notes with floral hints, in a wonderful combination with some earthy and sour notes.

The Ghost Train Haze strain #1 is as powerful as a Haze can be, which means she’s not really the most suitable strain if you’re looking for a sleep aid. The powerful high is cerebral, euphoric and psychoactive. She’s sure to excite your mind with a delectable, creative rush, but she’ll also keep you clear and focused. Thanks to its mood-enhancing properties, GTH #1 can also support depression and eating disorders. Keep in mind that she is less suitable for people with anxiety disorders, due to the very strong, cerebral high.

Ghost Train Haze #1 won the Annual High Times Award in the Strongest Strains on Earth, the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup USA in the Sativa category and 2nd prize at the High Times’ Cannabis Medical Sativa competition.

Ghost Train Haze Product Information 

  • Sativa or Indica: Sativa-dominant genetics
  • Parents: Ghost OG x Nevil’s Wreck
  • Flowering time; 11-12 weeks
  • THC: 25%
  • Availability: Feminized & Regular seeds
  • Flowering type: Photoperiod
  • Seasons: Feminized

GTH Breeders

She’s the flagship of the seedmakers at Rare Dankness (rare quality/potential). And when you smoke her, you’ll probably have found a new favorite sativa for life. But Ghost Train Haze is also one of the heaviest sativas around, and was even named the “strongest strain on earth” by High Times. 

Ghost Train Haze may have the special ability to convert haze lovers, but it has more indica characteristics than you might think. Perhaps that’s precisely why the cross turned out so tremendously bold when the breeders at Rare Dankness used Ghost OG to cross the clone-only Neville’s Wreck. The result is a plant with puffy buds, sticky white trichomes and the typical sweet and floral citrus haze aroma. The hybrid has over 25% THC and multiple High Times Cannabis Cups, including a mention as the ‘strongest strain on earth’.

Not A Weed For Wimps

The unique flavor palette makes Ghost Train Haze a treat for any cannabis lover. The huge amount of resin makes for a deliciously full flavor, but be warned because this weed hits hard and fast. A micro-dose makes you creative and can improve concentration but the psychoactivity quickly goes to your head. Pain and depression subside while appetite increases but Ghost Train Haze is not a strain for people who get anxious or over-self-conscious easily from cannabis. So be careful if you know that you have a knack for any of these types of feelings.

Not An Easy Strain For Beginners

Because of the power of this strain, it is not advised to smoke it if you haven’t smoked weed before. But you probably have if you are thinking about growing it. However, that is also not as easy if you have no experience with other strains.

What The GTH Looks Like

Ghost Train Haze #1 produces medium height plants with green leaves and dense, heavy buds covered in orange to amber hairs. This strain can be grown outdoors (especially in warm climates) and produces the best results and high yields with impressive power indoors. Praised by many as the strongest cannabis strain in the world.

The Ghost Train Haze Strain Is Sweet And Piney

The aroma of Ghost Train Haze is sweet and piney, with hints of lemon and spice. The dense and extremely sticky buds of Ghost Train Haze are rich in trichomes and covered in light orange hairs. The smoke is extremely smooth, with more of an OG flavor with a sharp, sweet pine taste. It doesn’t matter if you smoke it or vape it for these effects.

Ghost Train Haze Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What awards has the Ghost Train Haze strain won?

The strongest strain on earth, among others.

Can you advise anyone to smoke the Ghost Train Haze strain?

No, it’s best to try another strain if you suffer from anxiety.

Is the Ghost Train Haze strain indica or sativa dominant?

It is a sativa dominant strain.

Which strains are the parents of the Ghost Train Haze strain?

These are Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck.

What is the THC percentage of the Ghost Train Haze strain?

This is as high as 25%.