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Weed seeds are tiny, complicated phenomenons. Especially for someone who has little experience with cannabis seeds or growing cannabis, they can raise many questions. Therefore we listed the 24 most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about cannabis seeds for you on this page.

FAQ: What’s The Difference Between Male And Female Cannabis Seeds?

The cannabis plant is a hermaphroditic plant, which means that there are male and female plants. The female plant produces flowers and resin and this is used for growing cannabis. The male plant only produces pollen and is otherwise of no use.

A male plant can fertilize a female plant which will cause the female plant to create new seeds. The consequence of the female plant creating seeds is that energy is lost and therefore less weed can be harvested. Male plants are therefore not used and are removed. For this reason some suppliers only sell female seeds.

FAQ: How Do You Know The Difference Between A Male And A Female Plant?

A male plant is often long, thin and has fewer leaves. When the plant starts to flower, a male plant will produce seed balls. A female plant will never do this. So that is the first clear indicator.

FAQ: Can I Grow A Male Plant Myself?

Yes, you can grow a male cannabis plant if you start with regular seed. Regular seeds are seeds that are not feminized.

FAQ: Do You Also Advertise Suppliers That Sell Male Or Regular Seeds?

Because there is very little demand for regular or male cannabis seeds there aren’t many suppliers that sell male seeds. Most only sell feminized seeds which grow female marijuana plants, but get in touch with us when you are eager to buy male seeds and we’ll find you a suitable supplier. Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

FAQ: Why Should You Germinate Seeds First?

The best results are achieved by germinating seeds first. It is better because the chance of germinating properly is higher if you start with the seeds in a controlled environment. Do you prefer to put the seeds in the soil without germinating first? Then there is a good chance that some of the seeds will not blossom.

FAQ: How Do I Best Germinate My Seeds?

Germination is best done between moist cotton wool in a controlled environment. Do you germinate in a petri dish with cotton wool, water and the right temperature? Then 90% of the seeds germinate.

FAQ: Do I Need To Hang A Lamp Above My Seeds During Germination?

No, during germination no extra light is needed. In fact, providing extra light can actually interfere with germination! Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

FAQ: What Can Go Wrong During Germination?

The most common mistakes are:

  • Temperature is too low;
  • Environment (cotton wool) too wet;
  • Using the wrong water.

What Should I Pay Attention To When Germinating Cannabis Seeds?


Make sure that you don’t make any of the common mistakes mentioned above and that you don’t use too much light. Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

Is It Possible To Grow Marijuana Seeds Without Lamps? 

Yes, that’s possible if you’re growing outdoors. You can start germinating in May and from mid-May the plants can go outside. The more sun, the better for the plants. Growing indoors without lights is not possible. However, growing without light in a greenhouse is possible. Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

How Do You Store Cannabis Seeds?

If you are not going to use cannabis seeds right away, it is important that you store them properly. If you do not do that, they will lose their germinating power and become unusable. Storing cannabis seeds properly is therefore very important if you want to grow beautiful plants.

Weed seeds should be stored in a dark and cool place. The refrigerator is perfect. Make sure you keep them airtight at a temperature of 37 to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. It is really important to keep them airtight. This way no moisture can reach the seeds. If this does happen, the germination can be reduced very quickly. Put the cannabis seeds in a tightly sealed bag to ensure that nothing can get to them. If you store your beloved seeds airtight, watertight, dark and at the right temperature, they can be kept for up to 10 years! Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

What Is The Best Time To Grow Outdoors?

The month of May is the best month to start. You can also start growing in June. If you want to start in July or August it is better to choose an autoflowering variety because they flower faster and you will still achieve results in time.

Can You Grow Cannabis Seeds Indoors All Year Round?

Yes, if you use a light bulb you can grow indoors all year round. You determine the climate in your grow room yourself. Light is the most important factor in successful cannabis growing.

Which Marijuana Strain Has The Highest Yield In Ounces?

The yield is for the most part determined by the circumstances. So do not be blinded by the yields that seed producers quote. These high yields are often achieved under ideal conditions with plenty of light and the right plant nutrition. Strains that have proven to have good yields are the White Widow and the Power Plant. But the most important factor for success is you. Love and attention ensure the highest yields.

Which Strain Has The Highest CBD Content?

This changes from time to time as new strains come up all the time. Please come back soon as we will update this page regularly.

Which Strain Has The Highest THC Content?

  • Pineapple Chunk: 25%
  • Amnesia Haze: 20%
  • Vanilla Kush: 22%
  • Blond Russian: 22%
  • White Widow: 19%

Are There Also Strains With High CBD and High THC Content?

The highest percentages in a plant, with both THC and CBD, are currently the following strains; Compassion, CBD Kush, CBD Therapy. Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

What Is The Difference Between Sativa And Indica Seeds?

Indica strains are plants that grow compactly with branches close together. These indica strains have a shorter flowering time and do not grow as tall as Sativa strains. Indica strains often have large yields, short, thick, dark, leaves and the weed is relaxing. Sativa strains tend to grow taller and have long thin leaves. The weed from a Sativa generally has an energizing effect. Do you need more information that you cannot find in this FAQ, contact us!

Are There 100% Sativa Or 100% Indica Seeds For Sale?

Most plants are crossbreeds and a combination of Indica and Sativa. Below you can find some strains that are pure Indica or Sativa.

100% Sativa:

  • Durban Poison
  • Hawaiian Snow
  • Amnesia Haze

100% Indica:

Even More Frequently Asked Questions

Is germination of seeds guaranteed?

We can never guarantee that the seeds will germinate. You are the biggest factor in successful germination. Weed seeds are a natural product and nature is beautiful, but gives no guarantees.

What are medicinal cannabis seeds?

Medicinal strains are cannabis strains that also contain CBD. It is generally assumed that both CBD and THC have medicinal effects and that both substances influence each other.

Which cannabis plant remain the smallest?

The autoflower weed plants remain smaller than normal weed plants. Of all autoflower varieties the Lowryder #2 remains the smallest. It usually grows (with sufficient sunlight) between 14 and 20” high. This Autoflower is therefore very suitable for smaller gardens and balconies.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis plants are plants that flower automatically after three weeks. This means that you don’t have to adjust the light cycle when growing indoors and you don’t have to wait until mid-August when growing outdoors.

Are all seeds suitable for indoor and outdoor growing?

Yes, if the average temperature is high enough. Make sure you are aware of the effects of the temperature in your region before you start growing.