Durban Poison Strain

July 2024

The reasons to buy Durban Poison feminized seeds are endless, but start with the following; they have a classic, proven fundamental variety; very strong and powerful genetics and are easy to grow; have several side branches with long and heavy flowers and they are resinous sativa flowers with a unique terpene profile.





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Taste Durban Poison Strain

The Durban Poison strain is a Sativa-dominant variety with a unique, delicious aroma. This variety is known for its spicy, hazy flavor with traces of anise, licorice, lemon and clove. This complex aroma is one of the reasons why so many growers choose Durban Poison over and again. Durban Poison’s buds are very firm for a Sativa. Growers can look forward to large plants with several side branches. Most phenotypes tend to stretch a lot, so that can be a problem if your growth room is not that tall.

Durban Poison Strain: A Classic Variety, Suitable For All Conditions

Durban Poison is a classic variety that is suitable for indoors and also strong enough for outdoor growing, even in extremely northern or southern areas. Durban Poison seeds are originally from South Africa and have been crossed for many years in the 1970s. With each new generation, Durban Poison has become more and more adapted to the windy and rainy climate of northern America and Europe. Outside, she can get really big. A height of over 3 meters is not exceptional. Indoors she will stretch a lot, so some form of height restriction is recommended.

The Durban Poison Strain: Perfect In Every Way!

Durban Poison is a pure landrace of Sativa-dominant varieties and originates from South Africa. In the beginning, the leaves of the plants can be wide, like an Indica. However, during the latter part of the flowering period, the growth pattern causes the leaves typical of a Sativa to appear between the long flowers.

Durban Poison is a fundamental variety of today’s cannabis market. This Sativa-dominant variety originated in the South African city of Durban and was the basis of the famous GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) line, from which varieties such as Sherbet and Gelato were born.

Durban Poison can be harvested indoors after 8-9 weeks with a 12/12 system. Outdoors, she can grow up to 3-4m tall and is harvested in early or mid-fall. The genetics used to create Durban Poison guarantee the following characteristics:

  • A strong, sturdy plant. Easy to grow and suitable for all growing conditions.
  • A compact and thin plant and bud structure typical of a Sativa.
  • A unique terpene profile with extra large amounts of resin.

Durban Poison is available in both regular and feminized seeds.

Effects Of The Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison has gained worldwide popularity thanks to its effects, which are typical for a Sativa. The user experiences a strong, uplifting, stimulating effect. This is the perfect variety for when you want to stay productive during the day or need to complete creative tasks. It gets you high, but you can still face the outside world without feeling uncomfortable or paranoid. The initial surge of energy may be followed by some more sedating effects if you smoke/vape more of it. The high lasts for a relatively long time.

How To Grow Durban Poison

We recommend a shorter growing phase than most Indica or Hybrid varieties when growing these plants indoors without the use of growth techniques to limit height. Durban Poison usually stretches very much, during flowering it can grow up to two or three times as tall. A 3-4 week growing phase is usually enough to get reasonably large plants. If you are growing only a few plants per m2, it is recommended to use the ScrOG technique.

If you are growing her outside, make sure she has lots of space, because this lady can take over your whole garden!

In the beginning of the growth phase, the plants may have more Indica like leaves. During the flowering phase, the overall appearance and leaves are more consistent with a Sativa.  Indoor growers will see this transition happen when the light cycle is adjusted to 12/12.

When the days get shorter outside, her Sativa origins become more apparent and she will show her true nature during that time as well.

The stems are strong and robust. You can easily manipulate them without breaking them. In the beginning of the flowering phase it is advisable to do some leaf tucking. In this way the biggest leaves will end up underneath the buds that they were covering before. The flowering time is about 8-9 weeks. Along with the recommended growth phase, there is about 11-13 weeks between seed and harvest.

The Yield Of Durban Poison

Durban Poison produces an XXL harvest of old school-quality cannabis; between 450 and 650 grams per m2 is possible. The plant will have heavy, and firm buds.

Advice from our experts:

Durban Poison is the perfect variety for those looking for a well-known old school favorite with heavy yields, which is easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. This variety is suitable for both novice and experienced growers. For indoor growers, we recommend topping or fiming, as this will speed up Durban Poison’s sideways growth. She will be at her best if you use growing techniques such as LST, bending, supercropping and scrogging. This can greatly increase her yield and makes it easier to limit her height in an indoor space. Make sure her roots have enough room. This will make her grow faster and possibly lead to a larger plant and yield.

More Information About Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of the classic varieties. It is a very strong and stable cannabis variety that is suitable for all types of growers. The flowering time is relatively short for a Sativa-dominant variety like this. It took years of selective crossbreeding to achieve this. The flower-to-leaf ratio is very high and the small sugar leaves are covered in trichomes. Trimming is therefore easy and quick. The unique sight and smell of the buds is something you will not easily forget!

Durban Poison Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Durban Poison strain have relatives?

Yes, the Girl Scout Cookies strain was created from this strain.

Is the Durban Poison strain indica or sativa?

It is a sativa dominant strain.

Can I expect a good yield with the Durban Poison strain?

Yes, this strain offers a better than average yield.

Is the Durban Poison strain suitable for novice growers?

Yes, the strain is great for new as well as experienced growers.

How tall does the Durban Poison strain get?

Pretty tall, so you might want to use some techniques to block the growth.