If we look at the name Seedsman, we immediately think that this is the man to get our seeds from. The website als promises a lot of good, as we can see by the logo that this seed bank has been established in 2002. That must mean that there is a lot of experience, expertise and, most importantly, a lot of different strains available at Seedsman. Let’s see if this assumption is correct. 

Rocket Seeds

Upon entering the website of Rocket Seeds it doesn’t necessarily look like a typical seed bank. It looks more like a place where you can buy from all the best seeds banks around. According to the website, you can buy seeds from Beaver Seeds, Crop King Seeds, Mary Jane’s Garden, Sonoma Seeds and Sunset Genetics. But it also claims to sell 600+ exclusive strains. So let’s see what the fuzz is about.

Marijuana Seeds Canada

This seed bank also goes by the name of MJ Seeds Canada. It leaves us wondering what the MJ stands for; is this short for marijuana or for Mary Jane? Well, it doesn’t really matter as they both mean the same thing anyway. Let’s start this Marijuana Seeds Canada review by talking about the things that really matter when buying cannabis seeds of any strain.

Beaver Seeds

Who doesn’t love a beaver? One of the biggest rodents in the world create their own pathways by chewing trough trees. And now they have even paved the way for you to buy your favorite seeds online. This is not all these little friends have to offer you though, so read on to learn what’s in store for you at Beaver Seeds.

Mary Jane’s Garden

If you have read our website before, you might have noticed that Mary Jane’s Garden welcomes us with three things that we appreciate. First of all, we don’t have to imagine what Mary looks like, because the redhead is greeting us as soon as we arrive. Next, the header background is filled with cannabis leaves and the most used color on the website is green. To us that promises nothing but good, so let’s see if the seed bank can deliver that promise.

Marijuana Seed Connect

There’s nothing like a happy guy with a sombrero giving you a sign that the marijuana is A-Ok when you enter the website of a seed bank. Luckily Marijuana Seed Connect offers just that. But, even better, not only that. It offers guaranteed germination, that is how much is is convinced of the quality of its own seeds. So it’s not just the mascot. Let’s see if we agree and what else this seed bank has to offer.

Sonoma Seeds

Happiness is probably what you are looking for when you are thinking about growing yourself. Even if you are looking for pain relief, or for help against insomnia, in the end you are looking for something to cheer you up. If the Sonoma Seeds website cannot do that, nothing will be able to. And this is coming from seed enthusiasts. This seed bank couldn’t have chosen a better background.

Crop King Seeds

If you are looking for marijuana seeds online, one of the first results will inevitably be Crop King Seeds. This seed bank is a long time favorite of seed enthusiast and all types of growers. It is easy to see why as the website and offer are very versatile. Let’s quickly take a look at all this seed bank has to offer.