Gorilla Glue Strain

The powerful Gorilla Glue strain, one of the most popular cannabis strains of the moment, came about by accident. Gorilla Glue, also known as GG4, is a hybrid with a name that points to her sticky buds and powerful couch-locking high. Today, she is one of the most popular cannabis strains and for good reason. After all, her power is unparalleled.

Amnesia Haze Strain

Amnesia Haze is much more than a Dutch classic. This is by far one of the most popular crosses on earth. A sweet and sour lemon taste and a stimulating, psychedelic high. These are the qualities that make Amnesia Haze internationally famous. It began as a favorite in the Amsterdam coffee shops. But now Amnesia Haze is a household name among smokers around the world.

Candy Kush Strain

Candy Kush is a manageable, very popular strain that treats with great flavors, aromas and power. She is the result of a fantastic breeding project. Expertly grown, she highlights a lightning fast turnaround time, substantial yields and a mouth-watering smoking experience that tastes like more.

California Orange Strain

California Orange is an old-school cannabis classic, this hybrid strain has been loved by connoisseurs for decades for its outstanding terpene profile and relaxing high. This is a strain with medium sized plants and high yields. California Orange has an average flowering time of about 9 weeks. It is a very resinous strain with a compact structure and a good flower-to-leaf ratio. Its orange-dominant aroma and flavor are truly fantastic. This strain is also known for a pleasant relaxing hybrid high. The effect is energizing, euphoric, lightly uplifting but also physically calming.

Skywalker Haze Autoflower Strain

Auto Skywalker Haze has a very penetrating and fruity aroma! The incredibly sturdy and ‘frosty’ buds spread a strong lemon-like, but at the same time sweet, haze-like scent. The citrus and haze tones are clearly dominant. The combination of the fruity, acidic, pungent citrus-dominant terpene profile with the more sharp, spicy haze character make this a strain for the real enthusiasts.

Passion Fruit Strain

The Passion Fruit strain is a hybrid variety that is the result of crossing two very fruity varieties to develop something even better than the original versions. The smell of the buds of this variety makes you feel like you are in a candy store! Most dominant are the sweeter and sourer notes and the smell of citrus and orange. You can expect a unique, super delicious grape flavor. If you are looking for a super tasty, full-bodied and extremely potent cannabis variety with a real predominant fruit flavour, Passion Fruit feminized seeds are perfect for you! 

Sherbet Queen Strain

Tasty terpenes? Check. Large amounts of THC? Check. Outstanding yields? Check. Sherbet Queen Automatic scores on all fronts, making her a favorite among growers with a soft spot for autoflowering genes. At the end of a super short growing cycle, she offers a hefty harvest of indica weed. You can set up your drying room after only 8-9 weeks!

Mother Gorilla Strain

Mother Gorilla combines the world-famous power of Gorilla Glue #4 with the terpene-rich charm of Reina Madre. The Mother Gorilla strain is a new and improved version of Royal Madre. The original strain is a cross between Jack the Ripper and Reina Madre (Queen Mother) and is a solid sativa with a cerebral effect. Still, there was room for improvement. Her power had to be taken to the next level. The obvious choice was to include the Gorilla gen. Some expert breeders took on the ambitious challenge of crossing Reina Madre with Gorilla Glue (GG #4) and the result is the Mother Gorilla strain.

Haze Berry Strain

Haze Berry is very popular in California and many other states where Medicinal Marijuana is allowed. She is the result of crossing the classic Blueberry with an uplifting Sativa dominant Haze variety. This mix offers the best of both worlds; a sweet taste and stone combined with a pleasant and energetic high.

Ghost Train Haze Strain

Ghost Train Haze #1 is bizarrely potent and capable of inducing a sensational Haze high. This is why she a very popular creation. She possesses the complete picture and shines not only with serious power but also with outstanding resin production and a stunning flavor profile. In other words: a true dream for Haze lovers!