Indica Vs Sativa

There are a variety of cannabis strains on the market. These can be split into three subsorts of which the most popular ones are so the called Sativa and Indica cannabis strains, with a huge number of mixes between the two. But what is the difference in effect between a Sativa and an Indica cannabis strain? On this page you can read all about the differences.

Hybrid Strains

The demand for cannabis is rising and so there is more experimentation. As a result most strains on the current commercial market are hybrids. These are plants that have been bred from several different cannabis varieties to elicit certain effects or characteristics. In this basic guide, you’ll read all about hybrids and why they are so popular.

Cannabis, like other plants, exists as a pure variety or as a hybrid mix of species. Because the industry is commercialized, both pure varieties and existing hybrids are constantly being mixed and recombined. These new plants are known as crosses or hybrids.

Indica Strain

The Sativa family is characterized by the plant’s long flowering time, giving it a high THC percentage. The age-old question is still: indica or sativa? In dispensaries or coffee shops, indica strains are more sought after (don’t get us wrong, we love sativas too!). The assumption is that indica’s are more potent, but this is not always true. Indica strains contain a mix of terpenes, cannabinoids and other compounds. This combination usually leads to more relaxing and physical sensations. Sativas, on the other hand, elicit a more stimulating and cerebral effect.

Sativa Strain

It is a common misconception that sativas are not as potent as indicas. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Many sativa strains contain 20-30% THC, just like top-notch indica strains. You experience a powerful high, but without that sleepy, couch-lock feeling of an indica. In the mood for a brisk walk or want to get creative? Then a sativa strain is worth a try!