Focused Strain Effect

Cannabis is mainly known for its sedative effects. However, there are certain strains that improve your focus and concentration with high motivation. We generally associate cannabis with relaxation, calm and tranquility. Many people first think of someone with red eyes hanging silently on the couch when it comes to cannabis. While there are definitely strains that produce these effects, there are just as many that are stimulating, energetic, spiritual and induce a cognitive high. In the process, your creativity, focus and concentration improves.

Euphoric Strain Effect

Those who use cannabis prefer to experience positive feelings: that’s logical. A feeling of cheerfulness, creativity and laughing together, is what users are after. The fact that cannabis can make you happy is already positive, but it can get even better: cannabis can induce feelings of euphoria. This is actually the superlative of happiness. You feel blissful and even ecstatic. All your worries seem to fade into the background. But how can cannabis cause this feeling of euphoria? And which strains are best suited? Find out below.

Energetic Strain Effect

Want to enjoy a good cannabis strain, but not end up being locked in the couch? In this article we highlight 5 strains with stimulating, energetic effects. Great for social situations or moments when you want to stay productive and focused.

Creative Strain Effect

Weed affects us all differently, but many creatives have something in common in this regard. Namely, when they enjoy THC, they feel inclined to think divergently. In other words, inhibitions melt away and they can focus on projects with a different perspective. However, excess harms and nothing is guaranteed.

Giggly Strain Effect

Why do you laugh a lot more when you’re high? Well, it turns out that cannabis affects blood flow to the brain. Find out here why people laugh, how cannabis fits into this picture and what the 5 corny weed strains of the year are. Get ready for a real laugh riot!