Honeyroot Delta 8

As a real weed strain enthusiast you might want to try out other ways to enjoy your favourite strain, besides smoking it. Vaping weed is something that is becoming more popular as we speak and the perfect way to do this is with Honeyroot Delta 8. This product comes in 6 different strains that are all fan favourites. We will tell you more about these strains and also about vaping weed, so you can decide if you want to give it a try.

Best CBD

Don’t be fooled by the percentage indications for CBD oil and capsules. Why percentages are often used instead of mg (milligrams) for CBD oil supplements is not entirely clear. Possibly this is due to the fact that the people producing the oil have to produce oils with a certain percentage of CBD. The producer simply adopts this and largely states 5% or 15% on the packaging.

A Strain For Your Pet

As a real weed enthusiast we can imagine that you like all of the strains that we talk about. But if you are a pet lover as well, we can also imagine that you would like to share all of the joy you get from these strains with your furry friends. However, this wouldn’t be good for them so we strongly advise against it. But we wouldn’t be us, you friends, if we didn’t give you an alternative. This is Paw:20 Marijuana Theme Pet Toys. Read on to learn what this amazing company has to offer.