Low Stress Training

Low Stress Training (LST) is a cultivation technique where you manipulate the shape of cannabis plants in order to get greater yields. It’s easy and fun to do as well! Read on and find out how to apply LST like a pro.

Solve Germination Problems

On this page we offer some tips to avoid problems during the germination and seedling phase when growing weed. If your seeds don’t germinate, or your weed seedlings don’t want to grow, in this guide you will probably find the reason for your problem, as well as the solution!

Companion Plants

Cannabis growers need to plan carefully. Which also goes for strategically planting companion plants alongside your cultivation. During both indoor and outdoor cultivation, these plants can increase yields by driving out harmful pests and giving your plants a boost.

ScrOG Method

Of course every grower wants to get the maximum yield from their cannabis plant. Many among us even pull out all the stops in order to achieve that. In this article we look at the ScrOG method, or, as many growers like to call it; scrogging. With this method you let your weed plant grow in width to eventually harvest more buds. Curious how that works? Read on!

Roll A Doobie

Do you like a long, fat joint or do you prefer them short and thin? In this article you will find all the information you need to roll and light a great joint. And if you want to improve your skills, we also offer tips on rolling cones, cross joints and much more!

Weed Seedlings

Weed is no longer as controversial as it once was. The laws are now more lenient and cannabis is becoming more widely accepted in society. Nowadays you can find seed banks and grow shops in several places around the world, as well as online. Hobby growers have easy access to a wide range of cannabis seeds. Moreover, all the tools needed to grow plants into strong specimens with lots of buds are widely available.

How To Grow

Do you want to grow your own cannabis? Then read this informative article so you get an idea of where to start. We discuss the most important topics in understandable language so you won’t be overwhelmed by all the information. But let’s be clear: this article is not a growing guide. It is more of an overview of the basics.