Candy Kush Strain

July 2024

Candy Kush is a manageable, very popular strain that treats with great flavors, aromas and power. She is the result of a fantastic breeding project. Expertly grown, she highlights a lightning fast turnaround time, substantial yields and a mouth-watering smoking experience that tastes like more.





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The Candy Kush strain is a powerhouse in every way. She’s small in stature, but don’t be fooled. If you’re looking for big flavors and aromas complemented by a powerful high, you’ll be speechless after just one puff. She also flaunts autoflowering genetics, which alone should be enough to convince you.

Candy Krush Strain Characteristics

Candy Kush treats you to a unique genetic mix, which possesses some exciting characteristics:

  • Genes: 60% indica, 30% sativa, 10% ruderalis
  • Parents: Auto Pounder x Kush
  • THC: 19-22%
  • CBD: 5%+
  • Flavor: Herbal, Caramel, Sweet, Kush
  • Effect: Physical, Soothing, Relaxing, Strong

After long experimentation with Auto Pounder and some of the best classic Kush strains, the breeder has created the extraordinary Candy Kush. The result is definitely visible when you see those fat buds, richly covered with fine resin. Candy Kush is a feast for the eyes, but she has much more to offer.

Candy Kush treats you to a decent amount of THC (around 19-22%) and around 5% CBD. This leads to a fully physical, relaxing high, complemented by extremely delectable flavors and aromas. She is consistent and delivers on her promises, whether you smoke or vaporize her. Combine this with a lightning fast life cycle and then you have no reason not to grow her. Thanks to her power and versatility, Candy Kush is still one of the more popular strains on the market.

How To Grow The Candy Kush Strain

Growing Candy Kush is a rewarding and easy task. She is undemanding and requires very little maintenance to flourish. In addition, she is robust, resilient and has a high resistance to mold and pests. These characteristics make her ideal for novice growers, as well as for veterans. Because of its autoflowering property, it thrives in a variety of environments and climates.

  • Difficulty level: Novice
  • Performs best: Indoors/outdoors
  • Climate: Sunny, Warm
  • Type: Autoflowering
  • Height indoor: 50-60cm
  • Height outdoor: 50-60cm
  • Flowering: 65-75 days
  • Harvest (outdoor): Mid October
  • Yield indoor: 400g/m²
  • Outdoor yield: Average

A little bit of maintenance will go a long way. Candy Kush can become quite bushy. With some pruning, she develops better. This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. She does not impress with her size, because she will eventually reach a height of only 60cm. So you have plenty of room for some companion plants (or more cannabis plants).

The flowering time is a quick 65-75 days and you’ll have your harvest in before you know it. Candy Kush performs in all kinds of environments, in hydro or soil. Indoor plants produce up to 400g/m². Outdoor plants you will harvest in mid-October. The yield is the same, but per plant.

As mentioned, Candy Kush is robust and she handles any environment or climate with ease. However, she has an easier time in warmer environments, which goes for most plants.

Candy Kush Strain Flavors

After harvesting and drying the buds, it’s about time to experience what this little powerhouse is capable of. She has certainly earned the name Candy Kush. This is a sweet, spicy strain, loaded with the delectable flavors and aromas of caramel and Kush. Thanks to this contrast, the flavor profile is complex, but incredibly satisfying.

Candy Kush treats you to a powerful, fast-acting, strong and long-lasting high. Get ready for ultimate relaxation as soon as the physical high sets in. The couch-lock is lacking, but the ability to relax is unparalleled. Relaxing and soothing; what more could you want from an indica-dominant hybrid? She’s perfect at any time of day, but you should save her for the evening hours. Candy Kush scores with a great flavor profile and an even better high. Smoke or vape her, share her with your friends or keep her to yourself!

A Very Balanced Indica/Sativa Species

As more and more consumers continue to learn more about specific types of cannabis, there is an increasing focus on the difference between Sativa and Indica strains. While some prefer one strain over the other, there are also quite a few hybrid Indica/Sativa strains. In general, it can be said that even strains that combine Sativa and Indica backgrounds tend to lean heavily on one or the other, both in genetic background and effect.

The Sweet Special is part of the direct genetic background of Candy Kush. This strain is known for a sweet taste and healthy sustainable plants, among other things. These traits translate to Candy Kush, making the plants sturdy and suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, while the flavor is always pleasantly sweet. The legendary Royal Kush is the other genetic parent of Candy Kush. Royal Kush is a famous heavy Indica strain descended from the improbably potent Afghan Kush. Both Afghan and Royal Kush are prized for their calming effects by people with sleep problems, and among regular and/or recreational smokers for the heavy “couch-lock” that is present in this strain.

Versatile High From A Well-Balanced Marijuana Strain

The popularity of this variety continues to grow; in fact, it offers a unique blend of stimulating and highly relaxing effects. The low CBD content helps to balance the drowsy effect of THC, and therefore this strain allows you to relax without lazing on the couch. Indeed, when you consume this weed, you also experience a welcome burst of energy, after which the stone gradually takes over.

Final Words On Candy Kush

It should be clear by now that we are absolutely fans of Candy Kush. We believe the breeder has outdone himself with this strain. Get ready for a carefree growing experience, where you’ll be enjoying beautiful, fat, tight buds in no time. This cross scores on all levels. Don’t miss out on this all-rounder!

Candy Kush Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to grow the Candy Kush strain outdoor or indoor?

It’s up to you, because it’s both possible.

Can I grow companion plants with the Candy Kush strain?

Yes, this strain is suitable for it.

Does the Candy Kush strain give me a couch lock?

No, but it will make you relaxed.

What is the THC content of the Candy Kush strain?

This can go up to 22%.

Is the Candy Kush strain indica or sativa dominant?

It’s indica dominant with 60%.