Bubble Kush Strain

December 2023

The term "OG" originated in the hip-hop industry and means “Original Gangster”. But when it relates to cannabis, it can also mean 'Original Ganja'; after all, OG Kush is one of the most popular strains. When mixed with the delicious flavor of Bubble Gum cannabis, you get a new strain of cannabis called Bubble Kush.





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Bubble Kush Is A Wonderful Plant With A Great Taste

The Bubble Kush strain is a blend of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, and has a THC content of 19% giving it a perfect natural high. One puff of this Bubble Kush and you’ll immediately taste the gummy flavor that blends wonderfully with the effects you’re used to from OG Kush. If you are looking for a perfect mental high you can sit back and relax while you are lost in your daydreams; this is something for which this strain is perfectly suited.

Bubble Kush Offers Fantastic Growing Results

Bubble Kush Strain

If you decide to grow this plant indoors, you can expect a yield of 550 – 600 grams per plant. The plants grow to a height of 80 – 140 cm indoors. Compared to some other strains, this is a compact and solid plant that will produce lots of green for you to enjoy.

If you prefer to grow outdoors, late September is the best time to harvest. Outdoors you can expect 600 – 650 grams per dried plant that can range in height from 60 – 200 cm. Keep the weather in mind when growing so you can be assured that the growth will not be affected by changing temperatures.

This strain of Kush is one of the most productive when it comes to growth. This is more than likely due to the attention the creator has paid to combining two of the most potent strains of cannabis on the market. The only thing bigger than the plant itself is the type of high you can expect when enjoying this strain.

Chill And Relax Effect Of Bubble Kush

Because the Indica dominance is very present, Bubbel Kush is considered a “couch-lock” cannabis that relaxes the body and mind. This makes it ideal for watching your favorite soccer team while relaxing or for enjoying the evening. Bubble Kush is also great for those looking to combat pain and insomnia or relieve depression.

In terms of its appearance, you can expect Bubble Kush to produce large dark green buds dotted with red hairs. Fresh Bubble Kush will also show crystals everywhere. And as it grows up, you can expect large and beautiful plants that can be abundant at harvest.

If you have ever enjoyed the parents of this strain you will definitely appreciate the new Bubble Kush Feminized seeds. Not only do the seeds yield enough for a bountiful harvest, they also offer a fantastic end product. The high you will experience from Bubble Kush rivals the taste of chewing gum while chewing. Be sure to give this sweet, earthy, pungent plant a try for a new and enjoyable experience.

Bubble Kush Parents

OG Kush

Her actual genetics are unknown. Some say OG Kush is a mix of ChemDawg with a Lemon Thai and a Pakistani Kush. Others say it is simply a special cutting of the ChemDawg from the early 1990s. Even the meaning of the name OG is debated; some claim it means Original Gangster. Yet most people agree that, because of its origins, it means Ocean Grown.

The breeders in our toplist have gone to great lengths to develop their own version of the legendary OG Kush. With a mix of Chemdawg, Lemon Thai and Pakistani Kush, they developed a versatile strain with lots of THC and fruity terpenes. The strain has a stoned genetic profile of 75% indica and 25% sativa genetics.

The popularity of this feminized cannabis strain is not up for question, however. From Hollywood movie stars and rappers to medical marijuana users; OG Kush is loved by many. The most predominant character trait of OG Kush is its strong, unique, very clammy smell and light citrus aroma reminiscent of fuel or strong detergents. The taste of OG Kush is also strong and clammy, with a long-lasting aftertaste.

Bubble Gum Strain

Bubblegum weed, or Bubble Gum, is loved by smokers all over the world. Especially because of the almost perfect effect it produces and, of course, the well-known smell and taste.

The story around Bubblegum is that this weed strain came to life sometime in the early 1980s through a grower in Indiana, United States. In 1993, this grower is said to have given three different female cannabis plants to Adam from TH Seeds and to Tony and Simon, then from Cerebral Seeds. Tony has since set up Sagarmatha Seeds and Simon was one of the founders of Serious Seeds, one of the most successful seed banks with over 100 Cannabis Cups in its name. It is known that these three individuals all worked with one female variant of Bubble Gum. Unfortunately, there are several stories going around about what exactly happened next.

Except for the small piece of history that is known, little else is known about what Bubblegum exactly is. Her genetic makeup is not entirely clear and that’s why the Bubble Gum strain is often described as a hybrid strain, partly because she displays both indica and sativa characteristics during growth and flowering. But also in the final effect the balance between indica and sativa is very noticeable.

We do know that after the discovery it took some years of refinement to come up with the perfect Bubble Gum, with the classic sweet smell and euphoric high as we know her today. Soon after these years of refinement Bubblegum also started to compete for prizes in the big Cannabis Cups. The Bubble Gum Strain won two prizes during the Cannabis Cup of 1994 and in 1995 as well as in 1999 it won a second prize during the annual Cannabis Cup.

Bubble Kush Strain | Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average yield of a Bubble Kush strain plant?

This is average with around 600 grams per plant.

How much THC does the Bubble Kush strain contain?

It contains 19% THC.

What is the effect of the Bubble Kush strain?

It is a couch locking strain that can also combat insomnia and depression.

Is the Bubble Kush strain indica or sativa dominant?

It’s 80% indica dominant.

Which strains are the parents of the Bubble Kush strain?

OG Kush and Bubble Gum.