A Strain For Your Pet

July 2024

As a real weed enthusiast we can imagine that you like all of the strains that we talk about. But if you are a pet lover as well, we can also imagine that you would like to share all of the joy you get from these strains with your furry friends. However, this wouldn’t be good for them so we strongly advise against it. But we wouldn’t be us, you friends, if we didn’t give you an alternative. This is Paw:20 Marijuana Theme Pet Toys. Read on to learn what this amazing company has to offer.





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Dog Toys

We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend. So why not let them in on the weed fun, right? Because it’s extremely unhealthy for them to have a strain for your pet. But make believe has never killed anyone, especially if you do it in a way that your dog will enjoy it as well.

Paw:20 can offer you just that with some nice stuffed joints with built in squeakers. But even if your dog is not a fan of noise, you can find him a play joint to have fun with while you smoke yours. Are you more of a pipe person, then Paw:20 got you covered as well. Your dog can also join you in that fun and all under the mark of $20. Even if you don’t own a dog, but a friend or a relative does, you can have fun with someone else’s pet. No matter the race, because dogs don’t discriminate and neither do we.

Cat Toys

Cats are know to be more private, so they are less likely to join you while you are smoking your favourite strain. However, they cannot be left out, which is why Paw:20 also got a stuffed joint and a weed nug for these little balls of fur. Every cat deserves a toy, so why shouldn’t it be one that you can enjoy as well? Even more so because cats can seem less grateful than dogs, and that gives you one more reason to act like your cat and do as you please. As long as you treat your cat well in any other way. And who knows; maybe in time your cat will love this strain for your pet.

Pet Items

The fun doesn’t end there though. Paw:20 has got much more fun for your pet, mainly your dog, that we cannot keep from you. Of course everything is weed inspired; from the dog beds, to the dog bandana’s, the dog shirts and the dog name tag. If you love weed and made it a theme in your home, then these items will definitely complement that. But they are also funny as a subtle hint if you like to be more discreet. Finally, they also make for great gifts for friends and relatives that treats their dogs like a member of the family. After all, you always share all the fun you have with your loved ones, don’t you?

A Real Strain For Your Pet

A Strain For Your Pet

If you want to take it one step further and actually share a strain with your beloved furry friend, there is one way to do that responsibly and that is with CBD Oil. Read on if you want to learn more about this.

CBD oil has become very popular in recent years. Perhaps you have already tried CBD oil yourself, but did you know that it can also be a fine product for animals? CBD oil for your dog, cat or other pet may sound a little strange, but many owners are very satisfied with it.

There are CBD products on the market specifically for animals, but they are not different in composition from those for humans. So you can use regular CBD oil for your dog or cat. We will tell you now how exactly to administer it and in what dosage.

Administering CBD Oil To Pets

Animals, just like people, have a will of their own. Therefore, it can be a challenge to administer CBD oil to your pet. Fortunately, there are plenty of options to make it easier. For example, you can drizzle the best CBD oil over your dog’s or cat’s food or in their water. Because the CBD oil is mixed with kibble or water, your faithful four-legged friend will hardly taste the flavor of CBD.

Why Administer CBD Oil To Your Dog Or Cat?

CBD oil can be administered to pets as a supplement to the normal diet. This way, the amount of cannabinoids in their bodies will increase, which can provide support for stress and anxiety, among other things. Pet owners indicate that they like to give CBD oil to their pets for different reasons. For example, one customer indicates that she has been using it for dogs and horses for years.

Unlike THC, CBD oil has no psychoactive effect and getting high on it is therefore impossible. So no need to fear for a dog or cat that is just a little too relaxed in the basket after administering CDB oil.

CBD Oil Dog

Does your dog often show restlessness or even anxious behavior, for example, by fireworks or by the barking of other dogs? CBD oil may be able to give your dog some extra peace of mind. This is a way for your dog to feel less anxiety or react more calmly to busy, stressful moments.

CBD Oil Cat

Does your cat quickly crawl away into a corner of the room when you have a lot of friends or family over? Or does your cat often react restlessly, for example when petting? CBD oil for cats may be able to give your cat that extra bit of calmness in stressful situations.

CBD Oil Dosage CBD For Your Pet

When adding CBD oil to your pet’s food or water, make sure you are using the correct dosage of CBD oil for your dog or cat. To determine the proper dosage of CBD oil for animals, it is important to pay attention to their weight. For example, a cat needs a lower dose of CBD oil than a large dog.

A guideline you can use for a desired dosage is on average 1 drop of CBD oil per 5 kg of body weight. By the way, we recommend consulting with a veterinarian if your pet is on medication. That way the veterinarian can advise on the safety of use of CBD oil.

This advice is purely for information and is not intended to replace medical advice or medication. Please contact a veterinarian before applying our advice.

A Strain For Your Pet | Frequently Asked Questions

Is a strain for your pet safe?

No, it isn’t; you should never give real weed to a pet.

Where can I find weed related dog shirts?

You can find stores to buy cannabis inspired dog shirts and more in our toplist.

Are there any weed inspired dog or cat toys?

Yes, and you can find these in the stores from our toplist.

Is it safe to give CBD oil to my pet?

Yes, as it doesn’t contain any THC the oil is safe.

Where can I find a weed strain for my pet?

Of course we mean this as a joke, and you can only find cannabis related toys for your pets.