Is germination of seeds guaranteed?

We can never guarantee that the seeds will germinate. You are the biggest factor in successful germination. Weed seeds are a natural product and nature is beautiful, but gives no guarantees.

What are medicinal cannabis seeds?

Medicinal strains are cannabis strains that also contain CBD. It is generally assumed that both CBD and THC have medicinal effects and that both substances influence each other.

Which cannabis plant remain the smallest?

The autoflower weed plants remain smaller than normal weed plants. Of all autoflower varieties the Lowryder #2 remains the smallest. It usually grows (with sufficient sunlight) between 14 and 20” high. This Autoflower is therefore very suitable for smaller gardens and balconies.

What are autoflowering seeds?

Autoflowering cannabis plants are plants that flower automatically after three weeks. This means that you don’t have to adjust the light cycle when growing indoors and you don’t have to wait until mid-August when growing outdoors.